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' CYCLE HIRE 5‘ Blackfriars Street W (off Royal Mile near Holiday Inn)

'lew & ex-hire bikes for sale

Department of Film 8. Media Studies j University of Stirling

E? MSc/Diploma in Media Management

0 0 111's - e is based in the Department 6 M d, of FiliitwarilmggigsStudies. an RAE S-rated "9 ’78 0 international centre for research and teaching.

The course is ESRC recognised and covers such N a C


areas as: CREATIVE PAINTWORK 0 menu ECONOMICS o rmma Contemporary, 0 POUCY t. usuunon 0 BUSINESS STRATEGY . . . . Creatlve indIVIdua' murals and paint effects


Designs 0131 553 2138

Homemade 8.

Delicious I Web Site Design and Publishing Want your company to make its mark on the web in

Further information from:

Peter Meeth, Aning Course Dircrtor

MS: Media Management Programme

UDiVETSllY 0' Stirling ’09 simflflfi I997? Don't fancy paying Stirling, FK9 4LA, Scotland extortionate rates? Call Jargon Tel: (01786) 467520 Fax; (01786) 466855 gigleTg;."°W for a quote- 0976

98 "IE "31' 7-20 Mar 1997