V I saw you on the Glasgow to Edinburgh train. Can I be your washer woman? Box No U/300/ l.

O I saw you Angi. with an I. dyke on a bike? It’s time to talk like (almost) normal human beings. Come out. come out. wherever you are! Write now. J. Box No U/300/2.

V I saw you at Pure. 7/2/97. You: 'Betty‘. bottle green velvet jacket. (woman‘s) kilt. size what? shoes. . . Me: ‘Stevie’. Box No U/300/3.

O I saw you Martin. at Basement. 7/2/97. We discussed tanktops and idiot drinkers. Also spotted in Habitat but you had company. Fancy lunch and a knitting pattern? Box No U/300/4.


Until further notice,l SAW YOU adverts are FREE of charge.

Just fill in the Classified form and send it off.


e Naylor LOVE:



v I saw you Mark. we separated at the Cudler’s. You: future famous journalist. fan of the French accent. Me: French and fan of future famous journalist. Missed our ‘appointment’ at the Garage. What about a meeting in Edimbourg this time? Laetitia. Box No U/300/l0. V I saw you buxom ginger beauty. gain giggling at MBS in Waterstone’s. I asked you for a date. you said no. Was it because I let off in your shop? Box No U/300/l l.


V I saw you Blue Moon Cafe. St Valentine‘s Day. approx

1 lpm. You green sweater. brown hair (Irish accent??). Me short dark hair. checked shirt at adjoining table. Exchanged eye-contact. Please get in touch. Box No U/300/5.

O I saw you Sadie Frost. evening [4/2/97. You redhaired with two hens by the window. Smiled at me. knocked on window to say 'bye'. Smiled you back. I’d love to see you again. Fancy meeting up? Box No U/300/6.

0 I saw you both. Two gorgeous women. one redhead. one dark blonde. Shine at Cameo. afternoon showing. You were stunning and intoxicating. Box No U/300/7.

V I saw you Don't Look Dmm Scottish man Ian—G and have to say this professional Scottish woman lives in Edinburgh. veggie. n/s and maniac for all things Lr'sry. If interested. please write. Box No U/300/8.

V I saw you Jeremy. I saw you in the train from Sheffield to Edimbourg. Sorry. I missed your concert. When is the next one? The French assistant fan of Chinese parables about luck and fate. Laetitia. Box No U/300/9.

O I saw you on the cover of the last issue attractive musical type. Wishful thinking??? Box No U/300/l2. V I saw you BBC Queen Street. You: unusual suspect. Me: (unusually) shy redhead. We glanced and smiled to Marra‘s music. I panicked. Let‘s take another look. Box No U/300/l3.

V I saw you red haired girl behind the counter in Fopp Records. I would stand in a queue to get you. Want to make sweet music with me? Mr Techno. Box No U/300/l4.

V I saw you gorgeous barman. blue shirt. Iguana. 16/02/97. Our eyes met. notjust once. Also recent Saturdays. Me usually back top right corner. You are in my dreams. Dare you date me! Box No U/300/l5.

V I saw you together. with me the wind. sea and stars. The heavens dancing between us on the lunar eclipse. in that hot

land where we shall find rest . . .

to return perhaps to investigate another grey day. Box No U/300/l6.

0 I saw you 94/95 Glasgow. Then I cleared off to the States for a year. Lost your address twice! (Yeah sorry). You. l.ou. Me. Matthew. Be in touch. Please and thank you. Box No U/300/l7.

V I saw you Traverse. 22 Feb. You tall. Morrissey-esque. smoking at the bar. Me the tall bloke smoking lights and drinking lager. with friends behind you. Fancy a beer? Box No U/300/l8.

V I saw you Scott on Friday 3lst January at the Ramshorn ‘Burns‘ ceilidh you called - fancy trying again? Sarah. Box No U/300/l9.

V I saw you I glimpsed you very briefly when you. attractive female. handed a red carnation to me in Queensferry Street on Valentine‘s night. Took me by surprise not used to being in ‘lmpulse‘ advert. Such spontaneous behaviour requires further exploration. Box No U/3()0/20.

V I saw you in Club Mercado. Sat 22 Feb. You beautiful in black with small bloke. You kissed tne. said I moved. Well. maybe we could move together sometime? Box No U/3()()/2 l. V I saw you and lost you at I.uve|y. 25/I/97. I could explain! lfl had your number! Box No U/300/22.

V I saw you working in Waterstone‘s. West End Edinburgh. Sunday 9/2/97. 2nd floor. Both of tts tall. fair. wearing black. Bought a book another was ‘gettable'. Are you? Box No U/3()()/23.

V I saw you and you light up my life. Is your heart still flashing? Cover it with a blanket. Love your plastic flowers. You are very special to me. Box No U/300/24.

i saw you CLASSIFIED

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message By Phone: Call 0131-558 1191 front 10am - 5pm

By e-mail: You can reach us at adlist@aol.com Please supply a postal address when using c-mail

By fax: Fill in the form on page l()2 and fax it to The List on 0131 557 8500

By Post: Fill in the form on page 102 and post it to:

The List or l4 High Street Edinburgh


No payment is required as I SAW YOU messages are a free service to readers.

Deadline for the next issue is

lpm on Thursday 13 March.

The List

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350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow 01 ZJZ



The List Classified, 14 High Street or at the CCA

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350 Sauchiehall Street GLASGOW GI 2J2

and we will forward it.

Remember to write the Box Number clearly In the TOP lEFT-IIAIIII CORNER.

Replies will be forwarded once a week. If you send several replies. send them in one large envelope. Don't stamp the replies. but do write '

the appropriate Box Number on each envelope.

V I saw you my sex goddess. You sent me a flower. like you and I. this flower will last forever. Well. here's to my 2nd year! Spend it with me. The Ice Maiden xxx. Box No U/3()()/25. V I saw you Marie Claire. Safeways. Byres Road. Monday 24 February. Me post- aerobics. you advised me on carrier bags and accepted a grape. I'd love to cook you dinner. Box No U/3()(l/2().

V I saw you working in Blackfriars. You big volttthous blonde. Do you know you drive me nuts in your little red Filas. Come and be happy with the. Anorak Boy. Box No U/3()()/27. V I saw you All I could say to striking ()rienlal girl (34/! 2) was ‘Have you just moved in upstairs?‘ . . . Hmtnm . . . will you let me say tnore now I have gone? Box No U/3()()/28.

V I saw you Love Boutique. February. White and black mini kilt. watched frotn afar and liked what I saw. Get in touch. you won‘t be disappointed. Box No U/300/29.

0 I saw you Chai(!) in Cellar Bar on 25th January I997. ljust looked at you and I knew your name . . . What a detective I am Next time I'm going to shout your name. Let's go back home TOGETHER! Box No U/300/30.

V I saw you one late Saturday night. several months ago at the Cameo. You (with long dark hair) sat behind me in a very empty Screen One showing Shine. Will I ever see you again? Box No Ul300/3l.

O I saw you kissed you - Graham the Q. S. at the Velvet Rooms on Saturday 22/2/97. Me. final year student with pierced eyebrow. The number you gave me smudged before I got home. will you give me it again. Please get in touch - you know who you are! Box No U/300/32.

V I saw you Cutting Crew. Dunfertnline. Gorgeous. tall. blonde in red. Our eyes met as I sat at traffic lights. Did yours say go? Now give me the green light. Box No U/300/33.

I V I saw you Filmhouse l7/I2.

It's A ert/t'rjitl Life. Me: GWM. cord jacket. You: G(?)WM. grey hair. brown coal. reading (itrrmlitm. Both: glasses. l was too timid in Gilmore Place. Another chance. please? Box No U/300/34.

V I saw you every Wednesday in Bannermans Bar. the Cow/gate. at 8pm. going to The Edinburgh Greenpeace Group meetings. Everyone‘s welcome. perhaps you'll come and we can help save the planet together. Box No U/300/35.

9 I saw you Waterstones. Glasgow. You face of an angel. with an impish stnile. me elderly gentleman with badminton enquiry. Your cheeky. chappy charm cast a rainbow over my heart. Dinner? Dancing . . . ? Box No U/299/5. O I saw you Tall. blond. dashing Brit pop boy. St James Oyster Bar. Sunday night. The way you shook cocktails made me lose my mind. Let's lose ourselves together. Box No U/299/l0.

O I saw you twice at the Subway. You Billy Zane lookalike. 4th year Eng. Lit. Me Spice Girl for the night. Nicolsons was nice. worthy of a second date? Box No U/299/l7. V I saw you running your hands through your hair. Scorpio. E.F.M. Me. good posture so you said. It‘s time to break the silence. Let‘s get drunk? Subway? Friday? please? Box No U/299/l8.

V I saw you Me leather kegs. bam bam hairdo. You - Mr music man. show me your drumsticks. I miss you on Sundays. Play it again please? Find the right bedroom. yes? Box No U/299/l9.

7—20 MAR 1997 THE I.IST1OS