Star Wars

I 'A long time ago in a galaxy far far away’ George I Lucas came up with the bright idea of making

: Star Wars. Twenty years, two sequels and

l squillions of dollars later, the movies are being re- I released on new prints with previously unseen


scenes and greatly tarted-up special effects. Once more cinema audiences can thrill as Darth Vader intones 'Come to the dark srde', chill as : Obi Wan Kenobi is scythed to the ground and gasp in admiration as he vanishes and 1 becomes at one with the Force. Or something. Oh yes. I Thanks to the kindness of Twentieth Century Fox, we have five bags full of Star Wars I goodies that any right-thinking person would kill their grandparents for. Like Noah's Ark, } the bags contain two of most things such as adult T-shirts, children's T-shirts, badges, key I rings as well as four baseball caps and a CD soundtrack. I To get the goodies answer this and may the Force be With you:

I Who played the venerable Obi Wan Kenobi?

5 Answers on a postcard by Friday 21 March. Mark them: STAR WARS COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh. EH1 1TB.

These Demented Lands

Alan Warner, creator of Morvern Cal/ar, is back in the saddle with a follow-up to his dark case-study of the dance generation. These Demented Lands picks up the Cellar story but fragments and distorts it as Warner moves away from the Straight narrative into more esoteric forms. Set on a wrnd-blown l island, the story follows the fortunes of the islanders, an , I i aviation accident investigator and a mysterious stranger.


a; ‘5 33.2 4:9 “'5 3'; >3 SE ._5 .".'1° #3 gym 9.5 5% O>~ UT: .‘E 76 2‘ E at

m E D O O 0 V5 n: < 3 3E .— Ill

Cracking stuff all round. ./ Thanks to Cape we have ten c0pies of the book to give away to ' the readers who can answer this:

Competition Voucher with relevant voucher.)

(Entry valid only when accompanied

H In what small West Coast Scottish town is the opening section . of Morvern Cal/ar set?

I Answers on a postcard by Monday 24 March. Mark them: DEMENTED COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh. EH1 ITE.

Space And Beyond

: More space cadet thrills, spills and warp factors In


overdrive lie in store for you all, our dear star-loving, List- reading chums. Those inter-galactic travellers over at Silva Screen Records have put together a 140-minute, two-CD, I bumper pack of sci-fi movie themes called Space And : Beyond that'll have anyone with even the slightest Trekkie I tendencies squirming with excitement. It features 1 symphonic suites from the films 200]: A Space Odyssey, I Apollo 13, Alien, The Empire Strikes Back, Close I Encounters Of The Third Kind, Star Wars and all the TV : and movie theme tunes from Star Trek. Performed by the : City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, these CDs will take you to another planet. I To get your alien-like, scaly hands on one of the three copies of the CDs which we have I to give away, answer this:

Competition Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

I Name the female lead star of the Alien movies.

I Answers on a postcard by Tuesday 25 March. Mark them: SPACE COMP, The List, 14 High I Street. Edinburgh, EH1 1T6.


Hey, hey, it’s the Monkees, as you’ve no doubt heard a million times since the tousIe-headed, other Fab Foursome first announced their intention to tour these sceptred isles as a four-piece for the first time in 30

f V 7 I years. Not going to manage to see the date at the

:' " "’4" SECC? Want to remember them the way they were? Well, fret not simian fans, Warner Vision Video are releasing The ankees TV Series on video at £10.99 a piece. Both Volume I and Volume II contain three side-splitting episodes of our cute popsters in various hair-raising situations. Top tunes abound.

Warner Home Video are giving away five sets of the videos. This is a joint promotion run by The List and Warner Home Video. Answer this:

2 3

h I

m I

-= I


3 I


> I


O l

C; '


m I

o' I


° I



.2 E 3 2‘ 79 To

Name two Monkees songs with the word ’believer' in the titles.

Answers on a postcard by Wednesday 26 March. Mark them: MONKEES COMP, The List. 14 High Street, Edinburgh. EH1 1TB.


104 THE UST 7—20 Mar 1997


New Moves Across Europe are offering two for the price of one on both full price and concessionary tickets at Tramway/CCA/ Cottier Theatre for: Laurie Booth, Tramway 1, Fri 7 Mar, 8pm/Sat 8 Mar, 9pm; Cie Tandem, Tramway 1, Tue 11NVed 12 Mar, 8pm; Cie Thor, Tramway 1, Fri 14/Sat 15 Mar, 8pm; David Dorfman, CCA, Tue 18/Wed 19 Mar, 8pm; Hartley/ Howitt, Cottier Theatre, Thurs 20/Fri 21 Mar, 8pm. Phone New Moves Hotline on 0141 287 0498 or go to box office. See Dance listings, page 70, for further details.




The Lyric Club is offering ten pairs of free tickets on a first come, first served basis to see their production of Annie Get Your Gun at the King's Theatre, Glasgow on the opening night, Mon 10 Mar. Bring this copy of The List with you to the box office on the night.


The Tron Theatre are offering two tickets for the price of one to see The Right Size's Do You Come Here Often? at The Tron, 63 Trongate, Glasgow on Thurs 20/Fri 21 Mar. Bring this copy of The List with you to the box office on the night or phone the box office on 0141 552 4267.


Robotix 1997 are offering two tickets for the price of one to see Screen Wizards at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Thurs 13 Mar to the first twenty people to phone the box office on 0345 023 817.See Scanner page 94, for details.

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