The Monkees

Here they come, walking down your street . . . again. Yes, you've guessed it, those cheeky, Anglo-American Fab Four wannabes are the latest passengers to board the 60s nostalgia bandwagon. Obviously, Davy, Peter, Micky and Mike (clockwise from top left) haven’t changed a bit since these pictures were taken . . .

The Monkees play the SEC C, Glasgow on Sat 8 Mar. Daydream Believer, the story of the Monkees, is on BBC Radio 2 on Sat 8 Mar. Two videos - The Monkees Vols 1 and 2 are out now on Warner Vision; The Monkees’ new album, Justus, is available now through Pinnacle; and their Greatest Hits album is released by Te/star records on Mon 7 0 Mar. See also Reader Offers, page 104.

2 "I! LIST 7-20 Mar 1997


The Spice Girls

According to Mel C, ’half of us haven’t got a clue about politics,’ but the Spice Girls' hearts (among other things) are clearly in the right place. What they want, what they really, really want is to make loadsa dosh for the poor people. All royalties from their new single, ’Who Do You Think You Are?’ go towards this year’s Comic Relief. To add a comedy touch, they’ve made a video with The Sugar Lumps: Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders, Lulu, Kathy Burke and Llewella Gideon. Zigga-snigga!

’Who Do You Think You Are?’ is out now. Comic Relief is broadcast live on BBC 7 on Mar 74.

Tap Dogs

Forget sequins. Forget top hat, white tie and tails. Dein Perry’s dogs of tap do it, muscles bulging and sweat dripping, in vests, jeans and tackety boots. Fred Astaire would do barrel turns in his grave, but audiences worldwide have been selling several family members at once for tickets to see the boys in big boots stomp their way across a brickie's yard-style set of scaffolding and girders that they build as they go. With three years of non-stop touring under their tool-belts, the Dogs are now back in Scotland with a new, mostly British cast and a whole new bag of tap-tricks. Catch ’em while you can. Tap Dogs appear at Theatre Royal, Glasgow, Mon 77—Sat 22 Mar; Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Mon 24-Sat 29 Mar.