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Edinburgh The Stand The Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 1550. Doors open _.,-_,. 8pm—lam (show runs 9—1 1pm). At least 1.; u five acts for £5 (£4. benefit onl - no SO FUNNY'” student concessions). Weekly. The 'z “"5 PAlNFUl- Stand‘s Friday night comedy blowout , ‘- THE OBSERVER continues to pull in punters by the pubload with an ever-changing roster of both fresh-faced newcomers and hoary g’Jcsitlyfgfii‘iTPg‘fgt "N'ON old hands. This week: Kevin Hayes. Phil SURUNG romeo". Doran and Mark Bratchptece with Jane Wednesday i9 March o apm Mackay as compere.

norms HALLS, cunnomss SATURDAY 8

Thursday 20 March 0 8:30pm Friday 2| March 0 109m - . mavens: mums, EDINBURGH Edmburgh



. “'"“‘°'.3.3.33:£.2?.5~°£.?2. in?“ 3"" “mugghggfoi192%833'23'1- 23;, ow ate. 2 .. . .- - ._ m. grnidzsggflhgtfiiggi‘fl (Bygponmgmiy session Of “will,” DYLAN MORAN is back on the road this fortnight, having recovered from the sketches, improv and fun and games tragic fizzy water addiction that resulted from winning the Perrier Award for from comics both rising and risen. Joe Comedy at last year’s Edinburgh Festival. With that behind him, the dis- Heenan is resident host and future guests shevelled, Dublin-based comedian returns to Scotland to show us what he‘s "BRITISH include well-established locals Gordon made of. And it ain’t fizzy water. COMEDYIS Brunton. Yiv Gee. Bill Dewar and Dylan Moran plays the Tolbooth Theatre, Stirling, Wed 19 Mar; the Traverse Mam" KllPalT'Ck- T'CkCl'hOldch 3'80 Theatre, Edinburgh, Sat 22 Mar and the Tron Theatre, Glasgow, Sun 23 Mar. TOP B|RD have the chance to ground-test the GLASGOW HERALD talents of contestants in the first rounds . of the BBC New Comedy Awards. and-coming stand-tips for your pleasure. * which take lace as part of the Ben ton Usher Hall. Lothian Road. More from the BBC New Comedy 5.31%‘flfi‘333ummms Brouhaha! Show. 228 1 155 or Ticket Line: 220 4349. Awards next Sunday. with anothei' batch l THE lEMON TREE, ABERDEEN 7.30pm. £11.5()/£l3.5(). A fluffter Ben of brave contestants pitting their wits iii

“Ml” M” ° '0'“ 9 Elton than of old returns to the touring the next round of heats.

Englisd‘a‘yvig'itttasye‘ggs circuit with his first stand-up show in Alan“ "Aug 5m;th mow two-and-a—half years. Seen last year iii 17

Tuesday i3 May 0 8pm The Comic Club Blackfriars Glasgow the not-so-angry. not-so-young QUEENS "All: ED'NBURGH Underground. Blackfriars. 36 Bell Street. man's new show contains a family Glasgow

3:331:2332" o 8"" 552 5924. 9pm (doors open 8pm). £5 saloon-sized wedge of material on Milton Jones Asylum. (ilasgow

DUNDEE REP THEATRE Brouhaha! well into the search for this advertising . . . andjust a little bit of Association. City Campus. 7() many to May - io:4spm year's lucky winner of the BBC New politics. Cowcaddens Road. ()141 332 nos 1.

mum“, 15 Mo, . 7,30,... (£3.50). With Edinburgh‘s Club relationships. domestic life. car Caledonian University Student‘s ro'iz roman INFORMATION, comm Comedy Awards. the quest continues in Tickets also available over the bar at the g3???)£31fi??§;;£ggifl?% the West at Blackfriars withequal pace. 10 Union or on the door on the night. 9p!” m: out no 6550 not 0131 no 6354 Comic poet Viv Gee comperes. (doors 8pm). £3. Perrier Best Newcomer ow award-winner Jones is joined by Chris Hugh Lennon And His Amazing Hypno Addison for another night ot‘ t‘i-othy Dog Asylum. Glasgow Caledonian comedy courtesy ofThe Newcastle 1 University Student‘s Association. City Brown Ale National Comedy Network.

Campus. 70 Cowcaddens Road. 0141 332

0681. Tickets also available over the bar

at the Union or on the door on the night. 9pm (doors 8pm). £3. One man and his Glasgow

dog rev up for a frothy night of hypno- Dylan Moran Tolbooth Theatre. Stirling. comedy courtesy of The Newcastle ()1786 473 544. 8pm. £6 (£4). The Brown Ale National Comedy Network. floppy-fringed yarn-spinner of County

Meath who walked off with the Perrier

award at last year's Edinburgh Festival

. returns with tnore rambling. shambling Edlflblll‘gh tales of life. love and the kitchen sink. The Stand downstairs at WJ. Christie's.

West Port. Information 662 4467.

8.30pm—lam (show runs 9.30—1 1.30pm).

At least four acts for £4 (£3). Weekly. Edlnblfl‘gh

Offbeat poet Hovis Presley. Scouse The Stand downstairs at W. J. Christie‘s. student Silky. Max Sharp and Alan Miller West Port. Information 662

are the comedy products on offer at 4467. 8.3()pm— lam (show runs

tonight‘s edition of this ever-popular 9.30—1 1.30pm). At least four acts for £4 club. Susan Morrison comperes. (£3). Weekly. Dave Williams. Bill 1)ewar

and Joon Broon are tonight's stand-tips at

the popular comedy club. Alan McQueen

is guest compere.


The Stand: Comic Relief Special The Tron Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 1550. Doors open 8pm—lam (show runs


to 9—11pm). At least five acts for £5 (£4. benefit only - no student concessions). P L E Weekly. The Stand does its bit for ‘charidee‘. adding a voluntary £1 “wwork of tragic admission premium to its standard prices

stature. terrifying and (see above) which the club will match wonderml. disyressing pound for pound. Comic Relief for the

audience comes courtesy of excellent offbeat poet Hovis Presley and two Scotland on Sunday residents of the Aberdeen Comedy Club open mike: Paddy McGinty and Douglas

1 0 _1 2 Cairns. .lane Mackay comperes.

8pm £12/£10/£5 Glasgow

The Comic Club Blackfriars tramway hofline t r a m w a y Underground. Blackfriars. 36 Bell Street.

552 5924. 9pm (doors open 8pm). £5

- (£3.50). The popular comedy club returns sunday Night “VF: 89" Elm" 3‘ “‘9

and brilliant“

72 TIIELIST 7—20 Mar 1997