i saw you CLASSIFIED


V I saw you Denise from Kansas. ceilidhing at the Assetnbly Rootns. 28th Feb. Smiles. a dance. talk. a chance? Where did you go? Don‘t leave without saying hello Andy. Box No U/3()l/~I.

0 I saw you Friday 28/2/97. the Subway. Yoti trainee doctor from Thurso. otit with twin brother and totally gorgeous. Me art accountant and devastated, I wrote your number wrong. Please get in touch. Box No U/3()l/S.

V I saw you at the Gene concert. I have more than grand designs on yott cart | help you to sleep well tonight? Box No U/3fll/(i.

0 I saw you working in tile sandwich sltop on George IV Bridge. Your long blond hair and blue eyes are my lunch time treat. Can I put my pork sausage into your roll? Box No U/3()l/7.

V I saw you 111 the St James Oyster Bar. 24/2/97. You: smiley barman with glasses and gorgeous skin. Me: dark. exotic lass with cttrly hair. demanding your finest tnalt whisky. Wish I'd overcome shyness and met your eyes. Box No U/3()l/8.

v I saw you July 1995 in (‘lub X. You bartnaid. me besotted. Now I see you every morning when I wake. You lawyer. me lover. Guess who Mowgli? Box No 11/301/9.

V I saw you Scotmid. Duke Street. Me: long hair. black shave. red glasses. You: adorable cashier. sweet lovely face. I ant still trying to guess your name. Miss H. Gallagher. 1 can‘t live without you. Box No U/3()l/l().

'0 I saw you at Joy. 8/2/97. You: male. sexy smile. parted blond hair. Me: young slitn. dark hair. wearing white bellytop. I’ve seen you once or twice at CC. Bloom's!!! l wartt you! Box No U/3()l/l l.

V I saw you Peckham's. Byres Road. 5/3/97. 8pm. You short. neat. pinstripes. Me taller. dirty jeans antl dirty fair hair. Usual rubbish about eye contact as l pttt bag In car boot. Box No U/3()l/12.

V I saw you two gorgeous instructors at the Yoga Centre. It wasn't just the yoga that made ttte sweat! Box No U/3()l/l3.

V I saw you at Lights at C‘latty Pat's. You wore leather. I wore leopard-skin. Could there be something between us? Box No U/3()l/2o.

V We saw you babes in suits from B.A. Comm. Napier. Those suits would look even better on our bedroom floors. From three naughty Napier nymphets. Box No U/301/l4. V I saw you short. dark hair. cosyjumper. Stirling Uni Gaysoc. Feb 1996. Discussed the Line. You: returning Glasgow/parents. l thought friend was partner. Box No U/3()l/15.

V I saw you again. short. dark hair. cosy jumper. Pride Scotland. Discussed your move to Fife. Searching for you. Want to borrow or share your cosy jumper. Help tne out. Fate. Box No U/3()l/16.

V I saw you on Trial By Night. Friday 7th March. You fetnale who was punished at school. This single male wishes to take you for a meal. If interested. please write. Box No U/301/17. V I saw you flame-haired Lorna front Miro. You set me alight at The Sub on Sunday. We talked all night. Get in touch and relight my fire. Jonny. Box No U/301/18.

V I saw you working the back counter of HMV. Princes Street (the big orte). Short dark hair. silver glasses. in need of a wee shave. Couldn't stop thinking about you till I.ittlewoods. Box No U/3()l/19.

V I saw you 17/3/96. Remember 'I‘ackno?'.’ You: fab blontl angel in unforgettable green dress . . . tne: French babe to be chatted tip . . . you advised your friend and . . . drove rne to hell!! Quel domtnage . . . Box No U/3()I/2().

V I saw you Barnton Bistro. Stirling. Friday 7/3/97. You: blonde. suede jacket with Ron and Di. Me: tall. besotted at next table. too shy to smile. Lots of eye contact. Was l dreaming? Box No U/3()l/2 l.

V I saw you at the Hamster Factor (Cameo) 10/3/97. You left before Q + A with two women (either of them yours?) Green cord jacket. trainers and eyelashes that could sweep streets. Box No U/3()l/22.

V I saw you cttte woman from Dunbar. I'm the shy dyke who stared all night then danced briefly. Sorry. I panicked! Box No U/3()1/23.

V I saw you Karen and Val at Whistle Binkies. Sat 8 Marclt. Us: two Weegies with great patter. F.F. Hope to smell your soft skin again sometime. Love. Wee Nips. Box No U/3()l/2~I. O I saw you at Lights at C‘himmy Chunga's. You wore leopard-skin. I wore leather. Could there be something between us? Box No U/3OI/27.

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Replies will be fOrwarded Once a week if you send several replies, send them in One large envelope Don't stamp the replies, but do vvrzte the appropriate 80x Number 0n eacb envelope

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0 I saw you all you dybbuks gay and straight. these mind games are boring beyond belief! I'm moving on. I suggest you all do the same. J. Box No U/301/28.

V I saw you Sublime. The Vaults. 7/3/97. Beautiful. mature blonde itt black dress. Lots of eye contact but now let's talk. Box No U/3()1/29.

V I saw you ‘cowboy‘ admiring my boots. My name is ‘Mae West‘. Come up and see tne sometime. You know me. so don‘t be late. let's make a date. honey. Box No U/3()l/3().

V I saw you crazy woman Deborah Marina. you sang to the fish and they danced to your song. Maybe you meet me and we perfornt a tluet. eh? Box No U/3()I/3 l.

V I saw you again. Red kilt this time. in Joy 8th March. Get in touch! Box No U/3()l/32.

V I saw you Glasgow School of Art. 8/3/97. You: Mel B Spice. Me: Bolton frotn Heart/vault HIg/l. shirt an' all. We were dancing like nutters. l.et's get together and act like famous folk. Box No U/3()I/33.

V We saw you in otir shop on 13/3/97. You bought a case of wine for friends! Buy another and we'll share it together (the three of trs). Get itt touch! Box No U/301/3-I.

V I saw you you served me at ‘Alldays' store Marchtnont Road afternoon. 9/3/97. Me white jeans. black top. bad hair day. You gorgeous in black and grey. Can I htiy another Irn Bru? Box No U/3()I/35.

V I saw you under a cactus tree in Govan. You shy Kinnockite spin doctor. the ginger windbag (but not Welsh). Get your logs on fora night out with the party faithful at Love Boutique (happy now?) Box 1 'o U/3()l/3o.

V I saw you Duncan arid wanted to kiss your fttnny fish. (‘an I see More? You're sound. man so please don't move to London. Missing you already (the size of a sheep). Box No U/3()l/37.

V I saw you dark archaeologist. in an old library drinking Madeira. I've seen you since. bttt l atn always so professional itt my suit. Are you available for long-term loan? 01‘ are you a different category of borrower? Box No U/3()l/38. V I saw you Stewart at Wheel Of Fortune. 011. how we lattglted . . . aaaHHHAAAA hhaaaa. Let‘s laugh again over supper. Box No U/3()l/39.

V I saw you bopping at Love Boutique. lst March. You looked sexy. I looked sweaty (I'll wear a T-shirt next time!) Fancy making my pager vibrate'.".’ Box No U/3()l/4().


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V I saw you just once Dr Fiona at Drum And Monkey and Froggies before Christmas. We had fun! Sorry. I kissed you

, and tttrned into a frog myself.

May I see you again? Box No U/3()l/-Il.

V V I saw you bleached haired.

CCA girl. Monday 10/3/97. 11.30am. King Street. Why did you come when l was trapped at the window with someone else. I ran after you with very dead flowers but you were gone. What did you think? Box No I_l/3()l/—I2.

V I saw you S at Indigo Yard. 5/3/97. Thanks for showing up!! Looking forward to sharing more wine and nights out with you. See you soon. C. xxx Box No [1/301/43.

V I saw you Sunday 2/2/97 at noon on Calton Hill. Edinbugh. Bright sunshine. light winds. Time was passing too fast. Though scattered to the four winds. can I see your smile again? Box No U/3()I/~I-1.

O I saw you Tom Shields Diary. You gullible bearded man. Couldn't spot a staff wind- trp. ()bscure? Sad? Unfortunate? l.et‘s not swap genes. Come and do a signing session! Box No U/3()l/45.

V I saw you once briefly with your glasses on. Willi or without your Babybird’s gorgeous Candygirl. hide nothing frotn me speccy. Hormonally yours. six months of Snow White. Box No U/3()1/~I().

V I saw you and you looked like the cat that got the cream. The only problem is that cream goes everywhere. Let's try again! The Ice Maiden xxxx. Box No [7301/47.

V I saw you Ice Maiden. I'll melt your heart. and arty other parts that need thawing out. Have I converted you yet. or is it just a phase? What rtext? Box No U/3()l/~18.

V I saw you Mr Thom's. Saturday 15/2/97. You: with friend. going to meet your flatmate. Me: without a voice and going nowhere. I giggled when you asked for my number. Sorry! Big mistake. Can I make amends? N. Box No U/3()l/~I9. V I saw you Brian in Cafe Antipaste on 4/3/97. I never did repay you for the port. Maybe we could get a table together sometime? Box Nt) U/301/50. V I saw you sitting next to me at the 'I‘ramway 7/3/97 (Laurie Booth). You: female. short dark hair. wearing black. Maybe see you at New Moves next year (or sooner?) Box No U/3()I/51.

V I saw you in the QM (Food Factory) 'I‘ttesday I l8/2) 2pm- ish with a friend and a kid (yottrs or lters'.’). Were you watching tne as you bent over to tie your laces? Box No [9301/52.

V I saw you you saw me turn green on the verge ofcollttpse! Tuesday 5th March. Sauchiehall Street. 1 only saw your kind eyes. Thank you for being there. Box No U/3()l/53.

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