SAC Funding

SAC invites applications for the following funds

Combined Arts

Development and Project Fund

Grants to support arts development, such as festivals and combined arts projects, especially in rural areas and areas of urban deprivation.

Closing dates: 9 August 1997 and 31 January 1998 Minority Ethnic Arts Projects

Grants to encourage the development and promotion of minority ethnic arts projects which involve artists working in the performing arts (music, drama and dance). Support for the work of writers, crafts people and visual artists can also be considered within the context of Overall performing arts programmes.

Closing dates: 9 August 1997 and 16 March 1998


Awards for individual Development

Assistance to makers in Scotland to continue the development of their artistic, technical and business skills and to other appropriate individuals who present crafts, to develop their knowledge of contemporary crafts.

Closing dates: 9 June 1997 and 1 January 1998

(I August daring datefor those seeking assurance to attend the North/ands Creative Glass li’orkrhops and Conference in [abhor [3-26 September I997)

Start-up Grants

Assistance to new crafts people who exhibit a high level of creative and technical skills and who have a viable development plan to establish themselves as makers in Scotland.

Closing dates: 9 June 1997 and 1 January 1998

Indigenous Crafts Development Fund

Support to crafts groups and organisations which present crafts and for projects which promote the awareness and understanding of the indigenous crafts of Scotland. Closing dates: 9 June, 8 September 1997 and

15 February 1998

Lite ratu re

Literary Events

Subsidies towards the cost of a wide range of literary and book events within Scotland.

Closing dates: 11 April, 25 July, 26 September,

7 November 1997 and January 1998

Travel and Research Grants Grants to support professional, Scottish-based vvriters and

translators who require to undertake research, usuallv for a

book. Closing dates: 19 September 1997 and January 1998

Writers' Bursaries Bursaries to enable professional writers and translators to devote more time to writing.

Closing dates: 27 June and 19 December 1997

Performing Arts Genera]

Promoters' “Go and See” Fund

Assistance to enable performing arts promoters to see a wide range of work, with a view to developing programmes in their venues.

Applications considered throughout the year.

Dance Choreographic Development Award

Assistance for initial choreographic development ofan individual‘s or company‘s work.

Closing dates: 2 June, 1 September, 20 October 1997 and January 1998

Dance Bursaries

Assistance to professionals working in dance in Scotland to undertake short-term or part-time training, or a period of study.

Closing dates: 2 June, 1 September and

20 October 1997 and January 1998

Projects by Scottish Dance Companies Assistance for the development of experimental, collaborative new work, the creative development of choreographers and co-prtxiuctions between companies and venues.

Closing dates: 2 June 1997 and January 1998

Scottish Traditions of Dance

Support for residencies, workshops and other projects aimed at promoting and passing on skills within traditional dance.

Closing dates: 2 June and 1 September 1997

Mime Bursaries Bursaries to enable performers to make use of training opportunities in mime to improve and extend their skills.-

Closing date: 5 May 1997

Training and Travel Bursaries: Drama Bursaries to enable theatre practitioners to extend their expertise through short-term or part-time courses, a period of studv or a special project.

Closing dates: Last working day of each month.

Mu sic

Creative Artists' Bursaries

Bursaries to enable individual creative artists working in various musical styles (classical, jam, traditional etc.) to devote time to cTeating new work.

Closing date: 14 April 1997

Performing Material Subsidy

AssistanCe for composers with the cost of preparing materials necessary for the performance of their work - such as copving, reproduction and studio costs.

Closing dates: Last working day of each month

Visual Arts Individuals

Small Assistance Grant to individual Artists (irants of up to £7 50 to assist artists with the smaller. more immediate costs involved in creating and presenting their work.

Closing dates: 1 August, 3 November 1997 and

5 January 1998

British School at Rome SAC Scholarship

To enable an artist to develop his ,"her creativitv by having the opportunity to live and work in the British School at Rome for a period of 9 months.

Closing date: 30 May 1997

Australia Residency

To enable an artist to develop his/her creative development bv having the opportunitv to live and work in Australia for 12 months.

Closing date: 1 May 1997

Visual Arts Organisations/Groups

Exhibitions and Projects

To encourage and support the initiation of innovative exhibitions and other visual projects through support for research fees, project costs, touring costs, critical writing and educational events.

Closing dates: 1 September 1997 and

3 January 1998

Seeded Posts

in develop the infrastructure for the exhibition of v isual arts in Scotland through support for new \isual arts posts. Proposals should be discussed in the vear prior to their


Travel and Training Grants

(irants to assist professionals working in visual arts organisations to travel within Scotland and internationallv for specific purposes relating to their work.

Applications considered throughout the year

Central Funds

Conferences and Seminars

Grants to support and enable attendance at conferences and seminars which address contemporarv issues in and for the arts.

Applications considered throughout the year

Consultancies and Research

Available to arts organisations for consultanq or research commissions and to local authorities for the development of arts plans.

Applications considered throughout the year


The fund aims to help arts organisations to develop a more strategic approach to marketing through support for research and development. staff training in marketing and the development of marketing plans.

Applications considered throughout the year

Training in Arts Management

()pen to organisations and individuals working in the arts. Support for attendance at short courses in arts management and lor in-house training in equal opportunities and customer care.

Applications considered throughout the year

for/indict details, write to the tit/drew ("C/UH or telephone the 531C Help “wk on U! 3/ 3-13 2-1-13 34-3-Jf‘c‘31vceli .’(l- I.) and 2-4, Hum/av to Indus: xln out/me oi .i.’.’_funtiv and schemes currentiv .nazlzl‘le from MC iv iivteti in the publication '(iurde to lunch and Scheme» ', tif‘:.iin.1.}‘le from the

(Uni/7iillilc‘tliltilii Department

The Scottish Arts Council, 12 Manor Place, Edinburgh EH3 7[)[).

The Seoulin Arts (Lou-ml aims to err-art; .i (illiii.iii.’ m ‘.'.lil(.li arts of (jualitv flourish and are enjoyed by a wrde range of people throughout Scotland.