ears and toddling in La Vega

SUZANNE VEGA has had a few additions to her life since we last heard from her. Namely one husband, one baby and one new album.

Words: Andrew Eaton

At Suzanne Vega‘s forthcoming concert in Glasgow this week. one audience member will be leaving early. ‘Ruby tends to want to shout during the songs.‘ Vega says of her two-year-old daughter. ‘She has no patience for the slower ones. but she likes Nine ()bjeeis Of Desire: she‘ll run around the house singing it.’ she adds. with what is either parental pride or a shameless desire to plug her new album.

Nine ()bjeets ()f Desire is Vega‘s first album since 99.9"!" in 1993. and life has changed a little since then for the New York singer- songwriter. ln NUS she married Mitchell Froom. who she met when he was producing 99. 9 I". A year later she had her first child.

‘lt's meant I've had a change of priorities.‘ she reflects. ‘l‘m not just thinking

about myself. the next tour. promotion. that kind of

thing. She comes on tour with us (liroom plays keyboards) and of course she has tantrums just the way she does at home.‘

Domesticity seems to have affected Vega's writing too. Where previously she adopted a wry. observational tone. Nine (Hz/eels (l/‘l)esire contains some of the most disarmineg direct songs she has ever recorded. ‘l‘ve always disliked sentimental love songs.‘ she says. ‘.»\nyone can feel something and just

’loe Jackson had written some songs based on the seven deadly sins and asked me to be the voice of lust. He needed someone who had a conversational singing style to play the part of a prostitute and be very matter of fact about it. I said, "Sure Joe, I'll be there in a second." ' Suzanne Vega

W" ‘\‘

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Suzanne Vega: mellowed by motherhood

blurt it out. so I try to do something different. Having said that. there’s a little more blurting out on this album than before. If anything’s liable to make you shout. it‘s ehildbirth.‘

Two songs. ‘World Before Columbus‘ and ‘Birthday‘ are specifically about Ruby, while ‘Honeymoon Suite’ is a candid snapshot of her honeymoon with Froom. ‘lt’s not one that I sing with him on stage.‘ she confesses. ‘Mitchell was quite embarrassed when he first heard it. It’s about the desire for intimacy. and the way that. however much you want to see inside someone’s mind and help them cope with things. you can‘t. I feel that with everyone I'm close to; I don’t think it‘s such a terrible thing to confess. it‘s not like I was writing about our love- making or anything.’

Musically. Nine Objects Of Desire develops the experimental approach of 99.9°F. mainly thanks to her continued collaboration with Froom. is it a challenge reproducing it live? “It’s easier than you‘d think.’ she says. ‘There are only four people in the band but they’re very versatile. Steve Donnelly. who plays guitar. also plays clarinet and a couple of other things. There‘ll be some interesting instrumentation. We‘re going to play old favourites too. though.’

Vega has remained consistently creative. Since 1993 she has contributed to 21 Leonard Cohen tribute album. Tower (2/ Sang. collaborated with Phillip Glass and French singer Kent. and written a song for the film Dead Man Walking. She is currently working on a book of essays and poems. provisionally titled Stand On The Tightrope. which she hopes to finish this autumn. ‘The most recent project I did was with Joe Jackson.‘ she says. ‘He‘d written some songs based on the seven deadly sins and asked me to be the voice of lust. He needed someone who had a conversational singing style to play the part of a prostitute and be very matter of fact about it. i said. “Sure Joe. 1‘” be there in a second.” She cackles lasciviously. Then she goes to put Ruby to bed.

Suzanne Vega plays Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Mon 24 Mar.

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