Spacelan1and Conspirators Of Pleasure

The meeting point between live action and animation is fertile ground for a filmmaker’s imagination. Jan Svankmaier has been there before and, in Conspirators Of Pleasure (below), he again unleashes the weird and wonderful from his wardrobe of the surreal. Space Jam (right), however, is more in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? league, as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and the Looney Tunes crew call on the talents of Michael Jordan to help them beat a bunch of cartoon aliens in a basketball game. Space Jam goes on general release on Fri 27 Mar; Conspirators Of Pleasure plays the Edinburgh Fi/mhouse, Fri 2 7—25 Mar, and the MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling, on Sun 30 Mar. See reviews, page 23.


Britain's biggest-selling female R ’n’ 8 act, the trio from South London have confirmed their status With an unprecedented eleven consecutive Top 15 hits and two million-selling albums.

Last year, Eternal received a speCial inVitation from the Vatican to perform for the Pope. Before The Rain, Eternal’s third album, sees

the girls out on the road With their

sCintillating mixture of pop, soul, gospel

and R ’n' B. The current, twelve-date tour

cost a whopping £15 million to stage and incorporates a nine-piece band, state-of- the-art lighting technology and a set

made up of old and new material

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Eternal play the SECC, Glasgow on

Mon 37 Mar

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