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MUSIC folk & harp festivals


I Para Handy Wireless Show 'l‘eviot l’ark Room. 7. 30pm. £5 (£3). Created and prodticed b_v \'ital Spark productions. A radio broadcast of the classic Neil Munro tales starts to fall apart.

I The Joy of Living 'l'heatre Workshop. 7.30pm. £0 (£3). S'I'l '(‘-strpported shovv celebrates the late Iivvari MacC‘oll. seminal s'orrgvvritei'. socialist. collector and pr'(isel_\lrset‘ of the folk song tradition. l’er for'iiied arid devised by (jlasgovv 's Strarriash.

I Ushna 'l‘ev rot Hall. 7.45pm. £5 (£4). Based _|trst over the Border. l‘sliiia have an individualistic voting harper and some fine singing. from an lrish/Ntirthtiiiibriaii musical perspective.

I Stravaig 'lev iot Hovv'ff. Spit). £5 (£4). Songs of all sorts. birt dravviiig rriainlv from (he Sco's tradition. performed bv vvell-est.tblistr.-tl all vvomeri group frorii .'\}'lslill'c‘

I Tim O'Leary and Aaron Jones lzlepliarit House. S.3()prii. £3 fiddle and soriietriiies ivvo bou/otikis trip through lrish reels. rigs and even baroque music. I Brass Monkey 'I’ev-toi Hall. ‘).-l5pm. £0 I £5 I. ‘l'lre lllIlL|HL‘ sound of this l‘inglish star band from a decade ago is back on stage a brass section stirring things tip around (he corisurirriiate singing and guitar of .\l.ir(rri (‘ai'tliv and the brilliant accordion pla_vrrig of John Kirkpatrick. I Singing Session ‘I‘t-v fol llovv I‘I‘. Itipnr.


I Workshops and Classes See progiariiiiie. available at ‘l‘ev iot House. I Danny Kyle's Open Stage ‘I‘ev'roi Har l.‘ 30pm and 5. 30pm. free.

I Natalie MacMaster/RSNO l'slier llall, 5' 30pm £l5. £13.50. £0. l'estival highlight presents ;I\‘.;ll'vlv\\IlIlIIllg conductor and arranger Scott \faehlillan vvrtli his sp irkv. voting fellovv Nova Scotraris. I‘ul-llt‘t Natalie .\lac.\laster and pianist liatv Dates in an energetic.

biav tiia sliovscasc ol the Scottish iristrtiirierital lI;I(lIlI()ll\. l~amous for step dancing vvlirle (liev 're plavirig the girls should ttrrri the event into a paitv. See prev ievv.

I Para Handy Wireless Show In iol l’aik Room. 7 if) im. £5 (£3). See Tue 35. I Ewan MacCo lTribute 'I‘Iiearre Workshop stiprir. £0 (£3). See Tue 35. I Andy Hunter/Hamish Henderson/ Robin Laing lev rot llovv ff. spin. £5 (£1) lormed in three eras of the folk rev ivai. the three singer‘s per'forrii traditional ballads. great self—penned

It} runs to Scotra‘s values. and lighter. coriteiriporarv accounts of life north of Hadrian's Wall.

I Lemon Tarts 'I‘t-vioi llall sIS. +45 (£31), .-\bei'deen-based all-vvoirieii otitfit specialises Ill entertaining song. btrt can tliiovv III ver_v corripeterrt instrtiriiental



I Bruce Davies lilephant House. 8.30mi). £2. Folk and comedy.

I Sileas/Fiona Davidson Pleasaiice Theatre. 7pm. £5.50 (£4.50). Patsy Seddori and Mary MacMaster. established exponents of the vvire and gut-strung clarsach. also pla_v the innovative electroharp -- and sing. Davidson vvr‘aps old tales. fragirients of poetry and song in her simpler. but affecting Scottiin harp music.

I Farewell Ceilidh l’leasaiice Theatre. H.30pm. £5.50 (£4.50). lrrforiiial send-off to the

I Singing Session 'l‘eviot Wine Bar. l0pin. l‘r‘ee.

I Jock Tamson's Bairns 'l‘eviot Hall. I0pm. £0 (£5). Rod Paterson and John (‘roall lead the vocals iii (lie lariiotislv influential se‘stet pla_v irig music that remains true to the spirit of the Scottish folk tradition.


I Workshops and Classes See programme. available at 'l‘evtot House. I Danny Kyle's Open Stage 'l‘ev‘iol Bar. l3.3()prir and 5.30pm. l‘ree.

I Travelling Folk Live BBC Queen Street. 7pm. Tickets l’ree from BBC Reception Desk. Archie l‘isher and Radio L'lster presenter (’olm Sands introduce a live broadcast of a-capella liiiglish singers (‘oope. Roses and Simpson; Wolfstories fiddler and singer Duncan (‘hisholm and lv an Drev‘er; and (lie Saiidv Hrechiii and \Vrrglev Sisters' big band Seelvhoo.

I Para Handy Wireless Show In ltil l’ark Room. 7.30 iirr. £5 (£3). See Tue 35. I Ewan MacCo I Tribute 'l‘lieatre Workshop. 7.30pm. £0 (£3) See Tue 35. I Sedrenn 'l‘ev iot Hall. 7 -l5pm. £5 (£4). liretori. and some Irish music beatitifrrllv arranged for tvvo harps.

I Coope, Boyes and Simpson In (()I Hovvff. Spin. £5 (£4). lfnglarrd‘s folk song scene i'evitalised bv the popular success of this rievv isli trio specialising III arresting liariiioriv vocals.

I Davey Steele lilepliant House.

S. 30pm. £3. Caledon‘s singer. botr/otiki and bodhraii pl;i}c‘i solo.

I Burach 'l‘ev iot Hall. ‘) 30pm. £0 (£5). Big sound III the folk drum and bass mode. .-\ccordion. fiddle and vocals in a Scots/World .\l(isic dance trip.

I Singing Session 'I‘ev iot Wine Bar. 10pm. l-‘ree.


I Workshops and Classes See programme. available at ’l‘eviot House. I Danny Kyle's Open Stage 'I‘ev fol liar. l3.3l)pm and 5.30pm. free.

I ALP House Ceilidh 'l'ev iot Dining

Roorii. / 9pm. l‘ree. lidinburgh's .-\dult

learning l’roiect teaches Scottish music

This trip will be one of the highlights of the Festival. Named after a legendary gypsyfrddler of the 16005, Loyko comprises two Russian gypsy cousins with astonishing talent on the fiddle. They're accompanied by a superb guitarist, and all srng. Just back from supporting Yehudi Menuhin and Ravi Shankar in France, the band is now based in Ireland from where they’re taking their dangerously inflammable music world-wide.

46 THE LIST 7.'..r' iii: WU

It's a cliche, but Ireland is a nation of singers, and one of the finest of them is Len Graham. From Ulster, he is a veteran of the 60s folk son revival, and, as a song collector, has garnered a colossal re ertoire performe in a beautifully- paced style. In company with famous Bel ast storyteller (and singer) John

Campbell, he’ll give you a taste of the real stuff.

song and dance to all ages of adult.

I Para Handy Wireless Show In iot l’ark Room. 7, it) ‘lII. £5 (£3) See Tue 35. I Ewan MacCo ITribute 'l‘lieatre \\'ork.shop. 7.30pm. £0 (£3). See Tue 35. I Culburnie Records Showcase Queen's Hall. 7.30pm. £8.50 (£7). Small Scottish label (‘irlbnrnie is evpandiiig. Here the_v present admired l'S-resident Scots fiddler Alasdair l’raser‘ who brings superb ke_vboaid accoiiiparirst l’aul .\laclilis; all-vvoiiieri vocal liarriionv trio (‘liantan trade tiaditiori arid retro-pop sotig'. l‘L‘\II\.tl Director Dave liraticis pla_vs guitar \v itli his fiddler/singer vvifc .\lairi (Xiiiipbell. and are collectivelv kriovvn as 'l'lie Cast; and nevv signings Shanks arid Russell are attracting praise for their sorigvvrriing skill.

I Duncan Chisholm and Ivan Drever/ Setanta 'l‘ev tot llall. 7.~l5piti. £0 (£5). l-iddler and soiigvvi‘rtei‘ from \Volfstorie share the billing vv itli (ilasgovv-lrish band Setaiita. riovv enlarged to include tvvo lierv voting Donegal musicians.

I Len Graham and John Campbell/ Kenna Campbell .lL‘VIUI llovvff. Spit). £5 (£4), livtiuisrte songs frorii l'lster vv itli brilliant and beguiling tales from the North of Ireland. Support from veteran (ilasgovv -resideiit Scots (iaelic singer.

I Ian F. Benzie lflephaiit llotrsc. S30pm. £3. Singer vv itli Aberdeen's ( )ld Hlmd Dogs. here solo vv itli guitar and a repertoire that can accommodate iiiticli more than the Scottish folk song.

I Stonefield Dining Roorir. lllprii. £-1 (£3) Dance grooves from the UM lilriid Dogs piper arid savophoiiist l‘raser l‘ifield. teamed here vv itli 'l’orirglit at \oorr's musical eclectrcist (iav m In irigstone.

I Singing Session 'I‘ev Iol \v‘tne Iiai: lllpiii. l'i‘ee.

I Islander 'l‘eviot Hall. ll) 3llpiir. (‘erlidh dance £0 I £11).


I Workshops and Classes See programme. available at In iot House.

I Annual Cauld Wind Piping Competition St Anne‘s ('oriirrruriitv' (’eiitre. (‘ovvgate 10am. Bellovvs-blovvri small pipes. l.ovv land pipes. Border pipes. songs vvitli pipes. other iirstrtiiiients vvitli pipes. pairs of pipes. ()rgarrised b} the l,ovv|arid and Borders l’rpers' Society. I Danny Kyle’s Open Stage 't't-v tol Bar. l3 30pm and 5. 30pm. free.

I Loyko 'l'ev iot Hall. 3pm. £0 (£5) Spectacular. blovv -v(iti-;ivv;iv fiddling

from Russian trio. riovv travelling the vvorld from an Irish base.

I West Edinburgh Folk Group 'l'eviol Dining Room. 7pm. Free. Born out of lidiribtrrgli's Adult learning Project.

I Para Handy Wireless Show ‘l'ev'iot I’ark Room. 7.30 rm. £5 (£3). See Tue 35. I Ewan MacCo I Tribute 'l'heatre \\'orksliop. 7.30pm. £0 (£3). See Tue 35. I Anna Murray Trio/Pauline Cato and Tom McConviIIe 'l‘eviot Hall. 7.45pm. £0 (£5). l’iping. on the Scots bellovvs- blovvri siiiallpipes. bv .-\riiia Mtirr'av (.she also pla}s the Highland varie(_v) and Nor‘tlitiiiibriaii music on ('ato‘s keved siiiallpipes

I Highland Connection/Scott Gardiner lev iot llovvff. Sprii. £5 (£4). Songs. fiddle. mandolin and guitar from lriverrress area trio of Janice Clark. Ian Hardie and David 'Dagger' (iordori.

I Len Graham and John Campbell l‘ev‘iot Dining Room. Ill..‘s()piii. £4 (£3). See l‘I't 33.

I Fiona Forbes and Sandy Stanage lilepliant House. H.30prii. £3. Songs in a coffee-house.

I Singing Session 'l‘eviot Wine liar. lllprri. l’ree.

I Ceilidh Dance 'l‘eviot Hall. (0.30pm.

£0 (£5 ). .\lusic from 'l'apsalteerie.

I Workshops and Classes See progi‘airime. available at 'l'eviot House. I Common Ground Pipemaker's Exhibition/Demonstrations 'l‘cviol l.Il‘l'tIl'}’. All day from Illairi. free.

I Danny Kyle's Open Stage ’l‘eviot liar. I3.3()prri and 5.30pm. free.

I ArcadyIAndy M. Stewart and Gerry 0' Beirne ()treeri‘s Hall. 7.30pm. £8.50 (£7). .\'iaiirli l’arsoris leads the vocals in ev-De Darinan bodhrari virtuoso lohrinv \lcl)oriagh's top-flight lrisli sextet. Sill_v \\'i/ard singer .-\ridv .‘vl. Stevv art performs too rarel_v these (lavs -herc he's paired

vv itli one of lr'elaiid's best multi- iristrtiirientalists.

I End of Festival Party The l)t'oulli sing in the 'l‘eviot Dining Room at 8pm. the Scottish Step Dancing Shovv is in 'l'eviot Hovvff starting at H.30pm. West Highland fiddlers Alan Henderson and Iain .\lacl‘arlane lead the music in Teviot Dining Roorii from l0piii and upstairs iii 'l‘ev rot Hall Iioiii Spin the accent is on dancing vv itli the Sarid_v lirechiri Band.

'l‘usitala arid the Robert l'lsli Hand.

'l'rckets £8 (£0).