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Table manners: (left to right) Mark McDonnell, Steven McNicoll, Vicki Liddelle and Emily Winter in the Nippy Sweeties' touring production of Liz Lochhead's Shanghaied

Mar—Sat 5 April (not Suns). 7.30pm; Wed mat 2.30pm/Sat mat 3pm.

King '5‘ 'l'lteatre. lit/inlnug/i Tue 8—Sat 12 Apr (not Suns). 7.30pm; Wed/Sat mat 2.30pm.

A Para Handy Wireless Show Vital Spark Productions return with a revival of their show-within-a-show play set in a B BC radio studio as a group of actors prepare for a live broadcast of Neil Munro's gentle tales of life on the west coast puffers. Call 0131 229-1783 for tnore details.

'l'ei'iat House. lz'tlin/nug/i Tue 25—Sat 2‘) Mar. 7.30pm.

'l’riang/e Arts ('entre. l’iltun. Edinburgh Tue l Apr. 7.30pm.

Piaf (ilaswegian singing star 'l'erry Neason prox'es she really does have 'No Regrets‘. as she returns to the role that helped make her name ten years ago, iidith Pial in Pain (iems‘s musical play. The show centres on the early years ol‘ the legendary i‘rench singer‘s career when she l‘amously hung out with prostitutes, pimps and their johns. before joining up with the French Resistance during World War [I then descending into a hattle with drug and alcohol addiction and a penchant for young men. \\'li;itt;i gal. See review. page 55. ('all 01382 223530 for more details.

King's 'I'lit'atrt'. (ilasguu' Mon 3i

30 april -,- 3 may 7.3 pm & 9.30pm £6 3 30 april

£7 4 others

tramway hotline, . 0141 287 3909 2


('attier Theatre, (Ilasgmr Wed 2—Sat 6 Apr. 7.30pm.

Shanghaied Well-loved Scottish playwright Liz. Lochhead's company Nippy Sweeties perform her tale of four wartime evacuees. with adult actors playing the parts ofchildren aged seven to twelve. Bugsy Malone in reverse basically. Call Communicado Theatre Company on 0131 624 4040 for more details.

Paisley Arts Centre Thurs 27 Mar. 7.30pm.

Village Theatre, [fast Killvirle Thurs 3 Apr. 7.30pm.

MarRohert Arts C entre, Stirling Fri 4 Apr, 1 lam.

drama & dance THEATRE



"r H I:' .-l 'l‘ R 1-:

Fri 21 Mar 7.30m European Ballet


Sat 22 Mar 7.30m

Mike Leigh’s classic black comedy


High-camp, high drama, hi-jinks with lava lamps a 90-90!

Wed 26 Mar 7.30m

Shanghaied By Liz Lockead A play in one act for all the family

Tue 15 Apr 7.30m

theatre babel present lbsen’s classic tale

A Doll’s House

, s . BOX ()I‘HCI Ftte'

01592 4 l 292‘)

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\llo - Drive Glasgow G41 2PE

21 Mar—3 Apt 1997THE usr 63