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2l St Leonards Lane. 662 1612. Mon—Sat lOam—5pm; Sun noon—4pm. Dokra - The Tribal Art Of Bell Metal Sculpture Until 12 Apr. A selling exhibition of tribal sculpture. The process of creating the ‘dokra‘ figures involves using hollow moulds which are made from wax. modelled around a clay core. Molten metal is then poured into the mould forming a unique casting. The ‘dokra‘ figures include animals. humans. gods. and a large selection of incidents from tribal mythology. There will also be a collection of kilims from Turkey. Iran and Afghanistan.


43 Candlemaker Row. 220 191 I. Tue—Sat noon—5.30pm.

Steel Until 5 Apr. Catherine Yass‘s unique photographic process involves colour transparencies exhibited as large- scale light boxes.SIeel is a series of new light box works which explore the environment at British Steel‘s Port Talbot plant.

Grave Until 5 Apr. Site-specific light- box works created in Edinburgh‘s Greyfriars churchyard by Catherine Yass. The exhibition has been commissioned by Portfolio to accompany Steel.


23 Union Street. 557 2479. Tue—Sat 10am-6pm.

Bartlomeu Dos Santos - Reminiscence On Fernando Pessoa Until 18 Apr. Bartlomeu Dos Santos has had a long and distinguished career as an etcher and has recently retired as a professor of printmaking. His fascination with fellow countryman Fernando Pessoa considerably influenced the imagery in his work. and this exhibition consists of around 40 print works from hitn. the majority of which involve a combination of etching and aquatint.


Clerk Street. 668 2019. Mott—Sat 10am—5pm.

Ian Robertson and Philip Duthie Until 29 Mar. An exhibition featuring two artists. Ian Robertson's work is mainly symbolic qualities of colour. and influenced by his travels abroad. Aberdeen-born artist Philip Duthie uses saturated colour layered and overlapping. using rhythms to reflect the influence of the environment in which they are created.

Natures Mortes Et Jolie Fleurs Mon 31 Mar—26 Apr. A mixed-media exhibition by Ilene Erskine. of mainly watercolours and inks.


58 St Stephen Street. 225 5558. Wed—Fri noon—5.30pm; Sat 11.30am-5pm.

Mac And Larry Until 26 Mar. Beautifully detailed. large scale drawings frotn award-winning cartoonist Mac (Stan McMurty) of the Daily Mail and depictions of absurd human behaviour by Larry (Terence Parkes). illustrator and cartoonist for Pane/1. Private Eye and The Guardian.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings Gallery. 100 Princes Street. 225 I501. Mon—Sun l0am—6pm. Stuart Robertson Until 11 Apr. Figurative watercolours capturing the essence of life in India.


16 Dundas Street. 558 1200. Mon-Fri l()am—6pm; Sat l()am—4pm.

John Busby Until 2 Apr. New work by John Busby. predominantly wildlife studies and landscapes. Also on show. contemporary jewellery attd metalwork from Mike Abbott and Kim Ellwood.

as THE usr 21 Mar—3 Apr 1997


University of Edinburgh. Old College. South Bridge. 650 2211. Tue—Sat 10am—5pm.

Paintings from the 20th Century Collection Until 12 Apr. A collection of mostly Scottish 201h century paintings taken from the University of Edinburgh‘s collection. Featuring work by Redpath. Bellany. Eardley and Philipson and also small paintings by European masters.


29b Dundas Street. 556 6366. Mon~Sat l lam—6pm.

A Celebration Of Light And Colour Eileen Gardner Until 29 Mar. Detailed watercolour studies of flowers and Scottish landscapes. Also. the artist’s newly developed technique of multi- layered pictures with complex depths exploiting both colour and light.



I42 Canongate. 529 4143. Mon—Sat l()am—6pm. Packed with historic artefacts. this museum tells the story of Edinburgh‘s past and its people.


42 High Street. 529 4142. Mon-Sun 10am—6pm. All manner of archive material attd old toys relating to childhood through the ages.


163 Canongate. 529 4057. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. The sights. sounds and even smells of Edinburgh folk frottt the 18th century onwards.


2 Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mott-Sat lOam—5pm (Tue until 8pm); Sun noon—5 n1

Over T e Threshold: 400 Years Of The Scottish Home Until 6 Apr 1997. Frotn huge families forced into two rootns. to modern hi-tech apartments. no area of Scottish home life goes untouched in this major new exhibition. Town and country. rich and poor. it‘s all here in the form of paintings. models. photographs and film.

Valentine Cards Until 13 Apr. Over 200 examples of romantic. sentimental or satirical cards dating from 1830 to 1960. acquired by Shell UK Ltd in the 1960s. Domestic Fragments Until 27 Apr. A specially commissioned photography exhibition by artist in residence. John Kippin. giving an insight into the creation of The Museum ()f Scotland planned for 1998.

Art 8: Industry An educational and fun interactive gallery that features everything from an Elton Johtt stage suit to a Charles Rennie Mackintosh bookcase. plus the chance to step back in time and re-Iive the fashions. music and pastimes of the l950s. 60s. 70s and 80s. The Ivy Wu Gallery This new. permanent gallery features a superb collection of artworks frotn China. Japan and Korea. with costumes. ceramics. furniture and prints. many of which are on show for the first time.

WRITERS' MUSEUM Lady Stair's Close. 529 4901. Mon—Sat 10am—6pm. A treasure-house of items relating to three of Scotland‘s tnost famous writers: Robert Louis Stevenson. Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.



Barrack Street. 01382 432067. Mon

I lam-5pm; Tue—Sat 10am—5pm. Dinosaurs - Now And Then Until 5 Apr. A look at how dinosaurs have been viewed over the years since the discovery of the first fossil remains. The show is largely made up of infonnative panels on some 31) exhibits with the centrepiece being a large colourful dinosaur which was built by youngsters who attended a workshop at the Dinosaur Society. There is also a programme of children's activities to support the show.



Callender Park. Falkirk. ()1324 503770. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm.

Mary Georgina Wade Wilson Until I9 Apr. Landscapes and gardens in pastel produced during 1856-1939 by Wade Wilson. Little is known about her artistic life but many of her works have survived and will be on display.

E. McKnight Kauffer Until 26 Apr. The artist was bom itt Montana in I890 but spent most of his career in Britain where he produced a well-known series of posters for London Transport. A selection of these works is on display.

lectures 81 events


Raoul Hausmann: Art As Rebellion Fri 2l Mar. llant. Glasgow Film Theatre. Hanne Bergius. professor of History of Art. Design and Architecture in Halle discusses the work of Raoul Hausmann.

Dave Burrows, Dave Beech, Tim Noble and Sue Webster Fri 21 Mar. 2—4pm. Bourdon Lecture TheatrefGlasgow School of Art. A talk by the London-based artists who are currently exhibiting at Transmission Gallery in a show entitled Nan-Slap Bat/1' Rock.

Women On Art Mon 24 & Tue 25 Mar. CCA. International symposium on women in art. comprising of speakers. panel debate. and a lecture progrannne. Carol Becker. dean of the Art Institute of Clticago is the key speaker. For funher information contact 0141 332 7521.

Underexposed Sun 31) Mar. 6pm. £6. Shanttanka Kinetic Gallery. 2nd Floor. 109 Trongate. Photographer Vladimir Ioselzon will be showing his slidefilm about St Petersburg.

Etfinburgh The Finding Of Moses Fri 21 Mar. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Scotland. Aidan Weston-Lewis discusses ()razio Gentileschi‘s painting currently on

loan at the gallery. Connections In Space Sat 22 & Sun 23 Mar. Royal Botanic Garden. A two-day

conference exploring the connections between

different spaces. from ‘lhe astronomical to the atomic. the environmental to the personal. the pubhctothe private.

and the

real to the imaginary‘ These spaces will be investigated and related by proponents from both the Arts and the Sciences. Speakers include Professor John Brown. Antony Gonnley. David Pleat. Professor Jeremy Hooker and Thomas Joshua Cooper. Growth And Form, Geometry And Genetics Sat 22 Mar. 7pm. £3 (£1.50). Fruitmarket Gallery. A talk given by Martin Kemp. professor at Oxford University.

The Prehistory Of The Mind Sun 23 Mar. 7pm. £3 (£1.50). Fruitmarket Gallery. A talk by Steven Mithen. lecturer in Archaeolo 'y at the University of Reading. The Artfu Universe Mon 24 Mar. 7pm. £3 (£1.50). Fruitmarket Gallery. John Barrow. professor of Astronomy at the University of Sussex gives a talk.

Landscape Mon 24 Mar. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. Jean Metzinger's painting is put under the spotlight by Victoria Keller.

Art And The Visual Brain Tue 25 Mar. 7pm. £3 (£1.50). Fruitmarket Gallery. A lecture by Semir Zeki. neurobiologist at the University College London.

An Interview With Victoria Crowe Wed 26 Mar. 12.45pm. National Portrait Gallery. Siobhan Dougherty will be talking with Victoria Crowe.

The Origins Of Virtue Wed 26 Mar. 7pm. £3 (£1.50). Fruitmarket Gallery. Matt Ridley. a research fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs gives a lecture.

The Body Emblazoned. Or How We Invented Ourselves Thurs 27 Mar. 7pm. £3 (£1.50). Fntitmarket Gallery. A lecture by Jonathan Sawday at the University of Southampton.

The White Drake Fri 28 Mar. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Scotland. Mungo Campbell talks about Joseph Crawhall‘s work.

Consciousness And Free Will Fri 28 Mar. 7pm. £3 (£1 .50). Fruitmarket Gallery. A talk by Mary Midgley. retired senior lecturer of Psychology at Liverpool University.

Grooming, Gossip And The Evolution Of Language Sat 29 Mar. 7pm. £3 (£1.50). Fruitmarket Gallery. Professor of Psychology at Liverpool University. Robin Dunbar gives a talk.

Composition 1932 Mon 31 Mar. 12.45pm. National Gallery of Modern Art. Ken Neil talks about Piet Mondrian's paintin '. Medicine, Manufactures And OI Mortality Mon 3| Mar. 7pm. £3 (£1.50). Fruitmarket Gallery. A talk by Ruth Richardson. research fellow at University College London.

Bruce And Bryce Wed 2 Apr. 12.45pm. National Portrait Gallery. Ian Gow looks at the work of these two architects.

The How And Why Of Science Writing Wed 2 Apr. 7pm. £3 (£1.50). Fruitmarket Gallery. A lecture by John Carey Merton. professor of English at ()xford University.


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Crocodile walk: a ‘doltra' work on show at Out Of The Nomads Tente., Edinburgh until 12 Apr.