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It's not a sight you see every day. There are two women of a certain age One is wearing a leather flying hat of the type usually sported by First World \"Var aces and the other has a BSA motorbike helmet set on her head at a rakish angle They are rolling rim-tn Edinburgh’s Victoria Street on a Vintage motorbike and sidecar set-up The lady holding onto the handlebars looks somewhat surprised when the contraption stops before hitting the traffic on the Cowgate, her companion seems more concerned wrth the two dead pheasants she has lolling in her hands. Two dead bunnies adorn the front of the sidecar like an unusual Rolls Royce badge that’s gone horribly wrong Occasionally, one of them waves at the pavement and heartily bellows ’Toodle Ooh" in impossiny frurty tones

There is no point in trying to use logic to work out what's happening, Just give yOurself up to the random chaos Of Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, a pair better known as the Two Fat Ladies. The twosome are

Two Fat Ladies, aka Jennifer Paterson and Clarissa Dickson Wright, pictured with assorted fruit, veg and dead things

launching a book by Paterson entitled Feast Days, a collection of her writings and recipes in The Spectator As you might expect, the iSO-odd recipes are prefaced by Paterson's idioSyncratic observatiOns on life in general and Just what she'd been eating at the time of writing in particular Qiiirky illustrations of seemingly abstract objects, such as different iceboxes or a hedgehog, are strewn through the pages and add to its eccentric charm The recipes themselves run the gamut from those which would test the average cook and kitchen to those which a kitchen

vrrgin could perform, safe in the knowledge that Paterson has the tips and experience to smooth out the dliilCUlilES,

l Feast Days by Jennifer Paterson (Ebury Press £6.99)

Broughton Breweries IPA

'Beer, beer, we want more beer' is a Cry that often goes up in the editorial room of The List and we’re delighted to see that Broughton Breweries, set in the rolling hills of the Borders, have gone and added their version of an IPA to their portfolio of brews,

Standing for India Pale Ale, IPA was originally brewed back in the days of the British empire. With a higher alcohol volume than other beers at the time and heavrly hopped, this style of beer was particularly surted to surviving the long journeys out from Blighty to whatever far corner of the globe it was destined for.

The Broughton Breweries ver3ion of the style has been brewed as a session beer with a relatively light alcohol by volume rate of 38 per cent; the idea being that thirsty drinkers can enjoy knocking back a few pints Without getting completely blootered. it’s a bright golden colour with a refreshing, rounded and subtle flavour created from a single hop strain called wrllam ette. The beer has been launched as a direct competitor to Caledonian Breweries IPA, a brand that’s won many friends among beer lovers. (Jonathan Ti‘ew)



li'llt) will be signing copies and iiilfill't’i'ifig questions about his ilt’ll' boo/cs


at ici DARK MOON

(Ii Dillons The Bookstore, 174—176 Argyle Streets Ulasgmv UH Wednesday 2nd April from 7.llll pm

liyou are unable to attend, signed copies can be reserved by telephone:

(l141248 4814 5 Q5

M\\l \\I E I

Waterstone’s 132 Union Street, Glasgow presents

Who will be reading and signing copies of their new novels on

2nd April 1.00pm

Tickets are available priced £2.00 each and are redeemable against book purchases

For more information or to reserve a signed copy call 0141—221 0890

~1.995 'Whitbreads'Boo'k of the Year '

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.z‘. . .. . .J' I . , .. ' O. W“ .( ' W1“ be readmg‘from, answering. questions and ~ no o ".147 o . o .t .’ Signmg coples of her outstanding new novel --

HUMAN CROQUE Traverse Theatre' Cafi‘vbridge Street, Edinbfi-Igh ' g'zflMonday 31$t Marchat moo-ping

Ticket oftly eirent £3 (£1redeefitabggggainst purchase of bqok) fro'm .tfiéTrav'Erse Theatre '0; foice’or from Wate-rStortjesigy' Princes Street. If youarefifihable‘to ' ' attendfisigried‘copi'ésican» e reserved-bytelephonei ~' . 61317556 3034

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