IS YOUR lIFE THIS EVENTFUL? Aerobics. Hill-walking. Meals ()ut. Badminton.

Bridge. Cinema. Dancing. Tennis. Theatre. Parties. Football. Exhibitions. Ceilidhs. Weekend Trips and lots of other activities too numerous to mention!

It could be with lllc

a self-run club for go-ahead

people. Membership is less that) 1.20 a year. You cart give us a try for a month or so with tto obligation to join btrt we’re sure you'll wattt lol Details from 0141 559 3741 for Glasgow or 0131 332 1342 for lidinburgh or 01382 456403 for Dundee. (i-lOpm.

I Do you have a passion for travel'.’ Scottish Travellers Exploring The Planet (STEP) offers tnonthly meetings. quarterly magazine. discounts and social events. Call Alisoun t0l3l 55l 595-1) for details.

The SPLASH river rafting experience is the ultimate adventure.

()ur intemationally experienced guides will lead you down beautiful scenery

and through the challenge and excitement of white-water rapids.

1/2 Day, 1 Day and 2 Day river trips in Scotland. Trips to Nepal and the Alps. For our colour brochure call: 01887 829706 or fax: 0l887 820038 SPLASH.

'Ihe Whitewater Specialists. Market Square. Aberfeldy. l’erthshire. l’HlS 2RD

I 0100 Thirty-Plus Glasgow atid lidinburgh. livet‘y'thtng for -the unattached. Mid-week bar nights. Patties. Dances. ('oncert/shows/theatre. Rariibles/hill climbs. Group holiday's/weekends and lots more. Ring l)on - ot7so 823420.


QUEST Gay or Lesbian and Catholic‘.’ So are we? Quest is a self help support group. In times of calm or crisis. telephone 0141 948 0397.

livery Sunday between 7-—l0pm.


Then Stonewall Youth is for you! With two lidinburgh- based groups and a support worker offering individual advice and support. Stonewall is the place to contact. Phone in confidence on 'l‘uesdays between 7.30pm aitd 9pm on

0131 556 4040.


IMPROVE YOUR SOCIAL LIFE! Connect socially for new friends and new activities. New social organisation for 1997, open to all adults regardless of age and

marital status.

Phone Dave or Lorna on 01292 - 313205, after 6pm.


THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation.

I Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are not forwarded where discovered. lf you receive such material with your Box replies please let its know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads at The List.

I Charismatic bimbo (30s) WITM. feisty bimbo t l7-~S7) preferably wacky. self-assured. sensitive. creative . . . ah . . . on. . . go on . . .go on . . . go on . . go ottlll Box No 299/4.

I Pure earth child You know what you feel. You know yotr exist. If you believe itt truth then believe in yourself. There are others who think like you. Please contact. Box No 299/8. I Cuddly, American fellow 25. ISO companionship. idea- tripping conversation and yes. cuddling. High-quality heart. brain. ear. Disinterests: addictions. make tip. garne- playing. Huge interests: self- awareness. body comfort. expressiveness. sense of wonder. Glasgow. Box No 299/28.


9 EJ


We’ll help you find yours.

Approach 4 Beech Rd. Dunblane Tel: (OI/86) 825777

I The moment I wake up . . . I say a little prayer for a tall. passionate. witty. artistic Glasgow man (30—45) to save me (slender. sensual. spirited. intelligent) from my humdrum lidinburgh existence. Are you the answer to my prayers‘.’ I might be the woman of your dreams! Box No 300/1.

I Charming, witty, tall slitn. professional male seeks 40th birthday present in shape of n/s female. 25~~l(). for laughs. outings and mutual tlc. Must be warm. funny and bright.

S. l'iife/I‘Iditt. Box No 300/2.

I Feisty, factory fellow fond of food. fiction. films. philosophy. finds female. 23+. for ftrii arid fervid fantasy: feasible'.’ liK/Glasgow area. Box No 300/20.

I Two charming, easy-going gentlemen (in 50s) seek another. friendly. cultured. well-educated lady. 48/60 yrs. to make tip a foursome for social pursuits. Glasgow or thereabouts. Box No 300/22.

I Apart from the fairies pixies and the small chocolate creatures. there is no one special it) my life. linioying life btit looking for a woman to laugh. love and share with. Box No 30l/l.

TIRED OF BEING SET UP by friends. Couldn't do worse iiiy‘self'.’ Black professional female wanting escort to dinner. cinema. theatre. concerts. laughs etc . . .

Box No 301/2.

I Munro bagger without a beard would like to meet Muriel Gray to share the outdoors with. You should be 25-40. and share an interest in movies. dancing and music etc. Box No 30l/3.

I Two guys, mid twenties seeking two broad-minded. attractive girls. into smoking. clubs. music. vodka and a good latrgh. Box No 30l/4.

I Very attractive, intelligent articulate. caring. professional female. 33. likes dancing. singing. cinema. restaurants. socialising. travel. Non-smoker. seeks kind. sensitive. caring. intelligent. humorous. successful. professional man. RC preferred. l’hoto please. Box No 30l/5.

I Sentient herbivore male 2. se/ 'life should be ftill of strangeness’ and seeks romance With so disposed. 20s 30s female. based on the wisdom of laughter. Box No.10l/(i.

I Glasgow man, 37 tall. slim. single. tt/s. professional.

positiv e. happy. considerate. talkative. dry S()H. l.ikes conversation. film. theatre. food. country side. \'alttes opctt‘ ness. honesty. \Valks. svv ittts for exercise. \\'l.'l‘.\l one special

w oman tilts?) for caring. trusting relationship. Box No ROI/7.

I Attractive male (36) seeks similar female into music. art. photography. meaning of life. ALA. Box No 30l/b’.

I Adventurous, fun-loving male. young 43. unattached. fit and good sense of humour. seeks sexy female. interested in cinema. theatre. eating out and having fun and romance. Box No 301/9.

I Thirtysomething sensitive. compassionate. tolerant. liberal female. loves music: jazz. rock. classical. 'l'rav erse 'l‘heatre. conversation.films Cameo. l-ilmliouse. books. coffee at \Vatei‘stone‘s. Highlands. \\'l.'l'.\l like-minded male to

share these with wine. food. fttrt.

lio\ No 30l/l0.

I Jazz-loving independent. lidinburgh-based male. .‘sl. seeks female for conversation. concerts. clubbing etc. Box No .‘s0 | /l l.

I What a waste! Special offer to discerning males. . . Classy fot'ty-sotiietlting woman. Glasgow -bascd. attractive. amusing. kind btrt slightly off the wall. got a life. needs a titan. Box No .i0l/l2.

I We two sassy chickens believe there are no witty. intelligent. straight. handsome men left in Scotland. Can anyone prove us vvi'ong'.’ Box No 30l/l 3.

I Very ugly? Not at all! Articulate. aw are. young 32yr‘ old man. l.ikes the arts. soccer. New to lidiiihurgh and seeks quality female company for ftrtt and friendship. Box No 30l/I-l. I Warm, bright beautiful vvotttati with brains. charm. wit and attitude. seeks huiiioi‘ous. attractive. affable and intelligent man )3le ~lllsl for pleasurable. rewarding relationship/t'omance/ friendship. l’hoto appreciated. Box No .illl/IS.

I Nights are drawing out Independent. intelligent vvoman. early 30s. seeks sociable selfawai‘e. n/s male companion for adventures oti land. sea or in cafes. Nobody It‘ll odd please. liox No illl/lo.

I Angry young man seeks angry young woman for sarcastic nights in. cynical nights otrt. Hates everything. loves nothing. Holds a heart of doom; destined for love and all Its consequences. Hm No Sill/l7

I Interesting, intelligent professional. Glasgow man. late ‘sos. seeks similar. n/s woman. 25' 35. lot cultured conversation and warm laughter. l'sttal tttlcl‘csls. especially books. music. seaside. food and drink. lio\ No .illl/lb’.

I M318, 41 separated (no strings) liast Ayrshire. country boy at heart. Brandy and log

fires. .-\ny' female want to keep

warm w ith me. Photos are nice. Box No .‘vlll/l‘).

I Handsome Glasgow male with kind. caring. strong nature with GSOH. seeks nice. friendly. attractive female for a coffee and a friendly chat. who knows after that'.’ It could be you. Box No 30l/20.

I Fun-loving, attractive artistic. 30 something professional male. seeks similar female for fun. food. wine. dance. travel. nights in/otrt. love and all that sort of stuff. Box No sot/2 l.

I Male, 38 quiet. shy. non- smoker. work between Glasgow and Highlands. looking for girl. 2().s*—30s. share coffee in Tron. sar‘nies in Glen litive. liriendship. love arid support on offer. Box No 30l/22.

WANTED COMPANION for cinema. pubs. hill walking. eating out. Me: Glasgow female. 3|. genuine. lonely.

Box No 301/23.

I Woman, 35, passionate about life. emotionally mature. with depth and a sense of the ridiculous. attractive. intelligent. relaxed. self-confident. politically and socially aware tleft wing) open-minded. all the usual interests and ruore. Seeks similar male for a meeting of minds. souls - arid probably bodies! Glasgow. l’hoto appreciated. Box No 30l/24.

I Edinburgh/Glasgow mate t-12i with lc‘sl for life. seeks younger mate (in) for ftrn arid more. linjoys travel. music. cinema. theatre. dining in and out. Photo appreciated. Smile. reply and give it a try. Box No 300/50.

I Boy next door type non drugs. n/s required by Glasgow guy. 29. just recently single. looking to expand friends but not on scene. Can accommodate and travel. Discretion assured. .»\l..-\\\'l’. Box No 300/57.

I Last chance lottery! Good- looking. professional (30) s/a. shy. enjoy s sport. pubs,

liiElw alking. The Carpenters etc. seeks similar quality. non-camp guy‘s. either as friends or maybe more. (let writing! Box No 300/59.

I Attractive, sincere lidiirburgh. gay guy. 3l. enjoys eating iii/out. cinema. pubs. clubs. socialising. seeks similar. thoughtful male. 25—40. for honest. sharing close times and a laugh with. Photo appreciated. Box No 300/70.

I Wanted new friends as the oltl ones have left with lltc‘ ex and her l‘erraril VGS()H a must. gay essential. male or female. Me gay female. 30s. professional. considered cute. Box No Sill/50.


2i Mar-3 Apr l997THElIST97