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I Keyboard player required to rebuild electric Iolk/ceilidli ban-.I. l)e\eloping unique st}Ie of music with great work potential. Vocals arid Iixing in (ilasgow area preterred. Phone (I I 360 (CU-76‘).

I Guitarist ilead and/or I'II)lI1|III needed for lidinburgh pop group l)emo recording soon to clinch deal. Amhitiori/ talent It‘t]llIt'L‘tI/pl‘ttlt‘sslttlltti t‘tlllll‘lllt‘lll. Highly acclaimed songs with riirportant contacts. I’Iione Brent OI3I 467 ()7It).

I Bass player required to corrrplete 'Irree piece guitar- Ixisetl band w rtIi full set ol well crafted. nest generation riiaterral. I’lectrum pla} er I‘r'el-ci‘red, ('orritoi‘table rehearsal room. l’horie lander (I I 3 I 4-111 4-160. ('Iii'is (II 3 I (363


I Experienced harmony \tieallsl seeks new /interesting studio/recording work. I'm

\ ct'satile. creative. enthusiastic and last, ('an travel. (‘all (ir'ace (II 3| 33‘) "HZ-I.

I Talented vocalist/ songwriter seeks musical kindred spirits to create melodic .llIiI‘Ic‘tIl pop music. Must have cieatne \ isionl rl’ersonal likes Iiow ie. I’rriice. Sarah

.\le| .aughlin. .lane Siberr}. Kate IillsII. lori Amos. I’ortishead.i tllil :35 JUN.

I Have your songs recorded produced to an incredible standard .la/l/ia/x funk/dance our specialities. (‘all John at Mr. .\IlI\Ii_ I’rotluctroti House. Iii-track digital midi recording

studio “III 337 2355

Musrcrans & Singers Adverts from and for bands looking for members are charged at the reduced rate 01‘: £l t'or lineage and £2 for settiivdisply

()ther barids/triiisie related adserts will be charged at standard rates

on page I03

I Iiill iii the classified form

I Get heard Bands wanted for promotional Cl). best deal in the I‘K. (II-II 842 lfrhfi or (14er

I Wanted jazz sasoplionist. bassist. singer. keyboard. trumpeter to augment quartet. I’Iione (II-II 357 l(i5(r.

I Drummer needed to complete sis-piece original indie-rock band. Ready for gigs to promote studio material and secure deal. (‘all Ian ()l3l 555 3970.

I Lead guitarist drummer and hard singer influenced by Kat Rielland. Courtney Love. .Iennit'er Iiincli etc. wanted for Glasgow band to start in May. Aged I3 1036. Kltist be enthusiastic. Box No 3(I(I/B.\I/I.

I Guitarist wanted Baird seeks girl or ho) to pla} guitar in piirik pop band. l)escribed as 'r'eally rather good‘ in Melod} Maker. Interested. eall Keith (Ilsll 63:08-18.


I lyengar Yoga classes in and around (ilasgow. all lesels. tIil}/L‘\L‘IIIII\:'. .-\|so lorthcorriiiig \seekerrd/das seminars. I-'or more details contact III-II ‘)~l5


I lyengar Yoga day 111 (ilasgow. Siiiida} 21) .-\pti|. Illam I3IIPIII. Henry Wood Ilall. 73 ('Iareiiiont Street

3 (ilasgow {I3/L'IUcotics. ,-\II |e\els welcoiire, 'I‘el UNI ‘15: NH lot” booking form.

206889 (mobile). Ask for Stew.

(ilriiia and Iapan.

As taught by Drlohti Crook.


Learn to enhance self awareness, physical relaxation and peace of mind. This class will explore the methods of Zen Meditation as taught for more than one thousand years in

teacher: l-"rank 'l‘ait. (Ilii tradition of Chinese Zen.

Monday evenings 7pm to 9pm from 14th April. S‘outhside (Tentre, 117 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh.

For further information telephone: 01721 721146

12 Discussions on Practical Philosophy which tackle the great questions of life, "What is it’s purpose?” “Why am I here?”

the real nature of

This course is offered by the School of Philosophy and explores the meaning of wisdom, truth, consciousness, man (IeveIOpmerrt. It is for all regardless of education, occupation, age, race, political or religious beliefs.

(Tlasses held weekly in Glasgow and Iiclinhttrgli city centres. Phone ()131 623 ()277 fora Ieatlet giving further information and costs.

and what inhibits his



I Eating disorders Help and support b} qualified and experienced therapist. (its! to the root ol~ your eating disorder and start feeling happy in )0111' bod}; Details phone Louise Ila) Training t)l3l 315 3532.

I Therapy may be beneficial for anyone experiencing personal problems It can help people to learn about

thelriseh es". deselop w .1}\UI. communicating clearly consider choices and make changes. (‘ontact .-\ndrew Askew (I13 I 337 I46 I.

INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP THERAPY Will] all espei'ienced and qualified IIIeltlt‘Isl. Professionally registered.

Colin White 0131 555 0038.

PSYCHOSYNTHESIS COUNSELLING 'Psychosynthesis a psychology with a soul’. In training and super\ rsion with the I ondon Institute ol' I’sscliossiitliesis. I ollei' Iow cost counselling. Contact Mariel Brennan 0131 447 3934.

COUNSELLING ()tlttltlted {llld t‘\}‘el'lellc't'tl personcentred therapist. Iidtiibuigh and I’eebles. Maria Castro 01968 682 381.

I Need help don‘t know where to trir'ri'.’ .lust hit the phone' (‘ounselling and telephone counselling available to help _\or,i deal with life. lioi turtlrer rnl‘or'rrratron phone experienced Louise Hay counsellor on OI3I 3|5 3533.

I Learn To Be Happy (’hange your thoughts change _\out‘ lite. I’eisonal dexeloprirerrt through positiie thinking. louise Ila} Workshop on l2/I3 \prrl Irrdri rtluaI sessions also axatlal‘le Phone I ouise Has

'l‘iartiiirg on til ‘il i|5 i5 32

I Reiki can help you 'I'rtierarr natural healing lot mind. bod} and spirit. (‘oritatl HI 3| Hf)


I Experienced counsellor ollers theraps at reasonable

rates (Kill Ian I'tlIIt‘l' o.i ill *1 553 257s

GESTALT THERAPY I‘.\I‘L'Ilt‘ltt’t‘ti counsellor and [‘\_\cIIUIIIt‘I.t[‘Isl i:i lrariiiiig otters one to one help with lit-e problems low irrcorric let‘s IIt‘thillJI‘It'. Chris McKinnell 0131 667 9658. SCI‘III\II(IC\I1III .-\\siicl.lllttil lIIt‘IllI‘t‘t

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE ‘I‘IKKIIIIICIII ltrt site‘ss. depression. insomnia acltes and pains. sports inruries. psoriasis. escema or rust plain pairrper siiiiz'sell Ilorize \ isits a\ail.iI‘Ie T iI.i\\ .t \st‘t‘Is

"aiir ro‘lprrr


I or appotiitriierits o! iirot .' into. please contact Peter Fraser, Member of Association of Medical Aromatherapists. 0131 555 0329.

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