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('oui'scs all year round in

Spain. Italy. Austria. (iermany. France and South America. All ages. all leyels‘. all year round. Details from Kath Bateman. ('aledonia Language (‘oursesx

Tel/ Fax 0131 558 71.18


I Actors wanted i'oi 111111 being shot m 1 dinbuigl: 111 May. l’ossible11'\1-'l'v\nomination.

\‘..‘ reignite males. a_~'e\l 25 50

and tertiales. aged 00 “11 l’ltotte I".‘..tlt 01 31 3‘" 3511‘ H

\iidiexs 0131 3‘" 3335. after 0pm

I Wannabe? -\ie you .1 female fan of the Spice ( iirls 11 ml ‘.\i\ttlillik.‘lttlic'.11lilt>lttktt11 w 1111 your reasons as pait ol academic research. 11m. \o 302’\\.\'/1



Well known Theatre Company uiqeiitlj,l requires properties for l'driiburqli Festival.

Great 1 are will be taken iii the lookiiii; after ()1 Hats as well as 1(1111)111‘.’)(dSlll).1ltl.

llats must lie (11111111, fully lririirslied 8: ()1il'fdlll.1(lllll(‘8. lt‘ll.‘.‘\ is let‘s .m‘ r'e:/:‘!I<:!:/:' (3110111226 599.)

I“ I‘ZS 'I‘ I V.-\ I J I“I . ATS list: 1980

112' 1111' ()I1('(' (tear/i see/cur: r/uii/iti' t'e/ilrtt/ flats to (ti'i‘mirntm/ule [H'U/(WSIUIHI/ /"¢’.\‘!tt'(ll

pur'rti'i/titlils rm- 11 MA" leis (luring {111811.11

liiouiries to arr.l izitoimation llt‘lll ('aiole Smith .\iine ( ioiing' lel 01020.\10o2l'. 3ltzik} lea Voltages. (llIi-Iltl.

last 1 otliian.1.1141 ~1l’1.

I Theatre company ac.oiiiziioilatioti iil ct'

1~;liiii‘t1:§:li \lltllltf.‘ tli.' l- l:\ll:.‘.()1l1 31str i‘oorizs plus 11‘. mg area required. 1

lt‘lepi’tolte and washing 1


facilities essential (‘orttact Angela Rowe on 0151 “05' 8-180.


100 THELIST s. s s

Room available in delightful Dennistoun abode, fully furnished,

£160 pcm including council tax.

Cheery disposition? Laid back attitude? Primal Scream CD? If you've got all these.

call Morag/Tracey on 0141 554 7410

DENNISTOUN Spacious llat: two bedrooms. sitting room. large kitclren/ dining room.bathroom. .-\11 mod cons. .\'ear sliops/ti‘anspiirt. 5 units ('ity (ic‘ttllc‘. L‘llll) pelt] + tlc‘pttsrt, 01506 422 414 (day) or 0141 4231091 (eve).

I Room available 111 \Vest 15nd shared flat. Snit professional. nonsmoker. (ias (‘11. security entry (lose to train and bus route. £100 pcm pliis bills and deposit 01-11 ‘15slb‘l33allet' (rpttt

I Wanted large room 111 gay central West 15nd llat by 35- .‘eai‘-old Professional. l‘latshare situation [‘i'eferi'ed. 1 am n/s. \ei‘y tidy and (}S( )1 1. Phone Paul on 0141 331 0592 or 0b02 .S 3001111

I Room in comfortable Soutlisrde gay llatshare. all mod cons. (it 11. n/s preferred. £170 pc in plus bills inionthis I. l’hoiie 01.11~12-108Hoi'007‘3107215 for mine details.

I Need some leaded glass 11' biighten up your life'.’ ‘Iillil\l peison wanted to share delicious 11.11U\t‘1'l\1t1k111}1(‘ltlc‘t‘dsl’at'k. (it '11. phone and a shared Statue otlibeits,£230pin.01~11(r30 iiusfi . i

I Kelvindale, West Glasgow Room in modern house with share ot in mg roorir’kitclien l‘tk'lll!l\‘\ with one other I’irxate parking and garden. Siiit gay t‘trtl.'sslitll.1l L225 pcm plus \IL'I‘1‘\Il [‘ill\ share o1 tow bills l’l‘iitll.‘‘1!1c’t‘llllI-ll S115 0121

I Two rooms available 111 1.23;“; courtintable. new 1y .Elt"l Sitttlltsltle 1.1.11. .111 itlittlciuls.c"111\c‘11lt'ltl1111

transport and pubs Suit

trieiidly. sociable. iesponsible person L 3 "0 and £200 pcm plus 1‘ilis 111.11 131W":

I Two flatmates required 1111 tpaalrty (‘11.arng('ross llat. £250 and £200 pcm \o bills 01-11 jut 15-5

I Room to let in Merchant (‘ity llat. Share with one other. Suit prof or post-grad non- smoker. Rent £200 pcm + bills. 01-11 553 2073.

I Female to share two bedroom. modernly decorated tlat in .-\iinie.slaiid. Central heating. washing machine. all mod cults. £180 pcm (includes ('ouncil'1‘a\1.bills separate. Phone 0141 ‘)5‘) 7737 after (rpm.

I Large room in spacious. easy-going langside flat (beside Victoria lnl'rriirary). All the usual mod cons plus (3(‘11. dishwasher. lovely big kitchen with space age cooker and weekly cleaner. £240 pcm (includes cleaner and (tax 1. Siiil professiitrial/post-gr‘ad student. Phone 0141 (1-1‘) 3576 alter 0pm.

I Room wanted by 30-year- old employed male. friendly and tolerant. for the period mid- .v\[‘1'll lo 30.111110 (‘L‘lllt‘e/“esl lind preferred. l’hone Paul on 111-11 330-1082 tanswer- machinei; e mail:


I Housemate wanted to share gay -1'i'iendly. three- bediooiii seini in north east (ilasgow ()iiiet professional male (‘1‘ female preferred. 'l'en inins lioni city centre. Near all motorway s. \"iews of farm and (‘aiiipsre llills. 1.r\ e 111 the couiitiy 111111t‘L‘11_\'I .-\11 mod cons + garden at £250 per month including all 111;1~|Ul'l)111\. _»\\ailab1e from June I‘)‘)7. (‘all 0111 77-10055.

I Beautiful furnished llrllhead llal: clean. warm. spacious. bright. Suit couple or working professional. One bedroom. kitchen/dining. lounge. bathroom + shower. ()triet street close to all amenities. \on-sttioket‘s only please £100 pcm + bills + deposit. 01 3| ~15523S‘)1day1 11131 33: .591)” lc‘\ C)

I Sunny, single room w 1111 walk 111 wardrobe 111 modern central garden llat. I’ii\ale parking Suit young pitifessional/post-grad student £200 pcm plus share of telephone bill. Tel: 0141 552 Wis or in 1st) 752042.

I Langside freshly decorated. single room in spacious flat. GCH and all amenities. Suit professional. £175 pcm + bills. Phone 0141 (132 208‘).

I Flat to share female student has spare room to let in comfy. liast Iiiid llat. £121)pc‘1111‘111s‘ bills. Phone: 01-11 550 5488.

I Single room available for female student in Southside llat. lixcellent location beside underground. All mod cons. l’referably non-smoking. easy- going. sociable. £32.50 per week + bills. returnable deposit. Phone 0111 J27 1774.

.'\\ ailable now.


I Double room and single room ayailable in beautiful \\'est lind llat. Great location. share with easy -going twentysoinetliiiig. 1-"ully furnished. Ayailable now. Tel 0131 220 7507.

I Room to let 111 sunny shared llat in liiyerleith. Big sittingrooin. garden. washing machine etc. Rent £187 pcm plus bills. l’lione 0| 31 552 02‘)0 after 5pm.

I Room with a view in spacious bright .\1archiuont tlat. sharing with three others. .-\\ailable eain .\1ay. \iewing from 21) April. Non-smoking. Rent £107.50 pcm + (‘ouncil Tax and bills. Phone 0131 447 7902.

I Room to let in central llat. \\'i|l suit easy-going female

w 101 good personality to share w 101 lesbian couple. £100 pctn plus bills and (‘ouncil ’l'as. Immediate entrs. 0131 225 21157. '

I Tidy, easy-going female llatinate I'L‘tlllllk‘tl for modern llat w rtlr full £1111t‘11111c‘s. Sharing w 101 one other. non-smoking professional. £200 pcm +- bills + deposit. ('all 0131 340 2505.

By Phone: Call 0131-558

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The List Flatshare 14 High Street lidinburgh

[El 11 l'I‘E


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next issue is

I Single room available in luxurious central flat. All mod eons/cable TV. sitting room. Suit tidy. young. working female/(or) rrrale. sharing with laid-back. music-1m ing guy. £230 pcm. (11 31 .177 4072.

I le flatmate wanted from April for large 100111 in quiet. spacious. well equipped llat. sharing with two others. Newington area. £180 pcm plus bills. Phone 0131 (>08 2207.

I Single room in Leith Links llat will suit n/s student professional. share with gay male couple. 25 and 20 years old. three small dogs. one cat. £100 pm + deposit + bills. Phone 0131 407 ~15 l 2. immediate entry.

I Four rooms available in a seven-person house in Newtngton/Mayfield area. 'l'hree llooi‘s. pris ate garden. huge ll\'111g1‘(1()111.(1111111g1110111. two bathrooms. kitchen. Rent is £175 pm. 'l‘elephone 0131 (1(17 0272.

I Wanted: large airy. semi- furnished.double i'ooin. walking distance from city and gay-friendly llatrnatetsi by Ms prof male. l'p to £130 pcm. (‘all Alan. day: 0131 22S (100‘). pm: 0131 (160 1831. (‘heei‘sl

I Small, single bedroom to let. Sunday Friday basis. Suit person working in lidinbur'gh but living away at \\'/es. £30 p.week. (1(‘11. bills etc. Nice llat ayailable to right person. sharing with one other. Tel 0131 4-17 3021.

I Reiki healer seeks (lec‘t‘lll- si/ed room in llat with good energy. sharing with like- iiiinded. sensitiye people. I’m .laines Spence. please phone or lea\e a message. on 0131 22‘) 0251s'.

I Good-sized room in quiet Bruntsfield llat. sharing with two others. for considerate non- srnoker. facilities include lounge. (1(‘11. auto-win. £177.50 pcm 1plus very low bills1.013| 22‘) 0258 (after 5pm).

I Wanted large and nice room. Are _\ott era/y enough to share your llat w 1111 a I'reiicli post- grad student 111\c‘s11g;11111g prinrates' belia\ ioui' i apes and humans? 1‘.’ I'ancy being a guinea pig'.".’ \oii-siiiokei'. \ege. likes sports. art. music and languages i(iernian. Swedish. .lapaneselt lip to £200. .\1aichiiront. Ili'untsfreld. .\'ewington. Please call ('ai‘oline to enrol for the e\periinentl 111.51 (102 ‘)‘)(i(),

I Mid-twenties couple seek furnished room in central Edinburgh llat or' minimal walking distance to the city centre lloirsepr'oud. [)1(il'LNSIttllill/PIII) people [‘l't'lt‘t't‘c‘tl I’lc‘;t\c‘ I‘ll 01.51 387‘).

I Housetrained prof or couple wanted loi‘ double room 111 clean. spacious 'l‘ollcross llat. sharing w 11l1 one other. £210 pcm single or £300 pcm couple incl bills. 0131 228 8030 for tlc'ltlll\.

I Room to let in .-\bbeyhill llat. adjacent Ilolyrood l’ark. (‘ity centre 20 minute walk. £200 pcm. share w ith design professional. Sun In ely. independent. non-smoker. ('ontact: I11’_\';111(1111113l 538 77117 or 11131 (1.52 1291).