THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for rtidiv idtrals to meet other individuals.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without esplaiiation.

I ('irctilars. proiriotioiial literature and offensive material are not forwarded

w here discovered. lf yoti receive such iriatei'ial with your Bot; replies please let us know. \\'rite. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads at The I.ivI.

I Charismatic himbo (30s) Wlfffyl. feisty bimbo ( 17—87) preferably wacky. self-assured.

setisitive. creative . . . alt . . . go on . . . go on . . .go oti . . . go on

. . . go on!!! Box No 299/4.

I Pure earth child You know what you feel. You know yott exist. If you believe iii truth then believe in yourself. There are others who think like yoti. Please contact. Box t'o 299/8. I Apart from the fairies pixies and the stnall chocolate creatures. there is no one special iii my life. linjoy'ing life btit lookitrg fora wotnan to laugh. love and share with. Box l 'o 30 HI.

TIRED OF BEING SET UP by friends. couldn't do worse myselt‘.’ Black professional female wanting escort to dinner. cinema. theatre. concerts. laughs etc . . .

Box No 301/2.

I Munro bagger without a beard wotrld like to meet .‘yluriel (iray to share the outdoors with. You should by 25 40. and share an interest in movies. dancing arid music etc. lios .\'o Mil/3.

I Glasgow man, 37 tall. .slini. single. ii/s. professional. positive. happy. considerate. talkative. dry S()ll. l.rke.s conversation. film. theatre. food. country side. \alties open- ness. honesty. \Valks. sw this for eyei'cise. \\‘l.'l".\l one special worrian t.§tts"i for caring. trusting relationship. lio\ .\'o .‘ylll/fl.

I Warm, bright lyeatttirul woriian w ttli brains. charm. w II and attitude. seeks litriiiorotrs. attractive. altal‘le and intelligent man 1 {its -lll\l tor pleasurable. rewarding relatitinship/roniaiicer’ friendship l’hoto appreciated, lio\ \o illl/l.<

I Interesting, intelligent prolessrzttial. (ilasgow riiaii. late

1 ills. seeks similar. it's woman. 1 2b is. lot cultured conversation i and warm laughter l'sttal

l interests. especially books. music. seaside. tood .tiid dtrirk lio\ \o ‘sttl/ls

I Fun-loving, attractive ;||[|sllc‘. ,ill stilllt'llllllt.‘ professional riiale. seeks sllllilal

terrrale for ftrri. lood. w are. dance. tra\el nights irrotrt. ltt\. and .tll that sort ot strrtl Ho\ .\o


102 THELIST s‘. '


I Highland loon seeks bonnie lassie for digging ttrrl's. going to pictures and ferret wrestling tl‘riiig your own ferret). Or could go to the ptrb instead. .\'/s. Photo Pleasc'.’ :\l..-\. 'l‘al Hos .\'o 3t)2/|.

I Bright, articulate (ilasgow \Vest lind woman seeks to share mutual enjoyment of theatre. cinema. books etc. with presentable. intelligent. ~lllislt man. Vegetarian. cat-lovers welcome. No airtissnioker's please. lloy .\'o .‘stl2/2.

I Slightly touselled hut clreckily gorgeous lidiiiburgli woman. aspiring towards ethical hedonisiii. passionate. independent. single parent. seeking serious ftiii with art intelligent. creative man. aged 3o 43ish. artistic soul pet'haps'.’ l’hoto appreciated. Box No 302/3.

I Edinburgh male This summer I would like to share the l’estival. countryside arid romance with a bright and warm woman prefer graduate. slim. tt/s. 25- ~15. Prospectus tilt request. Hos .\'o 302/4.

PROFESSIONAL GLASGOW female. 38. ri/s. enjoys travel. skiing. outdoors. theatre. tennis and ftiii. \\'l.'l‘.\l fun- loving. ii/s tiiale with ('}S()ll. Box No 302/5.

I Caring male graduate 44. non-smoker. seeks well-built.

powerful. passionate female.

40+. for long-teriii relationship. r\'o hung-tip divotcees. btit \‘iv l.ttiii.sden lookalikes welcome. Photo appreciated. Hos .\'o i .‘lll/(l.

I Normal, balanced intelligent. sensitive etc. .‘ill- year-old woman. \\‘|.'l‘.\l similar male to share ideas. conversation and usual cultural stttff iii (ilasgow. Hos .\'o .‘ytl2/7.

I Attractive, slim intelligent. professional female. (ilasgow based. liiiroy s tray el. theatre. cinema. eating otit etc. seeks attractive. professional niale

w ttli similar interests. preferably around tslll ~15). Hos .\'o .‘stl2/X.

I Good-looking guy w Illt long hair. 2‘. seeks slirri. attractive. sexy female. IX .itt. for pubs. clttlts. concerts. - dancing. occasional co/y nights l in. and liv irig life to the ftill. l’hoto please. Bo\ \o 302“).

I Creative, cultured lidinbitrgh iii. younth). broad sense of huriiour. sensrtrv e. competitive. vulnerable. intellectually aggressive. \\‘l.'l‘.\l attractive f. w rtli light touch. late 20s iiird ills. tot trreridslirp and/oi romance Ho\ \ti ill2/lll,

I Male, 32, professional seeks terrrale w rili warm. optimistic. spontaneous disposition. to share some ot trrusrc. walking. cairiptng. skrrng. books. beers. trrotorcvclrrig. honest

cotiitiruiiic.ttton. new t‘\t‘cl!t'ltct‘\ l'tlll and adventure

.:\\.tlls litt\ \tt ill: ll '

I Gentleman adventurer l

urgently requires kinky girl sidekick with personality and .\l-.-\ppeal. Think you can make the grade'.’ B.»\\'s need not apply. (ilasgow. Box No 3()2/l2.

I Totally screwed-up 45-year- old woman. with a desire to laugh and love. seeks independent man with self know ledge and optimism. Love of Irv/y things and cakes an advantage. Box No 3(l2/l3.

I Nordic lad, 6ft 3() summers old. seeks fair-haired beauty for walks on stiiilit heathered hills. and open fire cooking. Photo arid letter ensure same. Glasgow. Box No 3()2/l-l.

I Gorgeous Glasgow girl

(3| i petite. seeks the impossible. ie tallish. intelligent preferably gorgeous male who enjoys good food. wines.

travels. mundane nights in. escitiiig nights otrt possibly even fast cars and/or motorbikes. Too much to ask‘.’ Prove me wrong. Photo please. Box No 3(l2/l5.

I Sensitive, creative lady 26. fond of music. art. theatre. philosophy. complementary medicine. personal development and socialising. seeks caring. humorous. easy-going. n/s man with rest for life to share enjoyable times together. Bo\ .\'o 302/lb.

I Glasgow male, 31 medium build. 080”. kind. articulate. passionate. likes cinema. theatre. books. live music. pubs. cats. cafes arid more. Seeking an intelligent. witty (ilasgow woman. 2-1 -.i2ish. slim to .lttnoesqtie. for laughter arid long conversations. friendship/ relationship. l’hoto'.’ -- not essential. Bo\ No 3(l2/l7.

I Two funky chiquitas not so desperately seek some triad. bad. dangerous guys. under so. into drinking. clubbing. laughing and mischief. Photo guarantees reply. (lingers and netls need not apply. (Glasgow i. Ho\ No 3(l2/l3.

I Pubs, clubs and gigs that‘s the story of my life. l.ately nose stuck iii a book too much. (ilasgow' male. 23. seeks female tgentiine. humorous. w armi for nights otrt. Box No 3(l2/l9.

I Artistic male, 31 quiet- . natured. honest and appreciative 3 individual. seeks v -attractive. honest. confident. 'arty' yotrtig woman tpoet. painter. sculptor. photographer whateverli with .l (igl III. to share ideas. cappuccino. cafes. cinema. company and more. ()w n photo appreciated. lio\ .\'o .‘yll2/2ll.

I Sincere. caring sensitive

riiale. Anglo/Scot 1 il l seeks n/s I leriiale t25 3.“ for companionship and hopefully I romance. I‘.ll|tt\s lt.’t\ el. w iriing. dining. cinema and nights rti l lioiit ot the IV (ilasgow based litt\ \tt :II2’2I

I Gay man, 30 handsome. professional. tall. athletic. fun- loving. adventurous. genuine. would like to meet gtry. 2| to 45. for l-to-l and friendship in (ilasgow. lidiribtirgh. Photo if poss. I'm waiting. Bo\ .\'o ROI/52.

I Fun, 35, 5/3 goodslookirig. successful. dow ri-to-eartli guy. seeks similar to ptit the spring into springtime. \\'ide interests outwith scene. l)on't miss your chance. Dark hair preferred. :\l..-\\\'I’. lio\ No .‘slll/(ill.

I Attractive couple both 3:. seek fun-loving. slitii. attractive. bisexual female for sexy fttii nights together. Photo appreciated. Discretion assured. Box No 302/50.

I Glasgow gay man, 305 tired of playing gooseber'ry to his paired-off friends. seeks companions tniale’feniale. gay/straight) for (il‘T. 'l‘r'on etc. Letter about yourself .trrd your interests perhaps',’ llo\ .\'o 3(12/5 l.

I Bright professional tlitttl 30st lidiriburgh gay guy. looking for guy. 3.1 .t(). lor laid- back. ftiii liaison. l'rri riito lots. btit mostly intelligent conversation. wine. good lood. live music. travel. interior design. .\ly type s/a. ri/sceiie. intelligent. professional. slrrii. (iS( )ll. l‘orergit is good. No photo please. l)on't spoil the surprise. \cl'} discreet. lio\ No


I Gay professional male -lll\. young looks and nitrid. brown hair. brown eyes. shut likes scene. cinema btit w hat I really lovers spending triiie w rtli some l‘ody I care for, llo\ \o .ill2/53.

I Mr Wonderful, athletic academic. humorous.attractive. fit. s a/l. lidiiibur'gh male 125 r. Interests include sports. current affairs. cirienia. socialising. seeks s .L’l. similar guys ‘25 i.“ for friendship maybe more. Photo appreciated .'\|,:\. Hos .\'o 302/5-1.

I Anybody ‘out’ in Dundee gay female 13“ seeks new friends for socialising w tilt and sharing life together. I rkes eating out. music. pubs and lots of ctitltlles. l’lioto appreciated \\'rrte. lclls get together Ilo\ \tt


ll Attractive, professional gay guy list (i8t )ll. athletic ‘s\\l|lllllc‘l of many interests .lieatie. cinema. music. seeks clean sliaven. non-smoking partner for l 2 l. .\'o scene or sauna addicts. l’hoto .lt‘l‘t't‘clttlt‘tl. litt\ \it ill: fi'o

I Fed up with large phone bills'.’ Glasgow guy' (27) s all. ti/s. n/sc. honest. stocky. ()K looks. GSOH. seeks similar guy. 23 —.‘~7. for mutual good times. Photo and phone number appreciated. Box No 302/57.

I Glasgow/Edinburgh guy 45’. transvestite. tall. slim. discreet. seeks male friend. Box No 30258.

I Independent, intelligent gay female. into cinema. theatre. art. books. fine wine. good conversation. \Vlfl‘M. strong genuine woman (35—45). (iS()ll and no hangtips for adventures of mind and bodv. Ho\ s'o .‘stiz/st). '

I Passionate couple (20$) seek se.\y' bisexual feriiale. for ftrri relationship. Discretion assured. l’lioto appreciated. llos No ,‘yll2/(ill.

I Fife/Edinburgh gay tiiale tint sincere. honest. caring. professional. enjoys life. great sense of humour. seeks similar to become that special person in my life. Photo would be nice. .-\I ..-\. lio\ No .‘sll2/(i l.

I Edinburgh gay male early .‘sns. seeks similar professional. straight-acting. preferably non- scene guy. for love and roiriance. Interests: cinema. theatre. music. art. cooking. eating otrt and with luck ~ you? Bo\ .\'o .‘yll2/(i2.

I I'm a genuine noii~scerie. good-looking. (ift lllll. under 30 lad. who likes football. pubs and a straight lifestyle. who wants to meet you if you're the same. \Vrite with photo. (‘heersl Box No .‘ill2/(i3,

I Gay female (24) n/s. seek‘s genuine friends. male or female. |.o\ es (il~'l'. .V/tn' lie/v. walks. sports. appreciates both the humorous and serious things in life. .-\ll letters answered. Box No RID/(ml.

I A touch mad?!! Well add that to out-going. a wicked sense of humour. yet sensitive and deep tliriikriig and this gay (ilasgow girlie needs to meet you rrowl Boy .\'o .itl2/(i5.

I Glasgow gay female (23) non butch. looking for similar female for romantic nights rri’ftrri nights out tiiot clubbirigli (iSl )II a llltlsl. .\le: attractive. tall. slim. lookriig for loye. Hos \ti Hilfifv

I Glasgow guy, 34 straight- .tcltng'. (iS( )ll. likes spotls. crnetrra. travel. seeks sitiiilar tron-scene guy for friendship. hopefully more. Photo would be appreciated. mine by return. Hos \o .‘tll2/(r2‘.

I Glasgow/Lanarkshire l-erriale. .itls. occasional scene. (i8t )ll. loves w tiring/dining. cinema. theatre. sport. varied music. will try anything once? \\'I ,'l‘.\l other easy -going females for friendship

l esparision. alfectron. maybe

ttiolt‘ lio\ No .ill2/(ib'.