V I saw you wowed by the Wand Earth Hull floral displays in North Berwick W.C’s. Me in the new black and you in buff. Box No U/302/l

0 I saw you 9/3/97. Seattle Coffee Company. twice. I liked your goatee and your smile. Box No U/302/2.

V I saw you Janice at Edinburgh Airport with Norma and Shona. ()h dearie me! Thanks for my birthday presents. they were PERFECTION. ()h my gawd. see you again soon. Love Chandler Bing. Box No U/302/3.

V I saw you sipping fruity cocktails. Copthome Hotel. Glasgow. You bespectacled beauty. I was tall hunk giving you winking action all night. Meet soon for nights of Travel Lodge passion. Box No U/302/4.

V I saw you in Lilliesleaf. Sat l5. You stage-lit. me stage- fright. Thirsty. so will you spark my mystery juice. Light-boy? Box No U/302/5.

V I saw you ‘l.uvely' boy. Sept 7th. 96. We danced. we talked. I fell in love. Bryan. so happy to be back. Let's stick together. Love Alan xxx. Box No U/302/(i.

V I saw you once as my guiding light. now I’m a tnoth in your flame. I'm lying burnt and crawling. I'm dying without your love. Golden bamboo you hold my heart. l.ove .l-J. Box No U/302/7.

V I see you economics every Monday. You teach. I yearn for your supply curve to satisfy my demand. Can we reach an equilibrium‘.’ Box No [1/302/8.

V I saw you Miss ll. Gallagher and I tried to guess your name twice. lfthe angels exist . . . you are one of them! Would you let me fly close to you to find a heaven where I can look after of you please? Box No U/302/9.

V I saw you groovy girlie who asked me to dance ('not especially". fool) at Belle and Sebastian. QMU 8/3. Didn't mean to snub you. flattered but too full-up! Another chance —— drink. meal. ceilidh'.’ (marriage. kidsll) Box No [i/302/l0.

0 I saw you Jase at Dafter. liriday 20/l2/9o -- musical. blonde 4th year law student. The most charming and attractive person I've ever met. We danced. we kissed and I'll always remember you. Box No [.I/302/l l.

0 I saw you 8/3/97. I‘ilorentine 8am. a photographer‘s sunny Saturday morning. Share more than a paper. it‘s good for the soul and the value of life. Box No U/302/I 2.

V I saw you distinct lady of

my unkempt adoration. Thank you for all the time we share.

Box No [i/302/l3.

O I saw you looking scruffy in Scruffy Murphy‘s on St Patrick's Day. You: impish and Irish. with long dark hair and twinkling eyes. Me: blonde and besotted -— get in touch. Box No U/302/I-1.

V I saw you at Amnesty Ceilidh. Assembly Rooms. Sat 8th March. You. Sharon? Striped trousers. trainers. Me. short dark hair. Kappa T-shirt. You left before I could ask to see you again. Box No U/302/IS.

V I saw you first. ginger windbag. beside the B&() wardrobe c I975. The shy spin doctor is getting her party togs on for Love Boutique and your l)erbyshire drawl on Kinnock. Box No U/302/lo.

The List Flatshare 14 High Street Edinburgh


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350 Sauchiehall Street Glasgow G1 212

V I saw you at Mungo Jerrie‘s on Wed I9/3/97. 3.00ish. I thought I'd end up with three chicken salad bagels. btit then two of them were yours. l‘ancy having one together sometime'.’

Box No [J/302/l7.

V I saw you Divine Comedy. Royal Concert Hall and Babybird. ()ld liruitinarket. You -— Mickey Mouse shirt. brown suede jacket. long brown hair. What a babe. lixcellent taste in music. l.et's meet upflll Box No [l/302/I8.

V I saw you stuffing your face with (‘adbury's Wispa Golds. You always live life to the max. in every way possible. Chocolate kisses from the ('adbury's rep. Box No

l 7302/19.

U I saw your I saw yott. 'l‘ramway 7/3/97 1 I .aurie Booth). ls it me'.’ Give me sortie more info about the woman in black? Box No [i/302/20.

V I saw you you: tall. worried chap with hat and bedroom eyes. You bumped into me (literally) at lialkirk Grahamston station. [5/3/97. You said you were a girl. (‘ra/ee guy? Box No [.i/302/2 l.

V I saw you my sex goddess and we danced together. l)o yott know that you‘re a great mover. did you take lessons in dirty dancing‘.’ Teach me. Guess who xxx. Box No [7302/22.

V I saw you .lanice Sharp. Will I be able to see you again‘.’ Get in touch. Box No [9302/23.

V I saw you this New Year in the snow. You bugged me and sprinkled me with your magic dust. l haven‘t been the same since. Box No [’/3()2/2-I.

V I saw you atid see you every Sunday (sometimes Sat also) at the petrol station. During the week we work in same hall but you get there early. Don‘t be naive. no one needs that much I.[|Ct)/;ltIC. Why don't we see that movie together? Box No [7302/25.

V I saw you Richard at Maddogs. I/3/97. We talked in the rain. Me in a loud jacket. you with my scarf on your head. I lost your number. Get in touch. Box No [7/302/20.

O I saw you here. there and everywhere. Beautiful girl with a mane of long blonde hair and intriguing smile. I keep seeing you around town then last week you came into my bookshop and smiled at me. I think l'ate is telling us we have to meet. Box No [7302/27.

V I saw you lovely. gorgeous guy tn the orange jacket. frotn Skipton. ('afe (iraffilti. I‘riday l4 March. I'm the guy with short. dark hair. sat next to you. We chatted and I told you to get III touch if you changed your mind. Now you can. Box .\'o ['/302/2S.


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V I saw you working at James Thin‘s Waverley. You: dark hair. mesmerising eyes. sexy voice. Me: leggy blond and buying a copy of lie/trial The Scenes .'II The .Iluseum. Maybe we could have sotne scenes of our own .’ Box No 17/302/29.

V I saw you going to the lidinburgh Greenpeace Campaign Group meeting. Bannermans. Wednesday. 8pm. l see you every week. helping to save the planet. and my heart is full of admiration. Box No [.3/302/30.

V I saw you sitting prettily in the corner of Rab lla's with your Mackintosh I’owerbook and your beautiful Rita Rusked hair. Who at'e you. darling'.’ Who do you think you are'.’ Alex. Box No [,'/302/3l.

V I saw you Glasgow School of Art. 3/3/97. You: Mel B Spice. Me: Bolton from Heart/weak Hie/I. shirt air all. We were dancing like nutters. let's get together and act like famous folk. Box No [.i/30l/33.

V I saw you crazy woman l)eborah Marina. you sang to the fish and they danced to your song. Maybe you meet me and we perform a duet. eh'.’ Box No ['/30I/3I.

f I saw you again. Red kill this time. in Joy 8th March. Get in touch! Box No [7301/32.

V We saw you in our shop on l3/3/97. You bought a case of wine for friends? Buy another and w e'll share II together (the three of us). Get in touch! Box No ['/30I/3-I.

V I saw you you served me at ‘Alldays' store Marchmont Road afternoon. 9/3/97. Me white jeans. black top. bad hair day. You gorgeous in black and

grey. ('an I buy another lrn Bru‘.’

Box No [f/30I/35.


i I

V I saw you under a cactus tree in Goyan. You shy Kinnockile spin doctor. me ginger windbag (but not Welsh). Get your togs on fot' a night out with the party faithful at Love Boutique (happy now?) Box No ['/30l/3o.

V I saw you Duncan and wanted to kiss your funny fish. Can l see More'.’ You're sound. man so please don't move to London. Missing you already (the size of a sheep). Box No ['/30l/37.

0 I saw you dark archaeologist. in an old library drinking Madeira. I've seen you since. but l am always so professional in my suit. Are you available for long-term loan’.’ ()r are you a different category of borrower'.’ Box No ['/30l/3S. V I saw you Stewart at II’ltee.’ ()_/ l-‘orltme. Oh. how we laughed. . . aaallllll.-\.-\AA hhaaaa. I.et's laugh again over supper. Box No ll/30l/39.

'0 I saw you bopping at Love Boutique. lst March. You looked sexy. I looked sweaty (I'll wear a T—shirt next time!) l‘ancy making my pager \ibrale'.".’ Box No [’/30l/40.

U I saw you just once l)r I‘lUllll at Drum And Monkey and l-roggies before Christmas. We had fun! Sorry. l kissed you and turned into a frog myself. May I see you again'.’ Box No l'/30l/41.

V I saw you bleached haired. (TA girl. Monday I0/3/97. ll.30am. King Street. Why did you come when I was trapped at the window with someone else. I ran after you with very dead flowers but you were gone. What did you think'.’ Box No [l/30I/42.

V I saw you Sunday 2/2/97 at noon on Calton Hill. Edinbugh. Bright sunshine. light winds. Time was passing too fast. Though scattered to the four winds. can I see your smile agaitt‘.’ Box No [.7/3()l/-I~I.

Edinburgh EH1 1TE




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