they? Nowadays of course it's all about who can do the legGSl explosion, wreck the fastest car and pack the most phallic shooter Not like that Truffaut fellow, now he knew how to make a movie work. Atmosphere, dialogue, characterrsat:on, a plot even,

Thanks to the unstinting generosity of ArtrfrCral Eye Video

' we've got twelve of his finest videos to give away inc ludinc; Ju/es Et Jim, The Last Metro, Love On The Run and his first feature film, Les Ouatre Cents Coups. All 5 the Videos are available at retail outlets if you’re not picked

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In what year did Truffaut die7

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.Fever Pitch

; You've read the book, you Will see the film

3 and now you can wear the boxer shorts. I

rest not You probably knew that Nick

Hornby's best selling autobiography Fever

Pitch is being made into a film starring Colin

' Firth who tries to explain his Arsenal

obsession to his new found partner, What _

you probably didn’t know is that they've r V

made boxer shorts of the book and we've ciot five pairs of them to ciive away. Even

? better, the boxers are part of five Fever Pitch goodie bags which we have to cirve away

3 courtesy of Film Four. Each bar; contains a T-shirt, screenplays by Nick Hornby ithanks to Gollanc /i and the shorts Answer this

I \ \

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j What was the name of Hornby's next book after Fever Pu'c h7

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C d d H

\ row e ouse Last November, Crowded House crave a final, free ' concert to over lO0,000 people at Sydney Opera House We have five copies of the vrdeo of the event f: to ()iVC away thanks to Polygram As weil as coverinc; all of the band's hits which they produced over ten years as one of Australia's most respected bands, the vrdeos also have some fascinatinc; hehrnd-the-sc enes footacie in which the band explain why they dec rded to split up If you couldn't make it to the 01’) then this is the closest you are ever (}()|ll(] to net tort There's twenty tracks on the vrdeo ill( ludinci ‘\\’eather With

, 'Dista'it Sun and 'Don't Dream It's Over with Tim Eriri‘. To win one of the copies answer ll‘lS

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it a’so features a site. a l‘tf'.'"‘l'l'lcl.')( e

What's the name of the other Penn in the band7

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The Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh is offering two full prrce tickets for the price of one to see their production of Ariel Dorfman’s Widows at 8pm, Thurs 3--Sun 6 Apr.

They are also offering two

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Wildcat are offerrno two shows for the price of one Book tickets for The Gun and receive free tickets for An Actress Prepares Both shows are running at the Crtr/ens' Theatre, Glasgow from Tue 8 —Sat 19 Apr

diff": ted by itlaileen Czori'is, Antonia's Line rs set in

rura’ Holland and tells the story of Antonia who

'eflec ts <7". her life and the oddball vrllaciers, \'.l)() have

‘.'."\’“r.l'.') the trriintphs and lTéiQOdIQS of their ll‘.’("s

around those of her artist ciaucihter Danielle, her

.i-daurihter genius Therese and Sarah, "e" (treat

r;i'a":l-ciaric:iiter, a perceptive six year-old

Fr‘ctmci refucze with Antonia are such eccentric

chara: '.-:'.'s as Loony Lips, the retarded farin labctizrer,

c r*t':'-;e': Eerie“, the local melar‘choly intellectual and ' '.'a’l:;"na who hays at the moon because she is Catholic and the love of her life

s ':”1’.€‘-s‘.ci"i

" et't‘ Century

».1 din/cl. c ‘4, EURO!“ ‘.

Antonia's Line

Competi ion Voucher

rox Hone Entertariirixertt "ave e curves rtf t", s "wort f:!rri


can ansx'xer this

3 pg; is ~'-_,/s"-ki\,0\‘-yvt Dutc'l‘ cheese is an anagram of l‘.‘:A3E7 ~«' ~.'.-.‘."; a Iii/NI; 1"1' lj'; Tim's 23 AW ’.‘a."-: f‘tc‘-"‘- ANTONIA’S COMP, The List, V 14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 m:

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