' are pleased to welcome smal Jay Chappell

to the Edinburgh store at 4.30pm, on Friday April I lth

where he will be mixing live and signing copies of Journeys by 01’: “After Hours 2"

Jazz Records for Rare Grooves

to 17 Jeffrey Street Edinburgh E H4 IN] Telephone «Z Fax 0131—557 5025

“...work of tragic stature, terrifying and wonderful, distressing and brilliant”

Scotland on Sunday

10 -12 April 8pm £12/£1.0l£5

tramway hotline

0141 287 3900 25 Albert Drive Glasgow G41 2PE

Superlative selection on Vinyl. Specialis- ing in: Traditional, Swing, Big Band, Bop, Avant Garde, West Coast, Fusion, Funk Blues, R&B, Latin. Also available on tape and CD.

Jazz Records buy, sell and trade. Open Monday to Saturday from 11.00 till 6.00

“Coffee clears the mind ofvapours,

A , . é the brain of cobwebs, _ x the heart of pain,and the soul of care” i 'l ,' 3 fixer. {.4 " ,1 A l ' jolmson

A. D"? VIA D t e

We" ee ant g . Ease '; {E

The gourmet tea and coffee house

in the heart ofthe Old Town

, , , I/ , , , , 21 GeorgeIVBridge, Edinburgh ' 0131 220 5355

4—1 7 Apr 1997 THE UST 27