Films screening this fortnight are listed below with certificate, credits. brief review and venue details. Film index compiled by Alan Morrison.

Basquiat (15) (Jtiliaii Schnabel. CS. 1996) Jeffrey Wright. David Bowie. Michael Wincott. 106 mins. Schanbel's biopic of his friend Jean-Michel Basquiat truly captures the whims of the 80s New York art scene where hype mattered more than talent. Wright takes Basquiat from graffiti artist to overnight star to drug overdose victim. and conveys his charm and artistic vision. The film is packed with cameos and larger roles by celebs - notably llovvie‘s turn as Andy Warhol —- making it as much a film abotit hangers-on as its subject matter See preview and review. (ilasgt wv: ()deon ()uay. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Betty Blue ( 18) (Jean-Jacques Beineix. France. 1986) Jean Hughes Anglade. Beatrice Dalle. 120 mins 'lt‘lllchllltitls‘ love gone mad as an older handyman and a free- spirited woman embark on a passionate. peripatetic fling that ends in tragedy l-‘ilnied with a dazzling technique and an irritating emptiness by the maker of Him. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Le Bonheur Est Dans Le Pré ( IS) (litieiiiie Chatiliez. l-‘rance. I995) Michel Serrault. liddy Mitchell. Carmen Maura. l()() rnins. Serrault excels in this warmly comic tale of a harried businessman who escapes his dull marriage and work problems by taking tip another identity at a country retreat with Carmen Maura and a new family. The humour has a serious touch to it. and it's also worth checking out footballer liric Cantona in his first big screen cameo. Glasgow: (il’l'.

Bound (18) (Larry and Andy Wachovvski. US. 1996) Jennifer Tilly. (iina (ierson. Joe Pantoliano. 97 mins. [ix-con Corky ((iershon) is seduced by Violet ('l‘illy) into helping steal $2 million from mob money'-


Romeo and Juliet (12) 12.50, 3.35, 5.20, 9.00pm

The Crucible (12) 1.00, 3.55, 6.35, 9.15pm

Shine (12) 1.25, 4.00 (both not Sun), 6.45, 9.25pm


Basquiat (15) 1.10, 3.40, 6.50, 9.25pm

Romeo and Juliane) 12.50, 3.35, 5.20, 9.00pm

Shine (12) 1.25, 4.00 (both not Sun), 6.45pm

The Crucible (12)




28 THE “ST 4-11 Apr 199/

launderer Caesar (Pantoliano). btit the sting doesn't go smoothly. After a slightly ciiched opening. oozing with steamy lesbian sex. the Wachowski's neo-noir thriller truly comes into its own. lightly plotted and ftill of stylish quirks. its story takes unpredictable twists to keep any of the characters holding all the cards at one time. lidinburgh: ()deon.

Braveheart ( IS) (Mel Gibson. t'S. I995) Mel (iibson. Patrick Mc(ioohan. Sophie Marceau. 177 mins. Mel (iibson's long and bloody account of the life of Scottish warrior hero William Wallace boasts some remarkable battle scenes and great performances. Aiming to entertain on a wider scale than the more literate Rob Roy. li’I‘rrt‘r/imi‘r‘s Scottish passion is tempered by a few Hollywood moments touches of sentimentality and ‘dramatic' historical inaccuracy. Nevertheless. it's a fine. full- blooded attempt to tap into the spirit that fires Scotland‘s history and heroes lidinburgli: ()deon.

Breaking The Waves ( I8) (l.ars s on 'l‘rier. 1)enmark/l‘rance. 199(1) liniin Watson. Stellan Skarsgard. Katrin Cartlidge. 158 mins. In a close-knit Calvinist community in the north of Scotland. a young woman faces banishment from the church when she makes a self—sacrificing pact with (iod in order to save her husband's life. Unlike von 'l'rier's austere arthouse works (hum/m). this intimate melodrama is raw and exposed. liniotional connection transcends everything else in one of the most moving films ever made. (ilasgow: (ll-'1‘. lidinburgh: l’ilmhouse.

Carla’s Song ( IS) (Ken l.oach. CK. “’96) Robert Carlyle. ()yanka Cabe/as. Scott (ilenn. 127 mins. A more commercially viable outing for 1.oach. without a loss of political commitment. Carlyle plays (ilasgwegian bus driver (ieorge. who gives tip everything to help refugee Carla return to Nicaragua and find her boy friend. The love story aspect of the first (Scottish) half of the film is its strongest point; the revelations in Central America don't hold surprises btit without Hollywood gloss, the war scenes seem more realistic, Carlyle is excellent mildly tough and totally charming. lidinburgh: l‘lllllllOlfsC. liast Kilbride: Arts Centre

The Commitments ( 15) (Alan Parker. t7K. 1991) Robert Arkins. Michael Ahcrne. Angeline Ball. 118 mins. forget ['2 when would-be manager Jimmy Rabbitte (Atkins) puts together The Commitments. sotil comes to Dublin and the band become the force to really ptit lrish music on the map. Alan Parker delivers a hilarious. down-to- earth. close‘to-home movie. stuffed ftill of good music and with some relevent social comment to boot. (ilasgow: (il’l'. Computer World 3 ( l2) ()8 mins. film A: Video L‘mbrella presents a collection of new computer animation from Britain. America. lirance. (iermany and Japan. which utilises a diversity of styles. from abstract experimentation to accessible entertainment. The successors to lot Sinrv are here. (ilasgow: (ii-'1‘.

The Court Martial Of Billy Mitchell (Pm (()tto Preminger. CS. 1955) (iary Cooper. Rod Steiger. Charles llickford, 102 mins. Also known as One .lltiii .llirlim. Preininger's factually based drama depicts the persecution of an American general (Cooper) for his view that neglect of a ['S Air l-‘orce was tantamount to incompetence, A slow and earnest courtroom drama that doesn't have enough drive. despite the performance of Steiger as prosecutor. lidinburgh: l-‘ilmliouse.

The Crucible (12) (Nicholas llytner. 1S. 1996) Daniel Day l.ewis. Winona Ryder. Paul Scofield. 124 mins. Arthur Miller adapts his classic stage play based on the 17th century Salem w itch trials and. although the relevance to the McCarthy hearings has drifted into history. it still questions many of today 's irrational and hysterical belief systems 'l’he finger- pointing is done by a spurned young woman. who accuses her ex-lover's w ife of witchcraft. and soon an all-cosurriing tide of evil and hypocrisy is devastating their

v illagc. Deceptioti becomes a stronger force than the truth in a truly compelling and important film. lidinburgh' Cameo Irvine: Magnum.

Dante's Peak (12) (Roger Donaldson. t.'8. 1997) Pierce Brosnan. Linda Hamilton. Charles Hallalian. 109 mins. A voleanologist (Brosnan). haunted by the past. arrives in an idyllic town and tries to persuade the nice lady mayor (Hamilton) that a dormant volcano is about to erupt. In true Jaws style. the bigwigs don't want to cause panic. and a couple of kids are missing tip the mountain. Disaster on a huge scale. Dun/e fv I’euk works on its special effects level. btit the dialogue and cliaracterisation are abysmal. (ieneral release.

Dragonheart (PG) (Rob Cohen. US. 19%) Dennis Quaid. Sean Connery. David 'l‘hewlis. 103 mins. Disillusioned btit noble knight Bovven (()uaid) teams tip with the last of the dragons (voice and mannerisms by Connery) to free the land from a tyrant king t'l‘hewlis). Dungeons and dragons for all the family in a film that is only fun when the expertly animated. fire-breathing beast is on screen. Otherwise the storyline luinbers along. lidinburgh: ()deon.

The Empire Strikes Back ([1) (lt'vltl Kershner. US. 1980) Mark Hamill. Harrison l-‘ord. Carrie l-isher. 124 mins. like the middle section of many great trilogies. 'l‘lic Ifnrpire Strikes Back is caught between reintroducing the popular elements of the original while setting tip the context for the climax; as such. the story itself doesn't move on greatly. Luke's schooling in the ways of the Jedi is picked tip by Yoda. while the Rebel Army continues its fight against The limpire. The effects were considerably advanced by this stage and are even .snauier in this special edition. (ieneral release.

The English Patient ( 15) (Anthony Minghella. IfK/L'S. 1996) Ralph l-‘iennes. Juliette Binoche. Kristin Scott Thomas l()2 mins. A mysterious stranger. suffering from horrific burns. is cared for by a (.‘anadian nurse during the final days of WW2. ln flashback. we discover more about the great romantic affair whose tragic climax brought him to this state. Anthony Minghella alters the focus of Michael ()ndaatje‘s Booker Pri/e-winning novel to concentrate more on boiling passions in the North African desert. Spectacularly filmed on location. the film boasts magnificent [X'rforrnances from each and every one of the leads. (ieneral release. Evita ( 12) (Alan Parker. US. 1996) Madonna. Antonio Banderas. Jonathan l’i'yce. I35 mins. Parker's genuine epic. based on the l'ini Rice/Andrew l.loyd Webber musical. boasts huge crowd scenes (up to 40.000 extras. according to sources) and stars on top form. The film belongs very much to Madonna in a gift of a role. which follows the raib-to-riches life of liva Peron from poverty to her place in the hearts of a nation. lt's narrated in song by sardonic revolutionary Che (iuevar‘a (Banderas). btit once the audience becomes accustomed to the style. the sheer scale of the movie shotild take effect. Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith.

The Exorcist ( 18) (William l-iiedkin. CS. 1973) l.inda Blair. lillen Burstyn. Max \'on Sydovv, llfl mitts. liartiest priest Von Sydovv steps in It) stlvt‘ poor little possessed girl in this hugely effective scarefest, Dead good. dead scary. dead priest. (ilasgow. ()deoiis. lzdinburgh ()deon. liast Kilbride. I‘Cl Fargo ( 18) (Joel ('oen. I'S. 199m l-r'ances McDormand. Steve Buscenii. William H. Macy. 97 films. Hoping to make some bucks. a car salesman attempts to have his w ife kidnapped by liitmen. but titiickly blood is spilt. As the pregnant police detective on the case. McDoi'inand prov ides a warm-hearted centre for the movie. while the absurdist plot and weird local colour gain momentum It‘ll be considered a classic. given time. (ilasgow. City Centre ()deon. (i171.

Fever Pitch ( [5) (Dav id I'.\illl\. CK. 1996) Colin Firth. Ruth (iCtiittlt‘ll. Neil l’earson 105 mins. The film of Nick llornby ‘s book switches the emphasis from the actual matches to the relationships which suffer dtie to one man's undying obssession with football. (itiliti l'iirtlf plays schoolteacher Patil Aslivvorth. whose life is both enhanced and debilitated by his passion for Arsenal. and whose relationship with a colleague dips and peaks in direct proportion to the 1988/89 season. livans's film captures the wit and misery of the book. there is no substitute for this in the world of the football film. so don't miss it. See feature and review (ieneral release.

Fierce Creatures ( l 2) (Robert Young/Fred Schepisi. UK/US. 1996) John Cleese. Jamie Lee Curtis. Kevin Kline. Michael Palin. 93 mins. The team from A l-i'sli (ii/led ll'um/(i team tip again for a completely different story. Kline has dual roles as a crude media tycoon and the son he sends to turn the linglish zoo he's just bought into a profit- making machine by chucking out the fluffy animals and filling it only with 'fierce creatures'. The film lacks bite. however. and the TV stalwarts in the smaller roles are often embarrassing. A light farce that doesn't match their earlier effort. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Fly Away Home (U) (Caroll Ballard. US. 1996) Anna Paquin. Jeff Daniels. Dana Delany. 107 mins. When her mother is killed in a car crash. young Amy (The PM!!!) '.v l’aquin) is sent to live with her estranged father in Canada. Soon they've hatched a plan to help a flock of baby geese migrate south for the vvinier by leading them in a modified glider. An orphaned kid. some fluffy animals -- btit this gets beyond the formula by injecting some credible emotional depth into the performances by the two leads. (ilasgovv': ()deon Quay. lidinburgh: ABC. Dominion. Irvine; Magnum. Kilmarnock: ABC. St Andrews: New Picture House

The Frighteners ( 15) (Peter Jackson. New Zealand/US. 1996) Michael J. 1~'ox. 'l'rini Alvarado. Peter Dobson. 109 mins. Director Jackson follows tip Heaven/v Cred/tires with a sfx-saturated scare-fest that shifts from slapstick horror comedy into something much darker and more disturbing. l-‘ox plays a charlatan parapsychologist whose offer to rid a town of its ghosts backfires when he rekindles an old serial killer case. More complex than it first appears. (ilasgow; (irosvenor. Show case. Kelso; Roxy.

From Dusk Till Dawn ( 18) (Robert Rodriguez. US. 199(i)(ieorge Clooney'. Harvey Keitel. Quentin 'larantino. 108 mins. l‘or its first third. this ’l‘arantino-scripted movie is a suspenseful kidnap thriller as two killers on the run (Clooney and 'l'arantino) hole tip with three hostages in a Mexican strip club. Then the tone changes into an sfx-heavy vampire western as the clientele spring fangs. Repetition abounds in a messy. tedious affair that's neither scary nor funny. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Hard Men (18) (JK. Aiiialou. UK. 199(1) Vincent Regan. Ross Boatman. Ross. 87 mins. It hasn't been possible to review l/(irr/ .i/t'Il before going to press. btit fans of off- centre crime movies might want to make the effort to check out this low-budget British indie. ‘l‘he risky btit financially rewarding world of'l‘one and his gangland debt- collector mates is shaken when an old ; girlfriend and baby appear on the scene. 'l‘one know s too much to retire to domestic life. so this could be the excuse that Pops

Den. the local kingpin. needs to knock him off. (ilasgow; Showcase.

Harriet The Spy (PG) (Bronvven Hughes.

IS. 1990) Michelle 'l'r‘aclitenberg. Rosie O'Donnell. (iregory Smith. 102 mins. Precocious schoolgirl Harriet. convinced she has a future as a writer. notes down the ininutae of daily life in her iournal; but

when her classmates discover her criticisms

of them. she has to work hard to win back popularity. 'li'achtcnberg gives a fresh.

sparky perf'orrriance. btii the teacherly tone won't amuse accompanying grow n-tips. (ilasgow: l'Cl ('1ydebank..-\yr; ()deon. (ilenrotlies. Kirkcaldy': ABC.

A High Wind In Jamaica (l’(i) (Alexander Mackendrick. IS. 1905) Anthony Quinn. James (‘oburn. Ben ('arruthers. 103 mins. Victorian children on the way home from Jamaica are ambushed by pirates. btit come

to exercise an influence over their sea-going life of crime. l’iqtiant and unsentiriienal adaptation of the Richard Hughes novel. in which Scots director Mackendrick ('I'lit'

Sweet Smell ()f Siir'r'evv, ll'liivlu (iii/ore) brings off the mixture of buccaneering high- iinks and deep-rooted adult and childhood anxieties with some aploinb. lidinburgh: 1"ilnihouse.

House Of Angels ( 15) (Colin Nutley.

Sweden. 1992) Helena Bergstroin. Rickard Wolff. Sven Wolter. 120 mins. A rural community’s suspicions are aroused when

the hip grand-daughter of a deceased landowner arrives from the city with