INS Inlhmn RILIII. 325 2658.

Hail Restaurant. [in], [1)]. \lulmct‘x ‘25“ Il‘n: 2.1.21)» I('Ivnc\ L150 Sun Thurs Unix 1; \hmxx cmnmcncmg lwl'm'c‘ 7pm £3.30 I(‘Imc\ :25” Sun Thurs will} I; \hn\\\ cmmnt‘ncmg alter-'1‘”). 111.50. lmukul‘lc II) .III\ .mct' I(‘IInc\ U 5”

Sun Thurs Iml_\I

rat-Tr?“ ‘1 >.«: ".

1. The English PatientI IFI HS. 150. .x'. In.

2. Paris Was A Woman I III 31m.


Irma Vep I 15. MS.

1’33»; :. 1. The English Patient I ISI HS. .151). .\_l()_

2. Paths Of Glory Il’(iI Rim. Irma VepIIS. (Inn. N15

r\ . I\,\‘\/ 9‘ , n u

1. The English Patient I ISI HS. .\ Ill Jesus Of Montreal llzl-(il 5 HI.

2. Irma VepIISI VIM. MS

Paths Of Glory II’(‘.I Mm

1. The English .\. In.

2. Irma Vep I ISI Hm, (um, Carla’s Song I IS- MS

Patient I IFI 1,15.

1. The English PatientI ISI I .15. .15“. MI).

2. Irma Vep-ISI Hm. 5.15

Carla’s Song I 1*. II llll

1. The English


PatientI ISI HS. -

2. Carla's SongIISI :IIII Irma VepIISI (Inn. 5.15,

1. The English Patient I IFI .\. Ill,

2. Irma Vep I ISI Hill, .\ .15. Carla's Song I ISI mm.

1. ASelf Made HeroIIFI 310.015.


2. lrma VepIISI 300. (I30. 5.45

‘2 r:

1. A Self Made Hero I ISI SM). 015. 5.in.

2. Court Martial 0f Billy Mitchell IP(;I 31m

Irma Vep I ISI (Ian, .\_.15.

SL.’.".3,£\Y ‘3 In“?

1. A Self Made Hero I ISI 2.30, .xg‘In. Twelve Monkeys [lil~(}] 5.30.

2. The Third Man mm 3.00.

Court Martial 0f Billy Mitchell mm 6.30.

Irma Vep I ISI 3.15

, \_/ “‘_/‘»«V p«"?\

1. Breaking The WavesIIxI 2.!5.


A Self Made Hero I ISI 850.


Key to Film Listings

[D] indicates that wheelchair access is available. though prior notification is advisable. [E] indicates the availability of an induction loop for the convenience of hearing aid users.

AMIPM is not given in Film Listings. 12.15 is between noon and 1pm. 00.30 is between midnight and 1am.

DAILY refers to screenings which take place on all seven days of the week.

MAT refers to an additional matinee screening. starting before 6pm.

EVE refers to an additional evening screening.

LATE refers to an additional late-night screening, starting after 10.30pm.

2. Irma VepIISI ‘IHH. Hi The Third Man IP(;I II).

1. A Self Made Hero HI: Breakin The WavesI IM 5 .15

2. TheT ird ManIl’UI Hm. 5.45 Irma Vep I ISI (I .10

1. A Self Made Hero I ISI 3. :II. (I 15. 3 RI).

2. International Sweethearts 0f Rhythm I 13. um

House Of Angels I ISI II llll

Irma Vep I ISI 8.15.

’II'.J:.S:..\‘I rm

1. A Self Made Hero I ISI 3 in. (IIS. N30.

2. House Of AngelsI ISI NIH

International Sweethearts Of Rhythm I III (Inn. " II). mm

(.Ik‘lk Sll‘t‘t‘l. “I.” ()0- ll‘)" llil‘u.1nIl(‘(' honking: (\(Is _‘ llll. H.111 ll)l \ci'ccnx 2.11M i .I\Ilull\: {11 Ml and £4 Miller-1H1] iii/$.11 I; SHIN/£3 W) millcl' “l‘m Mun 'l‘liui‘w: £4 FllI"£,i,I\’5 IlwlIIi't‘ 7pm Ilml} I; £.i..‘llI"£2..\5 INN pull.

\lnn l‘l'l t, (),I\l’.’l'll‘l(l/K1le: 85012.55 Ilu'l'ui'c “pm uni} I Student: ‘3 40042.5” (Mun 'l'hurx .mIl lwlul‘t‘ “pm. l'll I; USU/£3.85 IS.” lwl'mt' "pm and .ill (in) Sun l. Latex: .-\ll \L'Qll\ UM) (\llltlc‘nlx {-lI

F3.'L_'7_»‘I.V__:}_‘IQ-:? 1 I; Star Wars Il‘I

I);ll|_\2 IZQU. UN). 5-11). 535. Sal null: ll)_l)(l.

l‘l'l Ik Sal lulu: Ill“.

The English Patient I ISI Dull}: l2.35. 4.1“. 7-15.

HI t\' Sal lillk‘I l 1.05,

Space Jam I l ‘I

I);ul_\: 12.30. 3.“). I141). Dull} Imccpl 'l‘ucI: (x51).

Sal 111.11: I“. ll).

BoundleI I);iil_\' lL‘\CC[‘l 'l‘uc I: 8.45. Fever Pitch I ISI

Dull}: I140. l‘l‘i & Sal lulu:

All). (will), .\.-l(l. ll.l().

Fib factor: Matthew Kassovitz and Sandrine Kiberlain in A Self Made Hero

listings FILM

i/‘LJI. «.04 \


JII/ ._ ( - ‘I

. I _ .. r ' ' ;—/T-‘v~m.-.P—-flw--f-'—W’"v;- —"‘-—’J— ' f-wavJ—-‘i'r—_‘»__l “I "/I I “I’ll WM’WWIM‘ \’

I"/'/ ..l.-L../.a .. [livid I! ‘i . l - I \’ I




.1 1 't“I«"Ix' THE lIST 57