Alice Thompson

The Edinburgh writer has an auspicious CV. Strnt in indie band The V-Joodentops, novella published by Penguin before she reached 25, spell as editor of The List. but she truly found her mark wrth Justine, her ssnister', erotic and symbolically charged novel. Earlier this year, Justine was co-wrnner of the prestigious James Tait Black Memorial l’r-ze; now the book Thompson’s first full-length novel -- adds another feather to her cap. Originally published by Edinburgh’s Canongate, Justine will now be re-issued by women’s publisher Virago as the first book in its new ’Virago V’ irnprrnt. VG, we say. See page 93 for mtervrew

justine is re-issiied in the Virago V edition on Mon 74 Apr, at [6. 99.


The John Kobal Photographic Award

This is Deli as portrayed by Rory Carneg:e one of the ’outstanding entries' in last year’s John Kobal Award scheme, now in its fourth year. Kobal, who d:ed :n 1991, was one of Hollywood’s leading authorities on cinema and portrait photography. The 1996 Award attracted 2750 entries, 65 of which have been chosen for a tOuring exhibition that can be seen in. Edtnbxrrgh this sprzng. local interest is supplied by Edinburgh- born photographer Wendy McMurdo, whose portrait He/en appears in the show. Other subjects pictured -- apart from Dell himself include BJOrk, Sean Bean (star of Sharper and an unknown young Scottish actor ca.ied Ewan lichregor, whose crop-headed, rain-drenched figure seems strangely familiar

The John Koba/ Photograpim: Portrait Award show is at the Scottish National Portrait rial/er; unti/ Sun I Jim. See Art section for more details.

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