Mynci troubles

Hey, hey, they're the Myncis and they’re not monkeying around. In fact they've just brought out a new album Barafundle and they'll be swinging round your way soon. Words Toby Manning

Known primarily for being a) Welsh and b) weird (the two somehow intrinsically interconnected). the fact that Gorky's '/.ygotic Mynci create hook—tilled. imaginative but accessible pop music can get a bit overlooked. Named alter the beach they l‘rctiuented

as children. the band‘s new album Burn/iiiit/le itheir

lourth. unbelievably) arrives like an ambrosial I‘oretastc ol‘ summer. haxed in nostalgia l‘or days that were always somehow warmer. brighter and taller. (iorky‘s have always been adept at invoking childhood. perhaps because. with an ayci'agc age ol 2i. it‘s still pretty li‘esh in their minds. And when. as in ‘llcywood l.ane‘. they're playing a song they wrote when they were l‘ourteen. it‘s no wonder that the innocence seems remarkably uncontrived. But there's a more general childlike quality to (iorky‘s music. a nursery rhyme whiinsicality alongside a gleel'til anarchy.

linking them to British Wilsrnis “Ht-Win ,.._ . - J l. '1!» 13.”? ‘: dig}: psychedelic bands like

Barrett-Cm HUML earl)" 'l‘i'allic m- The Incredible String Band; while their melodies are as sweet and t‘rcsh as those ol. the Beach Boys. jtisl belloi‘c lii'itiii Wilson‘s marbles started to roll.

Singer and keyboard player liiiros ('hilds may have the name land the boyish charm) to go with (iorky"s music. but he believes that the band are now too removed ironi childhood to write about it anymore. ‘\\"hen we wrote the songs on the album

There's a more generai childlike quality to Gorky’s mine, a nursery rhyme whizie-gizuiiitg; alongside a gloat while their iiieiodics are mNeetandiremias Beach Boys, Ma lies-.4.

Gorky's Zygotic Mynci: that's easy for you to say

about two years ago we had a lot ol‘ spare time. we were more relaxed; btit things are pretty hill on now.‘ what with a major record deal (with Fontana) and ever increasing media attention. But even in the litmiliiiitlle songs there‘s a w'istl‘ulness. even longing that already reflects this change in their lives. 'l‘y'pically though. (iorky‘s undercut the emotive (ienc (‘lark-tinged ‘Bctter Rooms‘ with a comedy cowboy choir. ‘We think that humour can sit side by side with something that’s quite serious.‘ says (‘hilds ‘You can laugh and be depressed by it at the same time.‘

The discovery of (iorkys Super Furry Animals. (‘atatonia and 'l‘opper has prompted great claims for a Welsh 'scene‘. but (‘hilds is dismissive. "l‘here‘s a dead end t‘cel to it. playing the same gigs to the same people. The social scene‘s just other bands. It makes about as much sense as brick-layers meeting tip with each ()lllt‘l'..

:\s a result. the band‘s much vaunted Welsh language quotient (and another factor in the ‘weird‘ case) is steadily decreasing. ‘We‘d been stopping oui'selyes singing in linglisb. and at one point I got so sick oi the scene that l rebelled against the Welsh language.’ ('ynics might see the input ol‘ a major label iin parallel to the Super l‘iirries’ slump in Welsh language songs once they signed to Creation) as a timber lactor oI' course. That said. listening to Bernhard/e. no one’s going to be accusing (iorky 's ol‘ pandering to commercial pressures; while always inventively melodic. the songs are prone to sudden

iii 'ttirllfll‘y',

. changes oI‘ rhythm and

tl ." " J "i ' v . My ISL Ll tile ornamentation with such . m hm cliai't-l‘riendly I'ai'e as .lew‘s‘

harps and krumliorns. (‘hilds says i'tieI‘ully "l‘he print-out ot the sales charts can be depressing. l mean Scan \laguirc sold a thousand more than iisl‘

(‘ei'tainly it‘s astonishing that a perlcct slice of pop like ‘l’aiio Song‘ could Iall short oi the Top l'oi'iy. (‘oiiiinendably (iorky’s just say bollocks to it and enioy the sun while they can.

Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci play the Garage, Glasgow on Fri 11 Apr.

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