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Spooky, No sooner does Elvis -— The Musical, wrth its three- pack of pretend Presleys, wander off down lonely street, than Scotland receives a visitation from another ersatz EIvrs. This time, though, it's more El Rey than The King. El Vez, who makes his Scottish debut this fortnight, is a California-born MeXican (real name Robert Lopez) whose love of Elvis kitsch inspired his act. And it’s more than Just his pelvez that he twists when he dons that spangly jumpsuit. Former punk singer Lopez has re- ; written the songs new titles include 'You Ain't Nothing But A Chihuahua' and ’Gl. Ay! Ay! Blues' and spiced the whole thing up with revolutionary Latino politics. ’Suspicrous Minds' becomes 'lmmigration Time’; while his own numbers like ’60 Zapatistas’ and ’Say It Loud! l'm Brown And Proudl' plus a splash of OaSis and a dash of Adam Ant all go into the blender. Someone give the man a big plate of cheese burritos! El Vez plays King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow on Thurs 70 Apr.


The Ozzies we love to hate to love lor somethingl have reappeared from behind Michael Hutchence's tumescent, tablOid-inflated ego With their much-touted tenth album Elegant/y l/‘v’asted Co-written by Hutchence and keyboard/guitar man Andrew Farriss, the new album is Still kicking in to that hot- blooded sex-god, dance-rock groove INXS fans know and love. And rest assured, i'ockchicks, the Hutch crutch is still presented in aesthetically pleasing leather strides.

Elegant/y Vl‘asted is Out on Mon X Apr on Mercury

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What's putting a sparkle in our synapses this fortnight.

Film: Fever Pitch Nick Hornby opens

out his novel about an obsessive

Arsenal fan by providing a love

interest for main character Paul in

the shape of fellow teacher Sarah. Colin Firth ~ TV's Mr Darcy from Pride And Prcyudice plays the lead in this sharp and perceptive comedy. See feature and revrew. On general

release from Fri 4 Apr

Erasure Disco balls a—go-go as Andy

Bell and Vince Clarke lay on the panache and the make-up With a trowel, Anthems, clap-alongs, singalongs and happy songs will make it a glitzy bash. See

feature Glasgow. SECC, Tue 75 Apr.

Theatre: Bound To Please Leading physical theatre company DV8 return

to Glasgow with a new show which takes as its theme the apparent

social necessity of etiquette and asks

5 whether dance, in honouring beauty and denying human difference has

l become ‘the Prozac of art forms'.

See prevrew. Glasgow: Tramway:

Thurs IO--Sat 72Apr.

Film: The Near Room A dark and

g disturbing descent into the seedier ' side of Glasgow, David Hayman's

thrcllei‘ has disillusioned Journalist

Ailiza'i Dunbar seari hing for his long

lost daughter in .2 iiiiie of child pixiiziriiaphy See feature, revrew and free lltl1(‘l‘) offer General release from Fri 1 7 Apr

Theatre: Peepshow Edinburgh- based Visual theatre (oiiipany

Bent littturs present the SCGIIISlT lllt‘lli'tf'TO of their latest show which audient es inside the confines of a tan‘~.'as bex Based on the theme of the transition to puberty, it is

directed by leading experinentalist Pete Brooks and should be as sinister I and witty as Bent htours' previous \.'.iork, liiribo See necr shows

Tor/ring fro/ii l/‘Jei,’ 76 Apr

Film: The People Vs Larry Flynt The

true story of [)(}fl"\(}l'(l;‘ili(‘l' Larry Elyiit's. liainlt-rwant life complete mitt. ((‘lli’l ;ases a'itl assas‘iiiaticn .itteiiipt l“‘1".’l‘.‘_?% .zn iii-i,ir;iir-fa<'e tit-‘ent (er ‘iee 357001 b in this

t. . htit‘~.('rs;al fii'n it‘,‘ the (lirectt‘lr of Anni/vii; and One Flew Over The (Maine’s Nev! Courtney Lovers teii'ifit .‘rs Flyith jlllTth‘, (-K—Slfl[)Dt?l' ‘.'.ll" See f-xa'ixe

(E’i‘i'lt‘fill remzse from Fri 77 Al”

,1'Til [{i\";()‘._‘ll

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