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Gigs are listed by date, then by cit . Performances Will be listed, provi ed that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Rock and Pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd and Brian Donaldson.

Ticket information

Tickets for most medium/large concerts can be bought from the following:

Just The Ticket Virgin, Union Street, 226 4679.

Tower Records Argyle Street. 204 2500.

Credit card bookings from: TOCTA: 556 5555.

Ticket Link: 227 5511.


Virgin Princes Street. 220 0925. Ripping Records South Bridge. 226 7010.

Credit card bookings from: TOCTA 557 6969.



I Biohazard and My Own Victim The Garage. Sauchiehall Street. 332 1120. 7pm. £8.30 pltts booking fee. Heavy duty thrash merchants. Rtitt for cover!

I Virtual World Orchestra ()ltl Fruitmarket. Albion Street. 227 5511. 9pm. £10 (£8). Audio—visual treat to bombard the senses front those multi- media agitators NVA. Featuring contributions from more than half tlte countries iii the world. the extravaganza will be broadcast live on the Internet. See feature.

I China Crisis Bourbon Street. George Street. 552 0141. 8.30pm. £9.50 (£29.95 with dinner). \Veedy 80s pop types who might firtd a bit ofcontemporary resonance. given the inexplicable popularity of arch drips The Lightning Seeds.

I Petrol and Vodka King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £3.50. Groovy dance/rock crossover business frotn Petrol (previously known as Nothing) and Vodka. the latest musical excursion for saidflorence‘s Kit.

I Superstar (tbc) Niee ‘n' Sleazy. Sattchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Joe McAlinden’s lush melodic big balladeering crew.

I Tight Rope, Peacock Avenue and The Stolen Citerubes Cavern Bar. Strathclyde University Student Union. John Street. 552 1895. 10pm. Free. Students and guests.


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vintage guitars and amplifiers

Spares & Repairs

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50 THELIST4—17Apr 1997

I The Allstars and Elysian Fields The Arena. ()swald Street. 221 3010. 9pm. £3. including entry to The Friday Cltib. I Big George And The Business The Brewhottse. John Street. 552 3801. 9.30pm. Free. Tonight and tomorrow night's gigs will be the last by Big George tit his current line-up. as the battd go their separate ways. scattering across the Atlantic.

I Liberty Blues Band MacSorleys. Jamaica Street. 572 0199. 9pm. Free.

I The Spooks McChuill's. High Street. 552 2135. 10pm. Free. Legendary bunch of spooftastic beat combo ntttters.

I LIVE MUSiC Twa Corbies. Kilbowie Road. Cumbernauld. 01236 727473. 10pm. Free.

Edinburgh I Kevin McDermott Unplugged

Canon's Gait. Canongate. 556 5560. 9.30pm. £3. \Vithotit his orchestra but hopefully still making the same old sweet pop music. Will the MTV cameras be there'.’

I French Kiss Cavendish. \Vest Tollcross. 228 3252. 10pm -3am. £5. More nostalgia.

I Bazaar Whistle Binkies. Niddry Street. 557 5114. 11pm. Free.

I Saturday Night Special Subway. Cowgate. 225 6766. 9pm. £2. l.ynyrd Skynyrd tribute band. Altogether now. . ‘l'm as free as a turd now‘ and soon.

I Sawyer, The Leopards and Pizza Boy Delivery Cas Rock. Wes-t Pot't. 229 4341. 9pm. £3. Growl. snarl. iangle should cover the possibilities here.



I Manic Street Preachers tiiitl The Boo Radleys SI‘ICC. Finniesion Quay. 287 7777. 6.30pm. £11 plus booking fee. No age restriction on this show. The Manics continue to sweep all before them with their high passion credible stadium rock and breakneck punkicr back pages. Widely recognised as one of the best live bands in the country. so you know where you should be tonight. Support from the poptastic Boo Radleys. who've been exploring their ‘darker side‘ on current album ("Mon Kids.

I Beth Orton The Ferry. Clyde Place. 5520588. 7.30pm. £8 plus bookittg fee. Rather drippy. introspective female songwriter whose debut Trailer Park was well received. bttt a little wan. Current single ‘Someone's Daughter" provides a good example of her ‘pleasaiti' songwriting bent. Disappointing for someone who‘s worked with the mighty Chemical Brothers.

I Virtual World Orchestra ()ltl Fruitmarket. Albion Street. 227 5511. 9pm. £10 (£8). See Fri 4.

I Baby Chaos and Push The ('athouse. Union Street. 248 6606. 7pm. £4.50 plus booking fee. Fresh-faced Brairockers return.

I Joe Brown and Mike Pender's Searchers Pavilion. Renficld Street. 332 1846. 8pm. £9/£8. Sam's cheeky chappy daddy and other nostalgists try to recreate their 60s pop moments.

I China Crisis Bourbon Street. George Street. 552 0141. 8.30pm. £9.50 t£2995 with dinner). See Fri 4.

I Fleetwood Bac and The Beatcombers King Tut‘s Wait Wait lltit. St Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £6. Tribute bands ahoy? Can you guess w ho they're meant to be. children‘.’

I Baltic, The Mighty Fine illltl Perfect Stranger Cavern Bar. Stratltclyde University Sttidettt l'nion. .lohn Street. 552 1895. 10pm. Free. Students and guests.

I Billy Rivers The Brewhottse. Joint Street. 552 3801. 4—6pm. Free. Blues.

I Red Green’s Blues Band The Brewhottse. John Street. 552 3801. 6—8pm. Free.

I Big George And The Business The Brewhottse. John Street. 552 3801. 9.30pm. Free. See Fri 4.

I Moondew The Halt Bar. Woodlands Road. 564 1527. 9.30pm. Free.

I Real Easy Blackfriars. Bell Street. 552

i 5924. 9.30pm. Free.

I Free At Last MaeSorleys. Jamaica Street. 5720199. 9pm. Free.

I Die Happy Kilkcnnys‘. .lohn Street.

552 3505. 9pm. Free.

' Edinburgh

I The Supernaturals, Stereophonics,

Ether and Hardbody Teviot Row House. Bristo Square. 7pm. £6. li's melodic pop arid ttmes a-go-go time with the soon to be httge Supernaturals arid bruising Welsh three—piece the Stereophonics. The line-up is completed by the ever—promising Filter arid the Sony-signed llardbody whose debut album should be in the Slitips’ s'ooii. .»\s if all that wasn‘t enough. yott cart all swing your pants to His lluggy and Stella froin Burger Queen until 3am. Tickets available from Virgin. Ripping Records. the 111 'S-\ shop in l‘ottetrow and all

Ti. )1 "1A outlets

I The Felsons ('anon‘s' ( iaii. (‘anongaitx 550 55011. 9 ilipni. L i. More lroiti the contemporary country types who are kicking it t a storm for themselves.

I Unfait ful Servants \Vhistle Binkies. Niddry Street. 557 5114. 11pm. Free. Rock.

I Macrocosmica, Fiend and All Too Human Tap (1'1 .auriston. l.auriston Place. 229 4041. 10pm. Free. livl‘anny .\lr Brendan (i'llare has his pinkies 111 the Pics of both Fiend and the kratttrock of .\lacrocosmica.

I The Flaming Stars and The Captives (th Rock. West Port. 229 4341. 9pm. £4. London's The l‘ldliiiiig’ Stars album is Cilllk‘tlBIT/123,6 '/'/lt'/\’('\l()l.l/f/'t‘t/u (iii/tilt. ' ~bevre a bit like .\'ick (‘ave oit llooch. .’\lltl they ‘re absolutely llipping barmy. mate.

I Grapevine (‘;t\ t‘iitltsli. “cs1 ‘l'tillci'oss.

228 3252. 10pm iam. £5.


I Martin Metcalfe li‘L'lL‘Si‘l't‘L‘il .'\lC House. South Melville lane Information: 01 i24 63i338. 8pm. Free. Marty does his posi-(ioodbye .\lr Macken/ie thing as part of the ale house's lifth beer festival.


I Virtual World Orchestra ()ltl Fruitmarket.Albion Street. 227 5511 9pm. £101£8). See Fri 4.

I Blanks 77, External Menace and Total Head Nice ‘n' Slea/y. Sauchiehall Street. . 33 9637. 9pm Blanks 77 are New Jersey punkers.

I Glide, Skylight, The Wheatfield anti Trigger The Brew house. John Street. 552 3801. 9pm. Free.

I The Stereophonics and Frisk Rico‘s. .»\nn Street. (ireenock. 01475 721 327. 9pm. Tickets from Rhythmic Records. (11475 8927 3f). ltiyei‘clytle date loi‘ this tip-and-coming indie crew. following their Scottish totir wiili angst tiierchants subctrcus


I Room, The Dolly Rockers and The Graduates The .lai'iaeake. King's Stables Road. 229 9438. 9pm, L2 lntelhgettt pop songs from the Holly Rocket‘s tltio.


I Kathy Mattea Kings ‘l'heaite. Bath Street. 227 5511 7pm £12 511L10'L750. See preview tor this latest .onnity darling.

I Hub Nice ‘n‘ Slealy. Sauclnehall Street. 333 963." 9pm. Rapidly rising local crew who at'e hotly tipped blah. blalt blah '\.111tl R feeding fren/y ahead.

I Foam and Arthur ('a\ctii liar. Sirathclytle l'ntyersity Student l'nzon. John Street. .552 1.895 lttpnt lice Students and guests.

I Geebo, Trent, Supernova anti The Old Spice Boys The Brew house. toltn Slit‘t‘l. 55: i\‘ll ‘lpiii l‘tz‘t‘

I Rhanna Kilketmys. .lolin Sheet. .552

150.5. 9pm Free

Hit List Why our ear lobes are quivering in anticipation this fortnight.


; Erasure Vince and Andy sashay into Barrowland, take the bull by the horns i and unveil their new album, Cowboy. 1 Pack your glitter, strap on your chaps

i and have a ball. See feature. Glasgow: SECC, Tue 75 Apr.

5 Manic Street Preachers in the year or

1 so since Everything Must Go came out,

I it seems as though the Manics haven’t

; stopped touring except to pick up

i numerous awards from the Brits, Brats

? and everyone else for being the best

I band in the world ever. They're back up

here again playing their largest gig to date in Scotland and there's no reason why it shouldn't be a stormer. Glasgow: SECC, Sat 5Apr.


Damon Brown's Rhythm Indicative A

i first Scottish tour for the trumpeter and

3 composer, although band-members like

' Andy Panayi, Gareth Williams and

Winston Clifford are familiar enough.

Tron Jazz Cellar, Edinburgh, Sun 6 Apr.

j Young Jazz Musician of the Year 1997

3 The Scottish final of the Royal Sun

; Alliance UK jazz contest, in which our

young hopefuls perform for the judges with the John Critchinson Trio. RSAMD, Glasgow, Thurs I7Apr.


Symphonic Hollywood internationally

renowned Hollywood composer Elmer

Bernstein is 75 this year. The composer of the scores to numerous film classics

including The Man With The Golden

Arm, The Magnificent Seven and The

. Great Escape, Bernstein is celebrating

his birthday by conducting the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in a

i selection of some of his most loved ; scores. Glasgow: Royal Concert Hall,

Sun 13 Apr.

Edinburgh I Blood Divine, Absinth, Electric Wizard tilltl Orange Goblin Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 31173.8piii. Price tbc. 11mm. one suspects that this is not going to be a iiight of boy bands. There'll be so tnany goths ltcre tonight that all shops w ithin a three-mile radius of The Venue w ill be stripped of black nail polish. I Annie Christian and Dorian The .laffacake. King's Stables Road. 229 9438. 9pm. £2. Annie Christian are fronted by a man who makes Prince. Brett and Mr Placebo seem like the shy retiring types you arid 1 know they aren't while l)ottan are the artists formerly known as Sexy Jessica. And they're frotn .-\yr. I Blanks 77, External Menace tllltl Turtlehead ('as Rock. \Vcst Port. 229 4 3-11 8pm. £3. Punk‘s far from dead. it would appear. I Slidin' Delta Whistle Binkies. Niddry

Street. 5.57 5114. 11pm. Free. Blues duo.