Ragga And The Jack Magic Orchestra play La Belle Angele, Edinburgh, Sun 13 Apr

I Dominic Kirwan and Louise Morrissey I’sher IIaII. I.othian Road. 338 I I55. 7.30pm. L'IIl-L‘li. The Irish musical phenomenon. it says here. with his unique voice. \vhose innsic embraces ...I.ook. it's a Daniel ()‘I)onnel| type thing. alright'.’

I Adventures In Stereo and Secret GOldllSl‘l (511s Rock. \Vesl I’Ut'l. 33‘) 43-1 I. 9pm. Price the. Scottiin record label (‘reeping Bent Singles (‘Iub night. See previevv.

I PfOl \Vltlsllt' Iiillkicx Nitltlty' Slt'c‘c‘l. 557 51 H. I lptn. I'ree. Ska lives.

I Gerry Grant and the Cufflinks (ittvclltlisll. \VL‘SI 'I‘tillc‘l‘ttss. 333 5.3.5:. Itlpm -.‘~am. £5.

I Rocknaragnarock Tap ()'I.auriston. I.auriston Place. 33‘) 40.1 I. Itlpm. I‘ree. l’unksters.


I Nudge, Kymera, Still, Cooper and Oceana The lirevyhouse. John Street. 553 380]. 9pm. l’ree.


I Ragga And The Jack Magic Orchestra I.a Belle Angele. IIastie\ (‘Iose. 335 377-1. 0pm late. to H5 l. Description: 'I's'ale Hush \\ ith heals. and ‘avant garde medieval trip-hop’. (’onclusion: requires hearing and seeing for the behey in; process to kick in.

I Feeder and Cable Venue. (‘alton Road. 557 3073. Spin. I’rice thc. Ilardboys \villl guitars try in; to play faster and harder than one another.

I Moniak, Gasgiant and Foam't‘he .laflaeake. King's Stables Road. 33‘) 0.138. 0pm. £3. Indieratna drama.



I Glen Campbell (iIaseoyy Royal ('oneert IIaII. Sauelnehall Street. 7.30pm. Llli.5()/L'I~I.5ll. (iIen is the .\Ian. IIovv many classics has this guy got Ill Ill\ ic‘I‘eitoire’ ‘\\'ielnta lineinan‘. ‘(}.iI\estoii'. 'Iiy The Tune I (let To I’hoeniv. eighteen-carat classics. the lot. .'\nd hell most likely he caressing: the ears vs III] all of them tItlllllf.) II11\ performance. Respectl

I Live and Catherine Wheel

liarroyy Iand. (iallougate. 553 Iotll. Tillpni. U) plus booking: lee See

prey levy for rockers I l\ e Support from erstyyhile shoeea/ers ('atheiine \Vheel who have rocked things up ol late.

I Friction and Sugarbelly ('a\ein liar. Stiathclyde I'ni\eisity Student I'nion. John Street. 553 IS‘I5 Illpin I'i‘ee Students and guests

I Slide and Stacey I'Iie lireyyhouse. John Street. 553 Will " 5"}‘311 free. I Rhanna KiIkeztriys John Street. 553

5‘5. ‘lt‘ni l


I Planet Caravan .izit‘. Serin'l lie Itllltlc'akt‘. I\'tl‘.:_"\ Sl.iI‘It'\ Isikitl. :3" ‘l-l‘sS ‘lpni 3 I ocaI indie rockers


I Long Distance Call Whistle Binkies. Niddry Street. 557 5| IJ. I lpm. I-"ree. They‘ve got those doggone blues.


I Erasure and Heaven 17 Slicc. l—'innieston Quay. 387 7777. (3.30pm. £I5/t‘ l 3. See feature for the effervescent disco diva antics of one of the kings of the gaudy costume change. Andy Bell. coupled with pop’s Mr Impassive Vince Clarke. Support from His sy nth \vi/at‘tls Ileaven I7. Will they make an ABC-like comeback in their ovvn right?

I Speedking and Brink The Hill Note. (ilassford Street. 553 IMS. sttlpiii. £1. I Jude, Muse and Remedy (jlory Box. Curlers. Byres Road. 33-1 I3S-I. 8.30pm. I‘it‘c‘c.

I Fuse, The Mighty Fine and Joe Lethal The Bi'eyvhouse. John Street. 553 .‘sSlll. 9.30pm. I‘ree.

I Vagabonds Kilkennys. John Street. 553 3505. 9pm. I‘ree.

I Glasgow Songwriters featuring Larry Guild Blackfriars. Bell Street. 553 5934. 9.30pm. I’ree. I’Ius open mic spot. I Live Music (‘ul l)e Sac Southside. l’ollokshayvs Road. 64‘) 4717. 9pm. I‘ree.


I Original Draft, Polynesian Lounge and The Hepburns The Jalfacake. King’s Stables Road. 33‘) 9433. 9pm. £3. More local indie kids yy reek their instruments yyhile reaching for the stars.

I Blues Night Henry's (‘eIIar liar. S Morrison Street topp .-\B(‘ eineinai. 33l I388. IIpmr-Iate. £3.50 i£I.5(li. Dave IiIIis plucks the bass. Alan ('ranston pounds the drums and Mike Park and Derek Jones do their thangs on rhythm and lead guitars.

I Songwriters' Showcase Tron 'l‘avern. Ilunter Square. S._‘~()piii. t; I. Information: (on 5375. Weekly platform for singer-song“ riters. \y ith anybody \yelcome to perform a lifteenamnnte set. (me songyyriter is highlighted at ltl..‘~tlpin each night. Dancing I)iana Harris has you III the palm of her hand.



I The Chemical Brothers and Death In Vegas Iiarroyyland. (iaIonyeate. 553 sIMII. ‘me 3am. L I I plus booking fee. I’Ins I).I James IIoIioyd See feature lot” the I‘U\\ bros. (‘ollahoiators aplenty. in demand for their Iiyer temi\ \yoik and not letting tip the pace \\ III] the magnificent 'Iilock Rockin' Heats‘ Support from the more e\pernnenta| dance loops ol Death In Vegas. (‘heck out their current album l)('(1./ /,/ti\

I Camel The (iaiaee. SaueInehaII Street. ii3 I I3”. '3 30pm. L Ill plus booking fee I Andy White and Martin Okasili King Tut‘s \\'ah \\alt Hill. St Vincent Street. 33I 537" Sillpm. L3. courtesy ol \iigm Nights and \Iurphy \ Itish Stout. \llable

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rock & pop MUSIC

0 m MUSIC presents

1. I 31{¥T


GLASGOW Friday 1 1 th April Barrowlands

nose SOUL couoiimo

GLASGOW Thursday 10th April The Garage

J "‘11": cowsov coucenr


GLASGOW SECC Tuesday 159.! April Tel: 0141 287 5511


GLASGOW Monday 5th May Barrowlands


GLASGOW Friday 2nd May The Garage

GLASGOW Thursday 29th May Barrowlands

Tickets from venue box office, Glasgow Just the Ticket Union St., Edinburgh Virgin 8. Ripping Records and all Toda outlets c/ c 0131-557 6969 Buy tickets on-line at www.regularmusic.com

4-47 Apr 1997 THE LIST 53