(£1.50). Seven-piece experimental group with a background in classical music who also display tendencies towards jazz and

avant-garde forms.



I Violet Leighton Tron Jazz Cellar. Tron Tavern and Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 1550. 8.30pm. £4 (£3). This EJP returns to its regular slot (see Sun 6) with this excellent Glasgow-based singer. Violet is joined by her two regular collaborators. Nigel Clark on guitar and Ewan Vernal on bass.

I Phil Bancroft Quartet Henry‘s Cellar Bar. 8 Morrison Street (opp ABC cinema). 221 1288. 10pm—1ate. £3 (£2). The saxophone-playing Bancroft twin leads his standards-orientated quartet. with brother Toni (drums). Brian Kellock (piano) and Kenny Ellis (bass).

I Kulu's Jazz Joint Walkers. 12 Shandwick Place. 476 7013. No Thursday gigs in April.



I Glasgow Jazz Record Club Unitarian Church. 72 Berkeley Street. 7.30pm. Contact Ernie Spiers. 14 Glendee Road. Renfrew (886 2949) for membership details. 7.30pm. Bill Bramma's "Tribute to Benny Carter”.

I Midnight Club Bourbon Street. 108 George Street. 5520141. 11pm—3am (no admission after 1am). £3. Late-night jazz and blues club.


I Absolute Blues and More: Tarn White Caledonian Brewery. 42 Slateford Road. 337 1286. 8pm. £6. See Fri 4.

I Kevin MacKenzie's Swirler The Bongo Club. 14 New Street. 556 5204. 10.30pm—3am. £5 (£3). See Fri 4.



I Mario Caribe Quartet Pizza Express. 151 Queen Street. 221 3333. Dining front 8pm. band from 9pm. £5. The Brazilian bass player has currently settled in Scotland. where he came to the notice of Tommy Smith at the National Jazz Institute. He has played in Tommy‘s sextet in Beasts ol'St'uI/um/ (if he can handle that. he can handle anything) and in the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra. and leads his own quartet tonight. with Brian Kellock (piano). John Rae (drums). and a uest vocalist.

I Mi night Club Bourbon Street. 108 George Street. 552 0141. 11pm—3arn (no admission after 1am). £3. Late-night jazz and blues club.


I El Cometa Allstars The Lizzartl Lounge. Cafe Graffiti. Mansfield Church basement. entrance via East London Street. 10.30pm—3am. £5 (£4). It may be cold out there in interstellar space with our current friendly passing comet. btit it will be real hot here in the basement. The Allstars are an eleven-piece Latin jazz crossover outfit made up of top Scottish players from bands like Salsa Celtica. East Coast Project. and Ereshly Squeezed. btit working a broad swathe of New York-inspired Latin tradition. from the 70s grooves of the Eania All-Stars through to the current Nu Yorica sound. A scintillating musical and dancing experience is promised.

I Swing Cats' Ball The Merlin. 168—172 Morningside Road. info on 313 5150. 7.30pm—1am. £9 (£8). Sounds painful. btit there is no need to call the RSPCA - the cats being swung are of the hip and hep variety. or just anybody with itchy feet and a love of jazz swing. The occasion celebrates the first anniversary of the Edinburgh Swing Dance Society with music by the Ralph Laing All- Stars. plus guest hool'ei's The Jiving Lindy Hoppers. and all kinds of demonstrations. competitions and stuff. Proceeds go to aid the good work of St

Columba‘s Hospice. and advance tickets are available from the llospice‘s Euridraising Dept. 15 Boswall Road. Edinburgh E115 3R\\'. The Society hold regular classes at Marco‘s for anyone interested in learning the dances

contact Niall Davies at the info number above for details.


I Phil Mason's New Orleans All Stars Edinburgh University Staff Club. Chambers Street. info and tickets from 551 1237. 8--l 1.30pm. £6.50. (‘apital Jazz's dire warnings of imminent collapse were enough to mobilise the traditional jazz audience. and they w ill carry on for now with this visit from the director of the popular lsle of Bute Jazz Festival (this year‘s event runs from 1 5 May) and his regular sidekicks.

I Kevin MacKenzie and Friends Bank Hotel. 1 South Bridge. 556 004 3.

2.30 -5.30pm. £1. See Stiii 6.

I John Rae Trio Henry‘s (‘ellar Bar. 8 Morrison Street (opp .»\B(' cinema). 221 1288. l0pm--late. £2 til ). SL‘L‘ $11110.



I Dixieland Swing Club l’i/la lzspress. 151 Queen Street. 221 3333. “11111112110111 8pm. Free to diners. See Mon 7.


I Power of Scotland Big Band Walkers. 12 Shandysick Place. 476 7013. 10pm—l2.30am. £4 (£3). See Mon 7.

I Jazz Mafia Walker‘s. l2 Shandys ick Place. 476 7013. 12.30 3am. £3 (£2). The ()ther Scene returns yy itli two nights for this Leeds-based .»\nglo-Scottish outfit. a post-bop quintet featuring Nicl. McCalluiii (saxes). Malcolm Straclian (trumpet). Matt litherington (piano). Simon (‘antrill (bass). and Bruce Cranshaw (drums).

I Lindsay Cooper Free Underground Henry's (‘ellar Bar'. 8 Morrison Street (opp ABC cinema). 221 1288, l0pm—late. £2 (£1). See Mon 7.

TUESDAY 15 Edinburgh I Paul Harrison Trio Bank Hotel. 1 South Bridge. 556 904 ‘s_ 8 11pm £1 Tues 8. I John Coltrane Tribute Band Walkers. 12 Shandwick Place. 476 7111 3. l()p111--l;1111. £4 (£3). See 'l'ues (


»- s-‘s‘: “5.5%. .v-"IsS’s‘S‘s'stsss‘mws s-cs

Why did the Young Jazz Musician of the Year 1

I Jazz Mafia \Valkers. 12 Shandwick Place. 476 71113. 12.311 5.111). 123({21 See Mon 14.

WEDNESDAY 16 Edinburgh

I Colin Steele Quintet Plus walkers. 12Shandwick Place. 476 7013.

lllplll lam. L1 (L5). See \Vetl 9.

I Mr McFall's Chamber Henry's ('ellar Bar. 8 Morrison Street (opp :\B(’ cinema). 221 1288. 10pm late. £2.51 (£1.50). Seven-piece e\perimental group with a background in classical music who also display tendencies towards jaw and avant-garde forms.



I Young Jazz Musician of the Year 1997 RSAMI). 100 Renl'reyy Street. 3 5057. 7,30pm. £5 (£3), This is the Scottish linal of the Royal Sun Alliance (‘Ullllt‘Cl1011\r\[‘t)ll\t11t'tl l‘ls' iaz/ competition. 111 “inch aspirants w 111 be accompanied by the John (‘ritchinson 'l‘i'io. Standards are high. and last year

\y as delinitely women‘s year saxophonist Laura .\1.icl)onald won the Scottish event. btit was pipped 111 the overall linal 111 London by another saxophonist. llolly Slater. \Vith cash on offer. and also residencies at New York's Blue Note (‘Iub and Ronnie Scott's in London tip for grabs. there is plenty of incentive for young musicians to enter. L‘VCll 11-. like me. they are a little suspicious of the \s hole idea of musical competitions in the first place. lintry intoi'iiiatioii is available on a 24-hour phone number (0171 580 35-15 1. but it you haveii't already done so. it‘s [)1'ttl‘.’tl‘l_\ too late lot this year's e\ent. 'l'here's always next year. though.


I Freddie King Dectet Tron .laz/ ('ellar. lion '1th em and ('eilidh llonse. llutilei‘ Square. 221) 15511.8.311pni. £4 (£3). Singer l-reddie King leads an ambitious project. 111 which a jazz ensemble featuring the likes of'l'oni .\1c.\'i\ en (trumpet t. .lohn Burgess (saxes). l’aul l-ltisli (piano) and Mike 'l‘i‘ay is (drums) is combined \s itli a string quartet to provide .i w ide-ranging palette ()111111S1C11l colour and te\ture around l'l’L‘tltllt‘i\ \()1L‘(‘.

I Phil Bancroft Quartet lleniy's(‘e11at Bar. 8 Morrison Street 1opp:\B(' cinema). 221 1288. lllpm late £31£2i. See 'l'hiirs 111,


jazz MUSIC

997 cross the road? To get to the Scottish final at the RSAMD,

Glasgow on Thur 17 Apr. Guffaw!


details are for regular free weekl ates: see main listin s for one-o shows. Gigs are listed y city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provrded that up-to~date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are compiled by Kenny Mathieson.

Fridays I Jazz Piano Baby (irand. 3 7 121mbank (iardens. 248 4042. 10pm. Lounge pianist.


I George Penman's Jazzmen The Lemon Tree. 142 St Vincent Street. 226 38 33. 2.30 5.30pm. 'l'r'adilional.

I Lauder’s Big Band Latiiler‘s. Sauchiehall Street. 2- 5pm. llllt)l‘11121ll)ig band.

I Harry Margolis Big Band 1.‘ Attache. :7 \Vttlt‘l’ltit) Slt'c‘c‘l. 22l .52ll).2-5p111. Big band.

I Dissen Tango'd Brewery 'l‘ap. 1055 Sauchiehall Street. 33‘) 8866. 9pm. Jazz funk.

I Jazz Piano Baby (irand (see liri ). Lounge pianist.


I George McGowan Big Band The Parade. Meadowpark Street. 2.30-4pm. Big band jazz.

I Live Music Brel. 3‘) Ashton 1.ane.342 4066. 3 )m. Artists vary. not always jazz. I Blac friars Collective Blackfriars. 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. ()p111. Modern jazz. I Hermitage Boswell Hotel. 27 .\1ansionhotise Road. Langsitle. 9pm. l'usion.


I Fionna Duncan and Friends .\lcChuill's. 40 High Street. 552 2135. 8pm, 'l‘iaditional and mainstream singer. I Jazz Piano Baby Grand 'sc‘c‘ liri 1 9.30pm. Lounge pianist.


I Alan McPike and Pat Keating Alpen Lodge. 25a llope Street. 221 4648. 8pm. Hammond organ and vocals.

I Jazz Piano Baby (iraitd (see l'ri ). ()pm. lounge pianist.

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