MDSIG classical & opera

CLASSiCAL 8r OPERA: SAT 5 continued


I Edinburgh Youth Orchestra Queen‘s- Hall. (‘lerk Street. 668 2019 (credit card hotline 667 7776). 7.45pm. £l()/£6 (£1--£5 ). James l.ouglrran conducts the young musicians in Michael 'I'ork‘e's ()lympic composition .ltll‘l’lfll. Thomas Wilson's tin/m ('rmt't'rrri (with Dmitri rMakhtin) and Brahms's Sinip/imrv Nu 4.


I St Giles' At Six St (iiles' Cathedral. High Street. 6pm. l‘lt‘t‘. Elaine Higgins (soprano). (iortlon Adams (baritone) and Stuart Hope (piano) perform songs by Brahms. battle. Mo/art and Gurney.

I Flute Recital Concert Room. lidiribur‘gh Society of Musicians. 3 Belford Road 7 illpin. £7 (Hi/£1511) including ietr‘eslirrients troni 33-1 2812 or at the tit-or. )ay l'.1 Nicholson (flute) and \hillltllll.‘\1L'\tll1t1L'l (piano) play sonatas by Schubert and l‘otrlenc.

I Camerata Scotland/LASMO Staffa Music Award Final Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019 'credit card hotline 667 7.776).7.3t1pm £l()(£5/.£1).'1‘his concert b)’ NY()S's Chamber ()rchestra incorporates the final of the 1..-\S;M() Staffa Music Award. three young musicians v.'\11(11t'\'s 11;t\t‘lt)lt (violin). \it\ Mcl ean (piano) .tri<1.-\ltdte\v .Mc‘Nt‘tll lsa\t)p1rt)itt‘t 11d\L‘l".‘Cl‘r selected ltoiii a shortlist til 3-1 nominations and w ill per lor'tii before a distinguished panel chaired by Richard Baker. Carrierata Scotland play '11itiiiison's (h: /.'[(.’t" Ht'r/rrrtrttr atid

'llrrt (' [it it) tw rth lll'e‘z'ltist‘t‘tttltt) Colette ls’utldy l and Mendelssohn's Syrup/rein .\'u i' r '.\‘t «Hrs/r W


I Camerata Scotland Stevenson Hall. 1s’S.-\:\11). ltti) Rentiew Street. 3J2 5057. 7.30pm. £ 1 ’1 (£5.11) See Sun 6. bill without the 1 ;\SM(‘ ) Staffa Music .\ward.


I Edinburgh Quartet ()ueen’s Hall. Clerk Street. 661* 2111‘) (credit card hotline 667 77.76) 7.45pm £8/£5 (£~1/£3)."1'he qtiartet introduce their new leader. Jane Murdoch. w itli a concert featuring Haytlii's Quintet in (i nut/or. Shostakoy ich's Qua/tit .\'u .S and Schubert's Quith r or I) Iii/tit r t "l)urr/r .1tit/ ilillt’ Mun/err)


I Isis Trio Htitcliesozi‘s Hall. _‘ John Street. 1.15pm, £2 on the door The

violin cello-piano ensemble play Martin's In.) ()Ir l’ri/ia/trr' [IN/I 'Iittrt'y and Sriielana's l‘rlnw r’rrr- rrr (i Itrrtrrir


I Lunchtime Concert Si (lilts‘

Cathedral. High Street. 12.15pm. Free. A visit by the University ofAberystwyth Madrigal Singers.



I Faust Festival Theatre. Nicolson Street. 5296000. 7.15pm. £7—£l8

(£5—£ 16). Edinburgh Grand ()pera follow last year's well-received Peter Grimes with Gotiriod‘s version of the famous tale about a scholar who makes a pact with Satan. The lead role is sung by [an Storey; John Grundy is musical director. Cathie Boyd the director. Sung in French with English surtitles.



I Saltire String Quartet Merchants House. West George Street. 12.45pm. £3.50 (£3/£l) at the door. it's all the ‘B's for the Saltire's lunchtime concert Borodin's Quartet No 2. Barber's zit/ugh) and Beethoven's Qlltll'lt’l in [5 nut/"or.


I Faust Festival Theatre. Nicolsori Street. 5296000. 7.15pm. £7--£18 (£5—£16). See Wed 9.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019 (credit card hotline 667 7776). 7.45pm. £4.50 £17 (Hi/£3.50). Handel's oratorio I. isl/ll’t’l‘t) [22/ II l’t'lltt'rm'tt takes Milton's thoughts on the qualities of life and dresses them in richly varied musical moods. Also in the programme is the same composer's ()dt’ 7}) St Cecilia. The SC() and SC() Chorus are joined by Lorna Anderson and Sophie Darieman (stipt'atttis‘). lan Bostridge (tenor) and Michael George (bass). Mas Pommer conducts.


I Scottish Chamber Orchestra City Hall. Candleriggs. 7.30pm. £4.50-£15 (£3) from 287 5511. See Thurs 10.

I London Symphony Orchestra Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Saucliiehall Street. 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50) from 2S7 5511. Three recent Shell l.S() Music Scholarship Gold Medal winners all of whom are Scottish - reveal their talents in a concert with proceeds going to the lan Fleming Charitable Trust. Percussioiiist Colin Currie is soloist in James MacMillan‘s lent. it'iir. Iz'mnrtr/irtt'l. Angela Whelan plays .»\rtitiuriian's Trumpet Cmrt't'rtt) and Lorna McGliee takes to the stage for Ibert's l-‘lrttt' ('mit't'rto. The evening concludes with the orchestra. under the baton of David Robertson. playing Ravel‘s La Valse. See preview.

I Cappella Nova Glasgow Cathedral. Castle Street. 7.30pm. £6--£l0 (£4—-£7) from 227 5511. ‘The Dove ()f Music' is the title for the first Scottish concert of Italian Baroque pieces by composer and min Isabella Leonarda. whose work falls


Friday 11 April 7.30pm

Amttunlan Trumpet Concerto

Conductor David Robertson

London Symphony Orchestra

with three outstanding Scottish soloists All seats orin 575 (£2.50 concs)

James Mathllan Veni. Venr. Emmanuel

lbert Flute Concerto - Ravel La Valse

Soloists Colin Currie, Angela Whelan, Lorna McGhee

the only I SO concert in Scotland this year features three brllrant young Scottish soloists. All are previous Winners 0' the Shell ISO Mir-Sic Scholarship.

Glasgow Royal Concert Hall Box Office 0141 287 5511 (9am - 6pm daily). L All proceeds go to charity. Sponsored by Shell UK. Limited

58 THE LIST 4 l/ “94/

between the eras of Monteverdi arid Vivaldi. Rich iii melody and harmonic invention. her music is scored for various combinations of vocal and iristrtiriiental soloists and ensembles. Cappella Nova are joined by the authentic instrumentalists of Concerto Caledonia.


I Faust Festival Theatre. Nicolson Street. 529 6000. 7.15pm. £7--£l8 (£5—£l6). See Wed 9.

I National Children's Orchestra of Scotland Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019 (credit card hotline 667 7776). 7.30pm. £5 (£1). James l)urrant conducts the first public performance of this new orchestra made tip of Scottish school children. ()ri the programme are Arnold‘s Air/tii't'rxuljv ()i't'rturt'. McGibbons Sonata in (I. M ussorgsky's Melt! ()n /‘/ir' Bare Mountain and Leighton‘s [)(lllt't' Suite No 2.



I Carmen New .-\thenaeum Theatre. RSAMD. 100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. 2.15pm 6‘; 7.15pm. £l()/£8 t£5/£4). Bizet‘s ever-popular opera about the gypsy girl and the army officer contains some passionate arias and fiery Spanish- tinted orchestral passages. For this student production. Kate McColl is director and Bruce Davis the musical director.

I Song Circle Burrell Collection. Pottok Park. 2.30pm. £4 (£2) from 4-10 0-184 or at the door. The Glasgow-based (I t'uppt'lltt vocal octet perform music on the theme of ‘l.ove's 1.ament'. including part-songs by Holst. Brahms. Vaughan- Williams. Elgar and .‘ylontevertli.


I Faust Festival 'l‘heatre. Ntcolsoii Street. 529 6000. 7.15pm. £7 £l8 (£5—£16). See Wed 9.

I Cappella Nova Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 668 2019 (credit card hotline 667 7776). 7.30pm. £6-£l()(£-1«£7). See Hi


I Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Edinburgh St Andrew and St George's Church. (ieorge Street. 7.30pm. £5 from Ticket Manager. 208 Baberion Mains Drive. Edinburgh. EH 1-) 31i.~\(by cheque) or at the door. The (i and S Society's popular annual concert is an opportunity for light opera fans to enioy an evening of favourites by soloists and ensembles.

I Celebrity Brass Band Concert Morningsitle Church. Ncwbattle 'l‘err'ace. 7.30pm. £6 (£4) from 337 1056 or at the door. The David A. Whitburn Band. conducted by Archibald Hutchison. play ancient and modern brass band music. Special guests for this concert include euphonium soloist Bob Cliilds (from the Black Dyke Mills Band) and internationally renowned conductor Roy Newsome.


I Mediba Quartet (‘otiier Theatre. Hyndland Street. 2pm. £5 (£3.50) from Cottier Boit ()ffice (357 3868) or Ticketlink (227 551 l ). As par't of .Mttsic Makers' Young Musicians Platform. the Scottish-South African quartet play pieces bv Beethoven and Brahms

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. Sauchrehall Street. 7.30pm. £7.50 £19.50 tconcs) front 287 55 l I. To celebrate his 75th birthday. Hollywood coiiiposer' lilmer Bernstein conducts an evening of his ow n film music including The .1Itrerrrtit (/11 Seven. The .Urtrr Wit/t '/‘/re (hilt/en .1/‘Itt. The Great liven/re. The glee (It /Illlt't ('llt e and The 7241 (’umnitrrrtlnrt'ntt.


I St GilES' At Six St (itlcs‘ Cathedral. High Street. 6pm. Free. Dayid Auchincloss (tenor) and Graham Scott (organ) perform music by Bach. Handel and Purcell.

I Edinburgh Royal Choral Union l‘sher' Hall. 1.othiari Road. 7.30pm. £6w£l5 (£250 £10) from L’sher Hall Bos ()ffice (22S 1155). Queen's Hall (668 2019). King‘s theatre or Assetttbly Rtitittts '1’rcket line (2211 4349). Plagues of lice. flies. frogs and other Biblical nasties are rendered into musical form in Handel’s oratorio [\l'tlt'l In l-.'e\'/it.'l‘1iis perforrriance. ttt sttl‘l‘ttrt or the Handel House Trust. features the Scottish ()pera ()rchestr'a. conducted by Harry Bicket. and soloists Lisa Milne and Felicity Hammond (sopranofl. Frances McCafferty (contralto). Richard (‘o\on (tenor). and (iraeme Danby and Stephen (iadd (basses).



I Carmen New .'\lilkilitl\‘l1111ilillCilll'C. RSAMD. ltltt Rentrew Street. 532 51157. 7.15pm. £10/£\' (£54.71). See Sat 12.


I Silver Duo Hutcheson's Hall. 2 John Street. 1.15pm. £2 on the door. Noreen (cello) and Peter Silver (piano) play pieces by Debussy. l'hattt'c'. Satttl-Sat‘tts. Milhaud. Ravel and ()fferibach.

I Carmen New .-\thenaeu:ii 'l‘lieatre. RS.-\MD. ltttl Renfrcw Street. 352 5057. 7.15pm. £10.’£8i£5/£-1) See Sat 12,


I Daniel Bates and Leopold String Trio (Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. 668 201‘) lCl'L‘tlll/c'tlftl11t)111|1t‘()1)* 7776). 7.15pm. £5 £11t ( £i £8). Daniel Bates (oboe)

joins the leopold 3111112111” forthis

1“ )SI. l’ri/ew r'rireis ( ~ortcert. featuring Mozart's ()lirir' (Mir/ate: /' .iiid /)l\t’l"lI’1t/ir'ttlll /'.’i. Britteri'sSri .1/t':'trrirr-r';i/rriyt'i.1tr'r trim/anti I'lntirtttiv Urrrrrir-t and Schubet 1's r’rru .1/rii't'rut n! in H1).


Glasgow I Carmen New \flietraeurn theatre. be\.\111. too Renae“. fitter-r. H3 ins".

'7 15pm. Hit/Lb (1511' See Sat 12


I Csardas ()ttt‘t‘ltK 11.111. ('1t‘tls Sll't‘t‘l. 668 201‘) (cretlrt card hotline 66’7 777 ipm. £31.91)(including afternoon tea). Sheila ( )sboiiirie tine/m soprano). Bernard Doclierty l‘.lt)1111) and Stephen .‘\\1tllll‘[‘1tllllll present .i programme or cinema classics


I Carmen New .-\theiiaeirrii 'l‘heatr'e. RSAXH). 1111) Rc‘ltlt’t‘W Sltt‘t‘l. .i i: SUSS. '7 15pm. £lll,’£8i£5 £1) See Sat 12

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra (ilaseow Royal Concert Hall. Sauclriehiil Street itlplrr. Lb £21 'c‘ttltc’\‘»1tt)ll‘..:.\'-.' 5511.1\'ees1iakels conducts the ls’SNl 1 it) Haydn's .Si'nr/t/rrirri \'.r (it) ‘/.’ l):\:)'.rt.'o' ). N1C1\C11.\ /".’tt.'t' (it’Ifl (I'.fl’l\\1111 lllc' orchestrasPrintipal 1'1.tllil\1.1tllllt(il;tlllt and Saint-Saens's .Sirrrl'i/rrirrv Nu .3 itli organist (ieoi'ee \1c'1’111't"


I Organ RCCltalS1(i11.“~'(hilltt‘tltdi. 111in Street. 1 i'lprrr 11'" Ma'haei Harris plays music by \liitfat. Bach. l'r‘aricktiigout.i:i.1Hakim

I BT Scottish Ensemble (guest's 11.;11. Clerk Street. 665 2”!” iczedit card hotline 66~ ""76. " .15pzri UH-" (£6,191 i. ("ornpost‘r Czar: '\Ilit\ilt‘ll\_' 1;.ts contributed to the soti'itiliacks of [infirm/I l"/‘t\'(’/ .llli1.1/l\\ttlll. [Ill/)rwnl‘r’t . .itil tonight the H1 Scottish l'ltSL‘llrl‘ig pl.-.\ his Milli .l/rttrllh'fl.’ \lr /1".\I."'//I-'

()I‘t Irv-11.): \y lirch ‘e..r chosen as the limit! theme tor 11.1/l.lll11111.11111.\/\)I‘/’i<" ./it.«'re.'. .-\1st) or). the :‘roe:.:r;iz;ie are Stravinsky 's '11'1rlfrlt-t‘.‘,lviflhr'g'tifl'r and 1)\()1tll\'\ .\II‘t .'.'Hr’.lt .1111 \it ’tlJttttit NIH/rev.