CLUBS listings


I Energise at Suhway. llprii--3am. £2. Various party sounds.

I FBI at The .Iaffacake. I0.30prri--3arir. £4. Photographic iiieriihership

availahle on the night. I2 Apr. Fortnightly. Iixceptionally popular indie cluh -r prohahly the husiest indie night in Scotland.

I Going Places At Butlins

WonderWestWorld. Ayr. Sat 5- Sun (i Apr.

£30. (‘oaches leave I-Zdinhurgh midday Sat and return 3pm Sun. Advance tickets only from I-‘opp Records. (‘ockhurn Street. Iidinhurgh. The (joing Places gang take off for a marathon easy- listerrirrg session with the added honus of a stopover in the suitahly tacky surroundings of a Butlins holiday cariip. The ticket price includes transport to and from .»\yr and accoiririiodation in self- catering chalets which sleep up to four persons. Potential customers are advised to find three friends to share with hefore huyirig tickets. See llit List.

I Grease at .Moray House. IIpm 4am. £3. l2 Apr. I-‘or'tnightly.

Seventies. eighties ttlttl ‘)()s‘ disco. lixcellent drinks promos. Grease fans note. the cluh is going weekly from l2 Apr onwards.

I Joy at Wilkie House. l0pm 3am. Members £5 hefore IIpm/£7 after; non- riiemhers to hefore I Ipm/{S after. 5 Apr. Monthly. The gay/rinsed night playing superior house and techno for a faithful crowd who Amni' Irow to party returns to Wilkie House. Watch this space for details of .loy‘s (lender Bender Weekender on the May Day Weekend with residents Maggie and Alan plus Trendy Wendy.

I Katch at The Rocking Horse.

llprn 3am. £3. Indie.

I The Lane at The Lane. I Ipm 3pm. £3 hefore midnight; £5 thereafter; irreiirhei's free. Residents Jon I‘lowers and Kev Mc(iinley with a wide dance-orientated playlist. I2 Apr watch out for an appearance from those slinky I.inx Minxes.

I Le Freak at The Attic. I.e lireak returns l‘) Apr w hen The Attic reopens with a hi'arid new look. Watch this space. I The Living Room ‘lprii lam. liree. See Hi.

I Lizzard Lounge at (‘at‘e (it‘aflilt. I0.30piri 2am. L5 (L11). New night of fresh grooves going from strength to strength and selling out every week so far. 5 Apr is your last chance to hear residents Basic ('ollectiye play live for a while as they will he taking a hreak from the lounge. The dancelloor‘ ia/I soul specialists will he gorrrg otrt with a hang adding guest horn and percussion players to the sound fronted hy the sweet soul vocals of Nicola King ()h the decks is

76 THE LIST -1

Lit ‘i’W/

Look east: Stevie Christie of Edinburgh's East Coast Project is just one of a growing team of local musicians and DJs punting

fresh grooves and jazzy vibes at Lizzard Lounge, Cafe Graffiti, Sat 5 and 12 Apri

Joseph Malik (liast (‘oast Project) huildirrg action on the dancetloor with his distinctive mix of soul. roots. Afro. Nu Yoi‘ican sorrl arid funk. 12 Apr sees Malik (IiC‘P) hack on the decks and a new live .slor from eleven-piece l-LI (‘ometa Allstars who cover the New York Latin sound from its roots in the 70s to today‘s riiuch-hyped Nu Yorican soul. See Music preview.

I Loveshack at The .Iaffacake.

I Ipm--3am. £4. 5 Apr. I-‘orrnightly. Exceptionally popular night playing a freester mix of 70s. S0s and 90s chart and dance. The last I.oveshack pulled a crowd of over 700. Watch otrt for the ‘luuurve‘ theme and also good drinks pl'UlllUS.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish. I()prii-—3am. £4 (£3). Two tloors with African. Latin. salsa. reggae. zouk and calypso downstairs and duh and daricehall upstairs. Sir ()ssie is your selector. dropping the finest in

glohal grooves every week.

I Musrc For The Masses ai ()tttti’ettows. 8.30pm lam. I‘ree See Hi.

I The Outhouse Spin lam. l‘ree. .IaH. funk. soul and hip hop with Tim

King and Al.

I Pleasure at Sttrdio 2-1. I0.30prir 3am. to before midnight; [8 after. (‘oriiplimentary riieiiihership availahle on the night. 5 Apr. I-‘ortniglitly'. Newish house night with Kenny I.arge and Marti Mc(‘rossari. lrifo: 0374 270 598.

I Po-Na-Na I Ipm - 3am. l‘ree hefore IIpm1£2 after. Busy night

ofold and new skool grooves. With Well Stirred from Seen and 3 Bag Brew at the controls.

I RAW at Negociants. 10pm 3am. I‘ree. A husy underground lioiise night.

I The Rebel Base at The (iallery (formerly the 36‘) (ialler'y).

10.30pm 3am. £5. I2 Apr. I‘ortnightly. Residerits' night at this increasingly husy retreat from the house monopoly. with The Merry Pranksters delivering their unique goodie hag of hip Iiop. trip hop. drum 'n‘ hass and heat/ ‘n' scratches. Downstairs Stan (Rude) dishes up hig acid duh and danceliall.

I Rock Orgasm at The Rocking Horse. IIpm 3am. £3. (’Iimactic night of heavy guitar sounds.

I Sakradé at The Iloneycoriih. I0pm-~3aiii. LS hefore midnight; {I0 after. Info line: 0378 ‘)5l 2M. I‘unky techno is the domrnarrt Ilayour in (iavin ("airrphell and Ross Keddie‘s main room. while Yogi llaughton plugs fresh garage in Room Two. I2 Apr Mike Morley (Mu/.ik) guests in Room Two, Various names to follow include Kenny'kin. Matthew Her'hert. Stacey Pullen. Ian Pooley and Ricky Morrison.

I Salsa Viva at (irari Via-Tasca. I().30pm 3am. L5 (L11). I2 Apr. High

quality I.atiri music from the old classics to the hottest and latest releases in salsa. cuiiihia. irrerengue and mucho mas.

I Snog at (‘luh Mercado.

7.30 10.30pm.£4irreiirhers;£5non- iiiemhers. Busy under- 13's night playing the hest in chart and dance.

I Stop Making Sense at l.a Belle Angele. IIpm 3am. £5 (£4). 12 Apr. Monthly. New off-the-wall night featuring Andy Williams. Scott I-‘erguson. Alan l)undas and (ieorge Mac. They promise a much-needed social vihe playing everything from funk to disco and house to hreakheat. With this lot. hest go along with an open mind and expect the unexpected. The first night in March went extremely well.

I Tease at The Vaults. l0.30pm 3am. LES hefore I I.l5pm; {I0 after. Big name l),l\ and dressy party people. Arrive early. lrrfo: 0973 2~lS l()5. 5 Apr resident DJ Keith Baxter is joined hy .lohn Kelly ((‘i'earir ). I2 Apr sees an appearance from Alfredo (Space. Ktr. Ihi/a).

I Teaseage at The ('itrus. IIpm 3am. £2. I)ririks promos and Happy Hour cocktails all nrglit. lrrdie with a touch of dance and funk played to a packed and sweaty crowd.

I Tribal Funktion at The Venue. l0.30pm 3am. £5 irreiirhers; L'o non- rirerrrher's. 12 Apr I-"oi'tiiightly. (irrests Joseph and .-\..I_ from Blackarii/ed join l‘rosty. Dr Jon and H on the hip hop/swing floor while the all-star cast of residents keep up the good work t)ll Trihal's other two floors. Simone. (ieor'ge T and II are on the ground Iloor with underground .-\merican house while Richie Ruftone resides in The (‘ooler‘ with mellow drum ‘n' hass. look out for special guest (iene I‘arris from home of house Chicago. making his Scottish (lehttt or) 26 Apr.

I Underground Response Unit at Studio 24. I0pm 3am. I-r'ee (donations on the door). I2 Apr. I-‘ortnightly. Heavily underground hangrn‘ techno session for those who like it hard as hell.

I Yip Yap at In Belle Arrgele.

I0.30prii 3am. Lo. 5 Apr. Monthly. Residents (iareth Somerville and Kevin Mckay drop a mixture of deep house. funky trax and uplifting vocals at one of the capital‘s most enduring house nights.


I Buddha at Negociants. 0pm 3am. l‘r‘ee. l-unk. soul. tan and a hit of

hip hop w rtlr .lohn .»\nder‘son.

I C. C. Blooms IIpm 3am. free. See l‘t'ltlttys.

I De la Vu at The \‘aults. —l I lpnr. l't't‘c‘. Smooth your path from Saturday night excess to the start of the week w ill) thrs rrrighty cry rlrsed Sunday recovery session featuring I).ls from Tease and Suhlime

and occasional up and coming I)Js from about town. All this and you can still he in hed by midnight or carry on partying elsewhere if you're one of those cluhhers who just can't get enough. Drinks pr‘orttos.

I Freedom at Po Na Na. l0piir~3am. Free hefore I Ipm; £2 after. Various Sunday sounds ranging from amhient. trip hop. 80s. disco. soul. swing and

hip hop through to drum 'n‘ hass. garage and deep house. With space to

dance and plenty of alcoves to hide away in. One for music lovers.

I Fun Times at The Venue. I Ipm 3am. £4. () Apr. Fortnightly.

Mixed/gay night currently doing very well and attracting up to 300 party people every fortnight.

I The Grind at the lane.

10.30pm 3am, £2 hefore midnight; £3 after. Swing and hip hop with regular freestyle sessions. (imul (lt'tttlx's pt'mtltis. Busy and vihiiig.

I Mambo Club at Cavendish. l0pm--Iate. £2 hefore midnight; L'J after. ()ssie and assorted specialist I)ls present ()llS. 70s and S0s soul. Drinks


I Ragga And The Jack Magic Orchestra at I.a Belle Arrgele. 13 Apr only. ‘)prri~- late (hand finish Ipm). to (L5 in advance). I.ive gig from a three—piece descr'ihed as ‘avant-garde rrredieval trip hop'. With various l)_ls including (ieorge Mac (Manga).

I Spice at The Tap ( )‘I.auriston.

Spin lam. I‘ree. (‘hilled tunes. chilled heer and chilled people. Sounds good.

I Sunday Night Fever at (‘entury 2()()(). I Ipm 3am. £3. Drinks at 70p. S0p and *)()p. appropriately accorrrpanied hy music from the 70s. Slls and (His.

I Taste at The Honeycorirh. llprir 3am. £7 non-merrrhers; £5 irreiirhers; LS non» irreiirhers with guest I).I. .‘ylerriher'ship is availahle on the night.

Mixed/gay night of hard partying.

He’s on the phones: Jay Chappell joins Yip Yap's Gareth Somerville and a host of other house 015 at Edinburgh's new monthly night Triptonite North, The Vaults, Fri 11 Apr