0n the wall: Richard Wright's untitled work at Tramway's Sugar Hiccup

aint politics

Some say painting is a dying art. But painter Richard Wright is having none Of that. Words. Susanna Beaumont

Question: What is the art world’s most endangered species'.’ Answer: Painting. Yes. it has been fashionable of late to claim that

painting is under threat. Some

would have us believe that the

predators —- installation art and _

new media lle‘tat‘ts like video oi” -’ art ~ are champing at the bit to oust old-hat painting from the gallery space. In turn. painting is lighting its corner and hanging on for dear lil‘e.

Painter Richard Wright is one person who is having none ol‘ it. "l‘o talk about the death of painting is nearly as stupid as talking about the death of speech.‘ is his retort to such silliness.

Wright is one of eighteen artists appearing in About Vision: New British Painting III T/It’ /()‘)().v at Edinburgh's liruitmarket (iallery. A touring show from ()xl‘ord‘s Museum ol‘ Modern Art. it shows that painters are keen to demonstrate not just their medium‘s‘ muscle but its newness and its relevance in the ‘)()s. The (.‘(‘A's l’t’rsislclrr’t' (2/ Painting show in I995 was another example. doing its bit to prove painting‘s determination to survive.

The artists in this show are hardly on the side- lines or under attack. The line—up includes (iary Hume. who was shortlisted for last year's Turner Prize. (‘hris ()l'ili ol' dung/paint lame. plus liiona Rae. (‘allum lnnes and others. (A Damien llirst spiri- painting was included in the Oxford show but isn't making it to lidinburgh).

(ilasgow-based Wright has adopted a different method ol‘ working from the other artists. ‘I can‘t say exactly what I am going to do.‘ he explains. For while the other artists ‘import‘ their work on canvas or board into the venue. Wright has been given a stretch of blank wall space in the l’ruitmarket‘s upper gallery. Here. he will paint directly onto the wall.

Wright adopted this mural approach about four years ago. to escape the usual conventions of painting. A mood painter in the fullest sense of the word. Wright believes that each situation and show calls for a different response. In turn he sets out ‘to do

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something I couldn't l'oresee doing‘. believing that a prescriptive approach results in cliche. ‘I try and push past that.‘ he says.

Almost like an interior designer. Wright believes that meaning can arise from something ‘as dumb as moving a chair from the table to the window‘. lle eyes up a space before choosing a colour scheme. ‘1 am not starting with a plot. more a character.’ he says. ‘l‘m allowing things that would happen to that character to happetr'

At last _\‘c‘ztt“s 'l‘ramway show Sugar lliccu/i last year. Wright did just that. painting lines. shapes and motifs in colour onto the walls. Now they no longer

exist. Impossible to move. they were painted over when the show finished. The same will happen at the l’ruitmarket. ‘The tempor- alin is crucial] says Wright. ‘They can't come back with me. I can‘t say. "That wasn't a good painting.” They can‘t be piled up in my studio.’

Eastern dress: Lisa Milroy's painting, Kimono

About Vision is at the Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh, Sat 12 Apr-Sat 31 May.

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FORMER HEAD OF Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, Pavel BUChler, has written a reflection of his time there. Entitled What The Cleaners Found it comprises eleven f pamphlets, but readers are advised that ’the contents sheet alone contains 86 four-letter words’. Intrigued? Then move quick as it's a limited edition of 200 at £15 each. Call Martin Rogers at the University 5 of Derby on 01332 622222 ext 4016.


been announced by Stills Gallery as

the winners of the 1997 Richard

Hough Bursary. At £14,500, it’s the

largest annual award available to

artists in Scotland working in

' photography, digital imaging or lens- based media. The Maris duo now

plan to take off on a photographic expedition: ‘from the Black wood of

Rannoch to the Bialowiezka forest in

2 Eastern Poland via the Hercynian woodlands of Germany.’