Evelyn Hood Wed 9 Apr. 2.30 3.30pm. Paisley Central Library. High Street. 889 2360. Contact Malcolm MacNeill on 887 2468 for further information. Readings from the atithor"s new historical saga 'I'lie Dir/icing Stone (Little. Brown £15.99). Hugh Collins Wed 9 Apr. 7pm. l)illons. 174—176 Argyle Street. 248 4814. The ex-Barlinnie inmate will be reading and signing copies of his hard-hitting Aurn/iingru/i/iv ()_l A .Wlll't/(’I'(’I' (Pan Maciiiillian £ 16.99).

Alasdair Gray Thurs to Apr. 8pm. Glasgow University. University Avenue. 221 7472. The author will he signing c0hies of his new hook il'lii' Suits S/mu/i/ Rule .S'mI/um/ (Canoiigate £5.99). Maggie Furey Mon 14 Apr. 7pm. Dillons. 174—176 Argyle Street. 248 4814. The rising star of British fantasy will he signing copies of her new hook I)/iui/iiurru (Legend £5.99).

ROSS Sinclair Tue 15 Apr. 7pm. (TA. 23(1Satichiehall Street. 332 7521. Artist Ross Sinclair will he sigiiitig copies of his new hook Real life ((‘CA iii association with 'l‘ramway and Piers £12). which celebrates his work and includes his own writings on art.


Jim Glen Hi 4 Apr. 7.30pm. 1. 15” (£1 ). The West lind Hotel. 35 Palmerston Place. (‘ontact John Mc(‘aughie on 337 8277 for further information. Performance poetry with special guest Jim (jlen. author of short stories aiid poetry.

Will Hutton Tue 8 Apr. 6pm. Waterstone's. l3 ~14 Princes Street. 556 3034. Readings from Hutton's new hook The Choice (Vintage £3.99). which analyses the new Labour Party.

Ruth Thomas and Angela McSeveney Wed 9 Apr. 6 7pm. Word Power. West Nicolsoii Street. 662 91 12. An evening of readings and discussion with Ruth Thomas. marking her debut novel Sm .lluiiilt'r 'liilluu (Polygon £7.99) and Angela McSeyeney. author of the popular poetry collection (Ti/nine ()ui ll'i'i/i II (Polvgon £6.95 1.

William Dalrymple and Rory MacLean Wed 9 Apr. 7pm. James Thin. 53- 59 South Bridge. 556 6743. An evening of travel writing with l)alryniple reading from his new hook l-‘mm T/H’ Hn/v .lloii/iiuili: A Journey In The Slim/ow ()1 Bi'SiiIiIiii/ii (llai'pet‘Colliiis £16.99) and MacLean talking ahoiit T/Ir' ()(lllllt‘rl/.'lI'/\'.' From The Hester/i /.\/t'.\ '1}; The I’mniixi'i/ Sm (l-larpeifollins ti 16.99).

Lunch with Lord McAlpine Thurs 10 Apr. 12.30pm. £22.51). The Adam Rooms. George 1nter-(‘oiitinental Hotel. A chance to lunch with l.()l'(l McAlpiiie who will take part in a question and answer session. and sign copies of his new autohiogi'aphy ()Ilt e .l .lu/lv litre/nun (Nicholson. £20). He will he joined hy Alan Taylor. the Deputy liditor of the Scotsman. and Andrew .\'eil. liditor iii

Rory MacLean talks about his book The Oatmeal Ark: From The Western Isles on Wed 9 Apr at James Thin,

South Bridge, Edinburgh

(‘hiefofScotsman Publications. For further information and tickets. contact l.i/. Ramsey at The Scots/nun on 243 3425.

The Rough Guide To China Thurs to Apr. 7pm. (‘afe Royal. West Register Street. £2 (includes (‘hinese huffet). Tickets from \‘v'aterstones. 13 Princes Street. 5.56 31134.'l‘ocelehrate lliL‘ llllltli Rough (iiiide. the authors will he showing slides. taking questions and signing copies of the new Rune/i (inn/e 7}; (‘lii/iu (Rough Guide £15.99). Thomas A. Clark and Jayne Wilding Sun 13 Apr. 7pm. £1.5(1tL‘1 ). l-"ruitmarket Gallery. 229 Market Street. 225 2383. Live poetry readings from Thomas A. Clark and Jayne Wilding.

Literary Lassies Mon 14 Apr. 7.311piii. £3 (£1). Asseiiihly Rooms. 54 George Street. 220 4349. Tickets from Asseiiihly Rooms and \\'aterstones. The launch of the new \"irago '\" series which aims to ptihlish the hest of young female writers around. Authors Alice 'l'hoiiipson. lsla l)ewar and Lydia Millet will he presenting their first novels. avoiding political correctness at all costs. In association with Watet'stoiie's. Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas Wed 16 Apr. 7.3(1pm. £3 (£l ). Asseiiihly Rooms. 54 George Street. 22114349. Tickets from the Asseiiihly Rooms and Waterstone‘s. The authors of the hest- selling The Hinmi Ker will be launching their new collahoratioti The Second .Uesiiii/i (Century £16.99) and discussing the evidence surrounding the Turin Shroud and the great secret of l'ireeiiiasonry. In association with Waterstone‘s.

Christine Longaker Thurs 17 Apr. The l‘riends Meeting House. Victoria Terrace. l-‘or furthere information contact lilaiiie Henry. 662 91 12. A talk hy the author of I‘tlt'fllk’ l)(’(lI/I .‘lllt/ lam/Hie Hn/n' (Century £16.99)

Lyn MacDonald Thins 17 Apr. 7pm. Waterstotie's. 13 14 Princes Street. 556 .Kt)34. The historian will he talking ahotit her new hook [9/5.‘ I)(’(lI/l ()l /lllIrI( em e (Penguin £9.99). which uses eye-w itness accounts from World War 1.

Artist Ross Sinclair will be signing copies of his new book Real Life on Tue 15

Apr, 7pm at the CCA, Glasgow

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