Vino Vino

Glasgow: 51a West Regent Street, 332 7718.

A small corner of Glasgow's West Regent Street is rapidly becoming something of a global melting pot on the food front: on one side of the street there are the oriental delights of the Amber Regent while on the other side of the road, there i; Froggies French iuisine and its new Cagun menu sitting next door to Balbir's lnrlian restaurant Underneath, in the

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7 Old Fishmarket Close Edinburgh

Lunch and Dinner Monday to 'l‘hui’sday. Friday. Saturday and Sunday open all day

telephone 013 1 225 5428

basement which used to house the Balti Bar, is Glasgow’s latest ltalian restaurant, Vino Vino.

A large restaurant decked out in warm terracotta, mirrors and the obligatory murals of bucolic ltaly, Vino Vino is founded on the three principles which its proprietor, a man who has been in the restaurant trade in Glasgow since 1973, has taken to heart over the years. First, foremost and most blindingly obvrously, the food must be good; a restaurant can have a menu that reads like a gourmet's sweetest dream but if it fails to live up to its promises, then the liqmdators are QUlely going to make the owner an offer he’s in no position to refuse Secondly, courte0us and effiCient service is important and thirdly, value for money attracts and keeps customers, These three tenets are hardly the stuff of Cuiinary revolution but it's amaZing how few restaurants manage all of them at the same time

Vino Vino’s approach to Italian food is to cover all bases, running the gamut from pasta and pizza to veal and seafood dishes. The trattoria claSSics like spaghetti carbonara or tuna Wlilt red beans are much in eVidence along Wlilt dishes like chicken cacciat0ra, a supreme of chicken sauteed in butter with onions, mushrooms, herbs, tomato and black olives at £6 85 The penne quattro formaggi is provmg popular at £5.25 as is the chicken alla crema at £6 85 If you don’t see what you want then the chef is qune happy to do requests The wine list is intriguing in that almost all the wines are under £10 and they're not Vinegary plonk. Rather than serve muck cheaply or reasOnable wrne at an outrageous

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8 Kathleen Lana " Glasgow

334 7165

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