i saw you CLASSIFIED


V I see you every Wednesday. working between the sheets in Habitat Glasgow. You tall. thin with short hair. Me longing for next Wednesday. Box No U/303/l.

O I saw you C.C. Bloom’s. l/4/97. You fashion plate with looks to kill for. Me old dog wanting to learn new tricks. I will learn sign language. Let's have dinner. Box No U/303/2.

V I saw you Glasgow Museum of Religion. early March. I looking for Tara. you preparing test Buddhic. Love is possible? Like to be your tutor. Box No U/303/3.

V I saw your money bttt not you. Sauchiehall Street. Sat 29th March. Thanks for a great night. Box No U/303/4.

V I saw you Eddy as you breezed into my life. The times we have spent have been the best. and hey. for us. the last shout ain't ever over. Cheers sweetie. Love Patsy. Box No U/303/5.

. I see you Peckhams. Bruntsfteld. lunchtimes. You gorgeous. stocky. dark-haired god. Me. flame-haired bohemian. Please be thy sandwich filler. I know you want it. Box No U/3()3/6.

V I saw you Destiny Angel. on Friday 24th January in the Counting House. Glasgow. Captain Scarlet has lost his heart to a Mysteron lady! Thunderbirds are go! Box No U/303/7.

O I saw you Keith House. I995. You - tall. black curly hair. great figure. Not known you for long loved you for years. Anything to keep you. YWB. Box No U/303/8.

V I saw you 23/3/97. Argyle Street. Me short chic. with male friend. admiring trainers in Schuh. You tnale with rucksack. wanting bus to Hamilton. Fancy taking the bus together sometime? Box No U/303/9.

V I saw you Viv G at the BBC on 28th March. Your poetry didn't just make my day it made my hole weakll Fancy scanning my iambic pentameter‘.’ Box No U/303/l0.

V I saw you you work in P-Ex. Were in Vic karaoke night. You had the body to rumble the jungle. You EC. me Jane. Let's get together for a tit a tit! Box No U/3()3/l l.

V I saw you Stornaway Mark Tunnel. 27/3/97. We smiled.

smooched and laughed together .

all night long. At the end you wanted my number I turned into Cinderella! Sorry. Get in touch. N. xxxxxx Box No U/3()3/l2.

V I saw you Glasgow Airport. Easter Monday. You: good-

looking Irishman returning from ;

Galway. We chatted briefly at baggage reclaim. You mistook

the for a Dubliner. Would love a

longer chat'.’ Box No U/3()3/l 3.

: V I saw you Greg. at Easter

Passion. We danced for ages then talked about your new Glasgow job. 5.30am starts and Tackno glitter boots. This shy boy fancies you rotten. so . . . ‘.’ Box No U/3()3/l~1.

0 I saw you Club X. 96. Me medium height. black hair. with your ex. Vicky. You Carol.

gorgeous Michael Jackson fan

(with new girlfriend) however. gave me your number. Don't have courage to call. Remember“? lfso. get in touch. Box No U/3()3/15.

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0 I saw you Captain Scarlet. Counting House. 24th January. Me red pin. you sexy and fascinating. Tied up with you. Paris l6th April. .Ie t'adore vous Destiny Angel. xxx Box No U/303/l6.

V I saw you Sadie Frost‘s 4/4/97. You: ginger guy. Me: dark-haired. next table. looked into each other's eyes. Followed you to bar. Me. too shy to speak. I'd love to have a chat. And you? Box No U/303/l7.

O I saw you H at Maxie’s. I love your smile and legs. You brought me your biggest platter for the difference. Let tne serve you. Coffee? Your April Fool plus Four with Rosie. Box No U/303/ 18.

V I saw you Edinburgh Filmhouse, Thursday 3 April (9pm). European brunette babe. French/Polish(?) with mature intellectuals. Me next table. tall. dark. and drunk. with two loud Scotstnen. You Sophia l.oren(ish). me Peter Sellers. Let‘s make movies! Box No U/303/ l9.

V I saw you my tall hunk of love. we shared margaritas.

Let‘s get rumbled in tnore ways 5

than one. Thank you for being you. Box No U/3()3/27.

V I saw you and can‘t wait to

see you again. Now we have got

past the number .tit‘. there's no stopping us now. So. let‘s live life to the max. The Ice Maiden. Box No U/303/28.

V I saw your I saw you. woman in black! Re: is it me’.’ It could be . . . lfyou read through interval and sat behind me (meet chor) drinking bottled beer. Box No U/303/29.

V I saw you Corrine and didn‘t mind yourjob! At the Vicky Bar. there wasn‘t room. Can I book a seat sometime? Box No U/3()3/30.

V I saw you in The Lounge. Wed 9 April. You. with female workmates. full of life. blonde plaited hair. black skirt and jacket stunning. Me. in corner by door. sorry for staring but transfixed by your beauty. ()ur eyes met as you left let's talk. Box No U/303/3 l.


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V I saw you in CC. Bloom's. Saturday 29th March. Me: blue

checkshirt. blue jumper. You:

check shirt. burberry jacket. stared at each other at top of stairs. Just get in touch! Box No U/303/20.

V We saw you two from ‘Kagagoogoo‘. We supped from the rough rimmed glass. shared fun. frolics and drank till dawn. Let‘s do it again boys. Cream Cat and Ocho Fever. Box No U/303/2 l.

i V I saw you Hobbes. in my sleep once again last night.

Please continue to be my life-

blood anti I’ll keep doing your

dishes. NGWWG. Calvin. xox Box No U/303/22.

9 I saw you EXWEW. Edininchmcr all fyne and soon to be nice. You will get me over

3 the edge. Waiting for you and : September. All my love

Pebbles. Box No U/303/23.

V I saw you at Ryan‘s Bar on 26 March. Me: American rugby player who wanted to ply you with G & T‘s but your friend said no. You: a bubbly Scottish gal in green shirt. Fancy meeting for a serum sometime? Box No U/303/24.

V I saw you all over the Hebrides and I still haven‘t seen enough of you. I love you. beautiful woman from the East. Truly. Madly. Deeply. T. Box No U/303/25.

V I saw you Blue Moon Cafe. 7/4/97 (lunchtime). You: blue jumper. darkly handsome. looking at paperwork. Me: in glasses with a pal. Seen you

' dancing in C.C.‘s. Can we talk . next time? Box No U/303/26.

V I saw you good looking young man. 20s. You served me at check-out M.S. Argyle Street. Tue 25 March? Me 30s guy. black leather jacket wearing similar Russian wedding ring. Can I buy you dinner‘.’ Box No U/303/32.

O I saw you Steven from Clydebank. 2 UR. My owner was stupid not to get your phone number. My black fttrry sister misses your petting. Get in touch. I'll purr! Wiseman. Box No U/3()3/33.

V I saw you sexy cheek-out chick in Safeway Cameron Toll. Where are you now that it's closed? Let's get together and nibble a Peperami and some fro/en peas. Box No [UNIX/34. 9 I saw you beautiful. beautiful boy at Taste (30/3/97 ). You wearing beige army pants. red stripey top and Timberland boots. Me. little guy in black. You tnade my night. Box No U/303/35.

V I saw you Alistair from Ayr. 5/4 Jinty's then (‘lattie's I‘m the English Rose with the lovely body (you said Hi) and Rennie Mac earrings. You disappeared too quickly. Write and apologise and I promise I'll answer your questions then'l Box No U/MB/Ro.

V I saw you Mr Pierced let‘t- tragus. blue. round shades. black cropped hair. and the lovely smile on the No 42 bus. lunchtime 8 April. wearing a red top attd blue jeans. Yott got off in St Andrew Square. and I wished I‘d followed. but I had to go to work. Mr Checked- bla/er. llo\ No “1103/37.

V I saw you sexy ex-larvis look-a-like milling around lidinburgh l‘nt (amongst other places). I like your style. btit I'm not sure about the mullet. (let in touch Mr Spacemanl Box No U/Filll/RX.

V I saw you on Wednesday night. Xpm. Hannermans Hat. The (‘owgate. going to the Edinburgh Greenpeace (iroup meeting. I \t‘t‘ _\‘t)ll t‘Vt‘l'y week. I know all are welcome at your meetings. attd they seem like fun. so maybe I‘ll come soon and help in the light to save our world. Box No IF/RIR/fi‘).

V I saw you lady Ill red at Tackno. Your baby top males were Disco bunnies. but you said you preferred Indie music. Well. heaxen knows I‘m miserable now. Fancy an introspective cup of coffee'.’ Box No l_‘/3l)3/~1().

V I saw you Metropole. (iood l-ritlay. mid-afteruoon. Me: tall.

dark and couldn't help glancing

(almost staring!) at an elegant girl with long dark hair and red

jumper. Will you let me explain

why'.’ Box no ll/303/4 l.

V I saw you at ABBA tackno. You said that you make lioumous better than you dance. Can't be hard. Me (illl-AS. let‘s have mint tea and halva. Box No l‘/ Wit/~13.

V I saw you Ml'l (‘lydebank 29/3/97. Yoit tall. dark hair. cream shirt. buyng bedside unit. .\Ie slim. dark hair. blue tlungarees. Need some help with your self-assembly"? Box No U/Rtll/J}.

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