m ROY CHUBBY “(flaw

This dance event at Teviot Row house features Craig Burger Queen and Edinburgh's finest bedroom DJs. 4th Dimension is offering the first five readers a pair of tickets worth £6 a pair. Take this voucher to the EUSA Office, 5/2 anto Square, Edinburgh on Wed 23 Apr, 9.30am—Spm to collect your tickets, For further information call 0131 650 2656.

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m 3;; I Festival Theatre '- g I Glasgow’s annual festival fever is soon to break are Pffer'ng “V9 Dolls m " - r k f h r X 5 I I out again as mayfest kicks off. 9 M as ort e.irst _ U '55 g I The place to be amid all the cultural chaos is five readers to bring this : 5 I: ' the Old Fruitmarket where the mayfest Club CODY 0f. The List to the

3 § i opens its doors on 1 May. From Wednesdays to EDI N BU RGH box Office 0” W9d 23 Apr :- g '8 i Sundays you can impress the admiring crowd ! to see the aim“ comedy m C E I with your hot shoe shuffle on the dance floor, Of ROY ChUbbY Brown- < .3 2' : star spot or m '5 § i just prop up the well-stocked bar. We at The List R E

w '0 l- a. 5 U5 E 4: E a i >. .5 OSMOSIS ‘3 TE




I are known to like a good bash and have joined —— I with mayfest to host an opening night party on ' Wednesday 30 April. Admission is strictly by

invitation only but ten of you can each win a

pair of tickets if you can answer this: I When was the first mayfest?

E “5 II

I Answers on a postcard by Fri 25 Apr. Mark them: u w ‘ND EDINBURG I MAYFEST PARTY COMP, The List, 14 High Street. EVENTS GUIDE

Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

L” g I ' _ Thanks to Guild, we have five a E, I ' ' I n .~ c0pies of Gillies McKinnon’s h 5 I - Small Faces to give away. Set in > g g : - the gangland of 605 Glasgow, COMMUNICADOI U- .5: i ' Small Faces tells the tale of three V! g E I adolescent brothers who are all THE TRAVERSE THEATRE U 3 a I VarY'ng degrees- The V'O'etnce Of five pairs of tickets at two for < 3 g : razors, béleS :ndkbottles IS the price of one to see their '5 3 I temper? .Wlt a 99“ I production of Tales Of The

U- § g . apgreoation 0:j the use of Ircfony Arabian Nights at the Traverse in

.l: : an Wit to pro UCE a Utes-O ' at

a . _.I 8 z, ; passage film that is ultimately Sundays), Thurs 17_Sun 27 Apr_ _l 8 ; i ' warming. AS an added bonus, I To book your tickets bring this < : Joe McFadden (aka the cute one from The Crow Road) has a starring role. edition of The List to the box

; , The vrdeo is on sale now at £12.99 but five lucky List readers can get a copy for Office. 2 .3 I free if they can answer this: mu". m V i Who was the Small Faces’ first lead singer?

I Answers on a postcard by Thurs 1 May. Mark them: SMALL COMP, The List, : 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 m3. ROYAL LYCEUM ____________ .4 __ THEATRE

The Royal Lyceum Theatre is offering two for the price of one to I see Translations by Brian I

The Birdcage


o I - - - - Frlel at 7 45pm, IvIOll I ,, I Warner Home Video have kindly given us five 211%,“ 2‘1 Apr To bookI “J g I c0ples of Mike Nichols's hilarious farce The l your tickets brmg this o g : Birdcage, to give to you, our dear readers. Out on copy of The USI along to _ ,2 i sell through this fortnight, the mowe stars Robin the box Office 0” the I > g . Williams, Gene Hackman, Dianne Wiest and I m I ~ : h . . g 1t of the performance. I m g I Nathan Lane in a hotchpotch of misunderstanding l g m '5 g I and mix-ups. I g 'i 1 Set in Miami’s loud and brash South Beach area, I U > '3 i where beautiful, bronzed and bikini-clad couples l OFFERS: Cut out the coupon or take along the < c 'g I glide by on their rollerblades, the film centres Who'e magalme and 97956" 't to the re'evam U .9 g- I around the daughter of two moral tightasses who i box Office 0" C35“ d95k- A" “ff-"’5 are subiect ‘0 § : lg to be mamed to a Charming young man. I availability and managements reserve the right a a 2 1 Unfortunately, the parents of the groom-to-be are E refuse adm'ss'm“ m E g i a somewhat flamboyant gay couple whose lifestyle COMPET'T'ONS: only one emfy Per Person Per _ 8 _>. I is regarded by the bride’s parents with the same i COMPEtftfono 'f you 3'9 ente'lflg more "‘3" one m g I disgust as they might View an alco lies I competition, you need use only one envelope. but 3 I underpants. Needless to say, when he in-laws I P'ease make 5"“? that Your flamer address 3'3“. Lu 2 1 meet things aren’t too friendly. Go d for a laugh I voucher are attached to EACH entry. Competitions .3 . though, you want the movie? Answer this; “Robmumm‘«mm I are open to all UK residents (over the age of 18 in 2'. _ , . ,,f, 5 acoo-reae oers. ores onsiii can e = ' N l h t Witttltattlc memo @ i I h I I t d ff ) N p .thy b .- i tamedt Free 01 El mOVIGS RObln Wllllams has 0 “" "‘ w A accepted by The List for prizes which cannot be I s arre in.

obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To obtain a list of winners. please send a SAE to The List Competition Winners, stating which issue(s)

I 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. resuns you require.


l i I Answers on a postcard by Fri 2 May. Mark them: CAGE COMP, The List,

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