Joaquin coma


Famed as much for his publicly staged relationship with supermodel Naomi Campbell as his throbbing flamenco stage show, Spanish dancer Joaquin Cortéz is about to stun Scottish audiences with his blend of sex and sangria. Words: Ann Donald

12 rucusr 18 Apr—i May 1997

YES! YES! YES! is the international ladeez’ response when tempted by a leetle beet ov that saucy Gypsy Passion. Joaquin Corte’z is ‘the Spanish stallion‘ (The List) oozing ‘raw sexuality‘ (Elle). He‘s ‘gorgeous and very special’ (Naomi Campbell) and heck, he’s even a darn fine dancer to boot. Or as the Sunday Times trumpeted in a fit of sparkling hyperbole: ‘In all the world there is no male dance star to rival him.’ Worra guy. Worra dancen

A 28—year—old Andalusian gypsy and proud owner of premium skinny legs insured for £10 million. Joaquin Cortex is the Spanish superstar widely credited as reinventing the whole stomping. steaming genre of flamenco. Bullrings and rock stadiums sweat to his flashing Cuban heels and pulsating bare flesh poses. Scotland is the latest nation to hold its breath in anticipation of his heady show Gypsy Passion as it makes its way to Glasgow’s SECC.

Phew! Cortex may not be your archetypal 6ft himbo but those slightly rabbin teeth pale into insignificance when the lithe, demonic form swirls into action. Audiences love him. He‘s the Michael Flatley of Spanish dancing only sexier because he doesn’t wear a head band.

So let‘s cut to the chase. Joaquin. What’s the relationship between dance. sex and you‘.’

‘I see dance as being a passionate thing.’ replies the wispily goateed one. “It is about emotions and relationships between people.

'I respect the purists'

opinion but I think of myself as an original dancer.

I am pure Joaquin!’ Joaquin Cortez

People sometimes see passions as being sexy. I don‘t object to people thinking of me as a sex symbol. In a way it’s a help because it is giving me the opportunity to reach people who normally wouldn‘t come and watch fiamenco.‘

Returning to cool. professional mode. he adds: ‘()f course. once they have seen the performance I would like them to judge it on the quality of the show.”

While we‘re talking quality. what about the alleged ‘Iove-affair‘ with supermodel appendage Naomi Campbell that began either at a) a photo shoot for Elle magazine or b) a Giorgio Armani party. depending on which report you read. The pair ended up entwined before the camera. nipples bursting from skimpy clothes and eyes rolling in seeming ecstasy.

Silence is the suffocating response from Senor (‘ortén Never mind. Nice pictures. Time to pursue another tack. Does this crazy celeb- studded lifestyle bother him‘.’

‘I love performing and it is very good that people like to come and watch me perform.‘ he says. ‘This has attracted much attention in newspapers and magazines but this is part of my job. I understand that it is part of what I do. l have to accept it. I get hurt a little when people write things that are not true or look into my private life.‘ Guilty as charged m’lord. ‘l have very little private life now and I like to try to keep it private and special.‘

The basic biographical facts on Cortéz are as follows. Born in Cordoba to a family