Verdone examines familiar themes of cynicism and love. Part of the Italiati Film Festival. Glasgow: (il’l’. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Everyone Says I Love You til) (Woody Allen. US. l996l Julia Roberts. (ioldie Hawn. Woody Allen. l()l mins. Woody takes the plunge and makes a fully-fledged musical. with a story that flips from New York to Paris to Venice. Various lovers burst into song and dance at regular intervals. gamely performing 30s and 40s standards with varying degrees of success, The director himself looks distinctly pained when he sings his number. btit his discomfort is nothing compared with ottrs when .Itrlia Roberts opens her mouth to sing ‘All My Life'. A disappointing misfir'e. See review. (ilasgow: (ii-'l‘. ()deon Quay. Edinburgh: Cameo.

The Exorcist t I 8) (William l-riedkin. US. l973) Linda Blair. lillen Burstyn. Mas \"on Sydow. I 10 mins. liat'nest priest Von Sydow steps iii to save poor little possessed girl in this hugely effective scarefest. Dead good. dead scary. dead priest. (ilasgow: ()deons. Edinburgh: ()deon.

Fever Pitch ( I 5) (David liyans. UK. I996) Colin l’irth. Ruth (iemmell. Neil Pearson. I05 mins. The film of Nick IIornby's book switches the emphasis from the actual matches to the relationships which suffer due to one man's undying obssession witli football. l-‘it'th plays schoolteacher I’aul Ashworth. whose life is both enhanced and debilitated by his passion for Arsenal. and whose relationship with a colleague dips and peaks in direct proportion to the 1983/89 season. livans‘s film captures the wit and misery of the book: there is no substitute for this in the world of the football film. so don‘t miss it. (ilasgow: ()deons. Showcase. UCI Clydebank. lidinbur'gh: ()deon. lit’l. Iiast Kilbride: L’L’l.

Film As Propaganda tl’(i) A t'at'c opportunity to see some archive material which shows the powerful role film has played iii the propaganda machine. Afterwards. there will be a discussion on these documentaries and other larger works

such as Ii“f.‘th/)/l ()f'l'lie Il'ill. Iidinburgh: St Bride's.

Flirting With Disaster t l5) (David 0. Russell. US. l996) Ben Stiller. Patricia Arquette. Tea Leoni. 92 mins. After the impressive Spanking The Monkey; writer- director Russell delivers a movie that's more contrived and less emphatic than his debut. but still pacy. funny and wickedly fond of its eccentric characters. On an offbeat road trip. Mel and Nancy try to save their marriage and find his biological parents while hay trig various affairs en route. (ireat performances and a nicely ironic script. Stirling: MaCRobert.

Fly Away Home (U) (Caroll Ballard. US. I996) Anna l’aquin. .Icff Daniels. Dana DeIany'. l()7 mins. When her mother is killed in a car crash. young Amy t’l'lit' l’ittnu Ts I’aquin) is sent to live with her estranged father in Canada. Soon they ’ve hatched a plan to help a flock of baby geese migrate south for the winter by leading them in a modified glider. An orphaned kid. some fluffy animals -- bttt this gets beyond the formula by injecting sortie credible emotional depth into the performances by the two leads. Iiditiburgh; Dominion. ls'irkcaldy: Adam Smith. St Andrews: New I’icture House.

The Funeral t Ib’) tAbeI I-‘errara. US. IWSI Christopher Walken. (’hris I’enn. Annabella Sciorra. 0‘) mins. 'I‘he troubled past of a gangster family merges with a current revenge plan in l5errara‘s period movie. 'I'he visceral blood-letting and the threat of more to come make the initial impression. while Walken gives an airin haunted performance and Penn is riven by inner demons barely under control. Btrt it's their wives tScior'ra arid Rossellini). all long-suffering looks and pragmatic pessimism. who tell the real story. Plenty to infuriate and enthral in almost equal measure. See rev iew. lidinburgh: ()deon.

Harriet The Spy tl’(i) tBt'onwen Hughes. L‘S. l‘)‘)ol Michelle 'l‘rachtenberg. Rosie O‘Donnell. (iregory Smith. MD mins. l‘recocious schoolgirl Harriet. convinced she has a future as a writer. notes down the

minutae of daily life in her journal; bttt when her classmates discover her criticisms of them. she has to work hard to win back popularity. 'l‘rachtenberg git es a fresh. sparky performance. but the teacherly tone won't amuse accompanying grown-ups. Ayr: ()deon. Kilmarnock: ABC.

Honeymoon Trips ( 15) (Carlo yertlone. Italy. I995) (‘arlo \'erdone. Claudia (ierini. ('in/ia Mascoli. l(lo mins. Laughs combine with darker satire in Verdone's examination of three marriages and. in particular. the arrogant men within them —- a rich surgeon. a \ tilgar yuppie and a wtndbag priest. A bos office phenomenon iti Italy. it stomped all over .I/tvstmr' [III/l(l.\\‘lf’/(’ to become one of the biggest hits of the year. Part of the Italian l~rlm I5estival. (ilasgow: (ii-'I. Iidinburgh. l-ilmhotme.

Hotel Fear t l5) tRenato de Maria. ltaIy/l‘rancc. I‘Wf‘l Sergio ('astcllitto. laia liorte. Isabella I’errari. “7 mins. When Iic loses his job. a young manager has to move into a council estate w ith his w ife and child. Hard times mean they leave him and he is forced onto the streets. where he's taken to a homeless shelter by: a beautiful drifter. Part of the Italratt Film Festival. (ilasgow (il’l‘. lidinburgh: l‘iltnhouse.

Hotel Rome I IS) tt‘go Chin. Italy. 19%) .'\Ic'ss’:llltll‘tl Benvenuli. 'I‘cheky Karyo. (‘Iarrdio Bisio. I05 tiiitis. A small town in I‘Blls 'l‘ttscany awaits a \ tsit by .‘slttssolini. bttt when a human fetus is found abandoned iii the bushes. speculation becomes rife althouin the official investigation has to be postponed. Based on the director's stage play. this lilrn debut features a strong cast. l’art oftlie Italian l‘ilm I'estival. (ilasgow: (il-‘l‘. lidinburgh. l‘tlmhouse.

I Know Where I'm Going! tL,’i t.\lichael l’oweII/limet‘ic l’res’sbur'ger. I'K. I945) Wendy lliller. Roger I.ivesey. l'inlay ('urrie. OI mins_ Beautifully shot in black and white. this is an intriguing comedy romance with dark undertones. in which the young. confident .\Is Ililler sets ottt to marry her rich btrt elderly fiance in the llebrides. but falls Instead for l.i\cscy's scsy yottng naval officer. 'Ihe \ isual sy tnbols. all drawn from

index FILM

the islands' natural landscape. underline the story‘s deeper resonances. Edinburgh: St Bride‘s. Stirling: MacRobert.

Into The West (PG) (Mike Newell. litre/UK. I992) (iabriel Byrne. [Ellen Barkin. Ciaran Fitzgerald. Ruaidhri Conroy. l02 mins. Following the death of his wife. a fortner traveller (Byrne) sets up home with his two sons in a Dublin slum. But when a mystical white horse appears and the boys head off into the Iriin countryside with it. he is forced to come to terms with his present life and past culture. A wonderful piece of family storytelling. blending ancient and modern myths. (ilasgow: (il’l'.

lsotta ( l 5) (Maurizio l-‘iume. Italy/Greece. I‘Nbl Nicoletta Magalotti. Rosa di Brigida. 'l'eresa Saponangelo. SS mins. Art overweight factory worker spends her life daydreaming. btrt is forced to face reality when she falls for a (ireek businessman visiting Naples. Nicoletta Magalotti gives a wonderfully utiseItconsciotis performance in the lead role. l’art oi the Italian l’ilm l-‘estival. (ilasgow: (il’l‘. lidinburgh: I‘ilmhouse. James And The Giant Peach (U) (Henry SeIick. US. I‘No) I’attl l‘erry'. Susan Sarandon. Simon (’allow. 7‘) mins. l-‘rorn the director of 77m [fur/(in is The .Vft’ll/llltll'l’ lie/ore ('liris/muy‘ comes a wonderfully colourful adaptation of Roald Dahl's much- Ioved novel. live action tops and tails the story. bttt for the tnost part. it's fttn times with stop-motion puppets. By turns funny and scary. it stays true to Dahl's surreal and whimsical vision. (ilasgow: ()deons. Jealousy ltalian Style t l5) tl-Zttore Scola. Italy/Spain. 1070) Marcello Mastroianni. .‘slonica \'itti. (iiancarlo (iiannini. l(lo mins. life seems blissful fora (‘ommunist bricklayer when he leaves his wife for a flower-seller. btit then his new love falls for his waiter friend. Sotne clever political and satirical points are made. bttt the overall impression is of a shouting match. .‘ylastroianni woti Best Actor at ('annes. Part of the Italian I5ilm liestival. (ilasgow: (il’l'. l-Idinburgh: liilmhouse.

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