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Jerry Maguire1 l51((‘ai11eron (‘rovve. US. I‘)‘)(1)'lom (‘ruise. (‘uba (iooding J1. Renee Xellvveger. IRS mins. ('ruise is perfect as sports agent Maguire. who suddenly finds himself out of a ioh when he writes a Mission Statement calling for his colleagues to rediscover the sincerity of their business. With only one client on his books ((Eoodingl and the loyal Dorothy 1/ellvvegerl for affection and support. he soldiers on and ‘- of course. becomes a better person for it all. (‘rovse‘s picture of an America crippled by a lack of genuine intimacy gives the film a maturity that's 1.11"er seen in feelgood star ‘~CIIIc‘IC\ (ieneral release. Larger Than Life (l’(il (Ilovvard l‘ratiklin. I'S. l‘J‘lfil Illll \Iuitay. laiieane (iarafalo. 1:11 the elephant "3 mins l’opular tlieraptist Jack (‘oicoran (Murray 1 inlietils his father‘s circus elephant \"e1.i. .1111lainis to sell her to a heartless Iloll\ 'v‘.1ui1l annual trainer. lint 1111 theit iouiney across America. Jack becomes a better pcrson. 'I‘Iits loosely plotted odyssey is dross ned in mindless elephant worship ~- tliere are only so many times you really want to see a perloi'ming pachyderm stand on three legs - and the results are truly 1IL'\[‘1'I';11L' (ilasgov‘. \Ilt’ylll. Leaving Las Vegas 1 l\'1 ifylike I-iggis. t'S. I‘M,“ .\'ic11Ias(‘age. lilisabeth Sliue.Jti|1an bands I I11 mins Sacked from his job. Ilen Lll'l\c‘\ 11‘ l Qts \‘k'f‘ih \\llll lIlL' stile IIIIL‘IIIIUII of drinking himself to death. but during his 1lL‘\.‘L‘IlIv'1'lIIL‘\.lc‘l'1‘\\lltlttlsL'I Sela. another lost soul. I'iggis's neon-drenched Iiiov ie captures the irresponsible euphoria and mental pain of alcoholism from a subjective s ievvpoint. vvhile the astonishing performances by the leads help lI transcend the surface tavs driness and delve deep into underlying emotions. St Andrew s: New l’lcltlt'v‘ llotlse. Living It Up 1 151 (I’aolo Vii/i. Italy. I‘NM (’laiidiolligagl1.Sabrina Ierilli..\lassi111o (11.11111)? mins. Illlllk' 'I‘uscany. and idyllic country side comes to mind. It's unusual. then. fora film to be set In an industrial 'l'uscaii tovv 11 with a government steelvvorks 111111soutsl.uts 'l hreatened closure encourages llruno to start a new business with liiends. but at the same time his wife begins .111 altaii vv 1th a hall 'I \' star. Part of the Il.lll.lll III!“ I estival (ilasgovs' (il’l‘. Ildinburgh: l’ilmliousc. Lone Star 1 I <1 «lolm Sayles. (‘8. 11111111 ('Iitis(‘1\11111'1'. Ifli/abeth I’ena. Kris Is'ristotferson l‘x‘ Illllls, \\'I1enamo1lern- day 'l‘e\an sheriff investigates a decades-old murder. past clashes vs ith present and local my thologies have to be re e\amined. Say Ies's various sub-plots reinforce and counterpoint. building a comple\ social. historical and political backdrop to the rivetting thriller on the surface. Another masterpiece from .\111crica's greatest independent director. Iidinburgh: (’ameo. Looking For Richard 1 1511A! l’acino. l‘S. I‘IWH Al Pacino. Winona Ry dcr. Alec llaldvv in. I I3 mms I’.1cino investigates his passion for Shakespeare by scurrying

around New York. interviewing ordinary people and famous thespians abotit the liard's appeal. When he gets together his .I11111istochevv over the test and enact some

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scenes from Ric/21ml III however. his offbeat film goes sadly off the rails and resembles a Higher [English lesson. A noble effort that‘s a tad too self-indulgent. Edinburgh: Cameo. La Luna 1 I8) (Bernardo Bertolticci. Italy. I979) Jill Clayburgh. Matthew Barry. Laura Betti. I42 mins. Delving itito the complex psychological and sexual tensions between an opera diva and her heroin-addicted son. llertolucci creates a modern-day ()edipal myth that's carried off with typically flashy style. Iidinburgh: I-‘ilmhouse.

Luna E L'Altra ( I5) (Maurizio Nichetti. Italy. l996) laia I-‘orte. Aurelio l5ie1'ro. Luigi Burruano. I()()mii1s. /('I1‘/(’ 'I’lii'c/ director Niclietti presents a gentle charmer set in I955. When a travelling circus comes to loss 11 and gypsy children steal a magic lantern. the shadow of an uptight teacher leaves her body and begins a fun-loving life of its own. Part of the Italian I-ilm liestival. (llasgovs: (il’l'. Iidinburgh: I-‘ilmhouse. Mad About Iris Blond 1 l5) (Carlo \'erdone. Italy. l996) Carlo Verdone. Claudia (ierini. Andrea I"erreol. I l() mitts. A Christmas I996 release in Italy. V'rdone's latest rounds off this short retrospective with another examination of the fickle nature of love. A key board player follovs s a singer to her native Belgium in the name of love. btit is smitten by a poet; as her fame grows. so their relationship vs ilts. Part of the Italian I5ilm I-‘estival. (ilasgow: (il’l‘. Iidinburgh: I’ilmhouse.

The Magic Umbrella Pupils front Iidinburgh‘s I)a|ry Primary School star in this locally made short film about the adventures enjoyed by four kids who are trying to return a strong-willed umbrella to its owner. I-‘or its premiere on Monday 28 April. The Magic (’ni/n‘c/lu vs ill be paired

vs ith short The Singing Slice/s. made in Iidinburgh in IUSI. See Rough Cuts. lidinburgh: St Brides.

Mandela (I’Ci) (Jo .‘vlenneII/.-\ngtis (iibson. US. I995) II7 mins. Mum/1'11! is a cinematic feast for anyone who espoused the cause. a testament to the leader and his life-long commitment. Although slow-paced and

Ios ingly shot. it is an informative documentary which skilfully blends archive and contemporary footage vs ith interviews. Difficult topics. such as the .-\N("s decision to resort to armed struggle are mentioned. but it's hard to forget that this is an officially sanctioned film. See revievs. (ilasgovs: (il’l‘. Mars Attacks! (I3) (‘lItii llltrtoti. US. 199(1) .Iack Nicholson. (ilcnn ('Iose. Annette Bening. HIS mins. Take some 50s alien invasion films. add the star bodycount of 70s disaster movies. round it off vs ith the weird imagination of'l'ini Burton. and you have this expensive sci-Ii spoof. 'lhe Ii'l‘s literally are little green men. vs reeking havoc on Iiarth vvhile disparate bunches of humans fight back. (iood gags. great design and eye-popping computer animation. but It doesn‘t really connect as a complete film. lidinburgh: I'CI. Irvine: Magnum.

Matilda 1I’(il (Danny I)e \‘ilo. US. I996) Mara Wilson. Danny I)c \'ito. Iimbeth I)avi1lt/.. 05' mins. (‘apturing the delicious wickedness of Roald I)ahl‘s writing. director He Vito fully exploits csaggcration and playful camera work to tell the tale of a gifted child vs ho uses her super brain to

Pointing the finger: Adrian Dunbar in The Near Room

outwit her neglectful parents. ()ffsetting the lovable M'itilda against a series of horribly inflated ba-I characters. the film's empowering message for children will appeal to the mischevious kid 111 everyone. (ieneral release.

Metro (I81 (I homas (‘arieiz L’S. IWM Iiddie Murphy. Michael Rapaport. Michael Wincott. I I7 mins. Murphy‘s latest is crudely CUI‘I'IIIICI’:I:II. btit lacking in the humour and acti1 11 that combined to such successful effect in his earlier work. Here he's a vs'isecracking hostage negociator who sets out to avenge the murder of a police colleague in spite of common sense and legal procedure. No rival for the best movies in the same action-comedy-thriller field. See review. (ieiieral release.

Michael (PU) (Nora Iiphron. 1'5. 19061 John 'l'ravolta. William Hurt. Andie MacDowelI. HIS mins. 'l‘wo tabloid newspaper reporters and an ‘angel espert‘ are sent to check otit reports about a guy with wings in Iowa. It is indeed the archangel Michael. who lives it 11p drinking. smoking and vvomanising - across America while trying to get mismatched Hurt and 1\Iacl_)owell together in romantic terms. 'I'ravolta's charm shines through. but can't save a movie that's lacklustre and totally lacks chemistry between the other tvso stars. Irvine: Magnum.

The Near Room 1 I8) (Dav id Ilay man. I'K. IWSI Adrian Dunbar. David ()‘Ilara. Julie (iraham. 8‘) mins. Iinter a vision of (ilasgms where Mr Happy never smiles better and washed-11p newspaper hack (‘harlie 1I)unbari realises that the young girl he is searching for in a sevv er of corruption and childpornography is his ms 11 long-lost daughter. Robert Murphy ‘s screenplay throws a tight net over the characters. creating a world where the past hunts

i everyone down w ith a relentless. merciless inev itability. (ieneral release. Neroilio1l3)min-elm(inmaldi. ltaiy. I906) Marco (‘avicchiolL Lucia Sardo. Vincenzo ('rivello. 83 mins. Rather than dwelling on the controversy surrounding the death of Her l’aolo I’asolini. (irimaldi‘s fictional film is a series of imagined episodes from the last months of the director and p1:-‘t's life. An intriguing. provocative account 1‘! the appeal of a man vilified vs hen alive. yet honoured after death. Part of the Italian I-‘ilm liestival. (ilasgovv: (il’l‘. I-Idinbtirgh: l-‘ilmhouse.

101 Dalmatians (1'1 (Stephen Ilerek. US. I906) Glenn Close. Joely' Richardson. Jeff Daniels. l().‘\111ins.l)isaey turns one of its favourite animated films into a live action pantomime with spodges of ll1llll1’.'l.’1)ll1’ buffomiery. making sure there are plenty of dogs to make the kids go ‘aaahhh‘. The story remains pretty much untouched « vile v illainess ('ruella I)e \'iI 1(,‘losel kidnaps enough spotty pups to make a stunning coat. but the animal world gets the better of her ~ htit so does the old-fashioned morality. which stresses the sanctity of marriage and that a woman‘s place is by her man‘s side. (ilasgovs: ()deon Quay. I‘CI ('lydebank. Irvine: \VMR.

The People vs Larry Flynt1l.\‘11.'yfilos- I’orman. [78. I996) Woody Ilarrelson. ('otirtney' love. Iidward Norton. l3011iins. I’ollowing the rise of p1u'nography publisher I.arry I’Iynt from humble beginnings through court cases and an assassination attempt. 7711' People vs lurrv /-'/_\nl is about a lot more than politics Ilial's' not to dismiss the film's central argument that IIIL‘ right of I'I'L‘L‘ speech is absolute -- I‘ll! II is ('ourtney I.ovc as I‘lynt‘s iunkie vvife Althea that you won‘t be able to take your eyes off. (ilasgovv: (Ideon ()uay. Showcase. Li('l

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