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In 1994/5, the National Galleries of Scotland acquired a number of Picasso's works and documents from his friend and biogapher Sir Roland Penrose. In the wake of the recent biopic starring Anthony Hopkins, a major new exhibition of 25 works, covering 65 years of the Spanish artist's long career, is to go on display in Edinburgh. Apart from almost all the works in the Modern Art Gallery's permanent collection, the show will include several works lent by private collectors, and includes this painting, 'Bacchanale’, which dates from 1959.

The Picasso exhibition is at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, Sat 26 Apr-Sun 9 Nov.

21'“! U8T8 Apr—1 May 1997


Val Kilmer

He might have passed the batsuit on to George Clooney, : but Val Kilmer (oh, yes it is) obviously hasn’t had his fill of playing heroes with a desire for flamboyant disguise. In his new film,The Saint souped up from the British television version of the 603 Kilmer plays Simon Templar, donning odd amounts of facial hair, wigs and costumes to confuse his enemies and outwit a Russian megalomaniac. And - for his next screen engagement, he'll be holding onto his halo as he provides the voice for Moses in the animated tale Prince Of Egypt. See page 20 for reView of The Saint

The Saint goes on general release on Fri 78 Apr.

Marcello Mastroianni

When the greatest Italian actor of his generation died last December, Rome’s TreVi Fountain was swnched off and covered in black crepe as a mark of respect. The scene in Federico Fellini’s La Oo/ce Vita, in which Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg step into the fountain’s pool, has become one of European Cinema’s most iconic moments, and the film marked the high point of the long collaboration between the actor and Fellini. This year’s Italian Film Festival pays honour to Mastroianni with a short retrospective spanning his career from an early non-comic role in 1953’s political drama Stories Of Poor Lovers to his last major appearance (playing four distinct roles) in last year’s Three Lives And Only One Death. There’s also a chance to see him at his best in Fellini’s classic fantasy on the filmmaking process, 87/3. See page 18 for Festival preview and Film Listings for screening details.

The Italian Film Festival is at the Glasgow Film Theatre and Edinburgh Fi/mhouse from Fri 78—Sun 27 Apr. 87/; is screened on Sat 79 Apr (Edinburgh) and Sun 20 Apr (Glasgow).