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ROCK Hurricane #1 Glasgow: The Cathouse, Mon 21 Apr.

John Squire is not the only guitar- wielding indie hero stepping into the breach with a new combo these days. Although factors such as not being part of a genre- splicing band who quaked a generation, not being hailed as the greatest guitarist of his generation and not being the only member of your former group to emerge from the split with any dignity have conspired to make his return to the fray not quite as feverishly anticipated as Squire’s Seahorses, 'the other' Andy Bell (Ride, not Erasure) is, in the words of an old Ride song, 'not phased.‘

His latest musical incarnation is Hurricane #1, a four-piece who arrive with an eminently hummable single ’Step Into My World’ and an album already recorded, less than two years after Ride were touring their last album Tarantula.

Anyone whose specialist subject is the demise of successful 905 guitar bands will have an acrimonious tale to tell in the case of Ride. Their final recording sessions were characterised by a deterioration in the relationship of childhood friends and main songwriters Bell and Mark Gardiner, the band’s frontman. It was known that Ride were due to

split when they undertook promotional duties for Tarantula. Interviews were conducted separately. Even

now, Bell can’t resist a little dig.

‘There was no time when l was in Ride that I thought I was going to leave, because I'm not that sort of person, I make the best of what I’ve got. I’m not going to start making other plans, keep it secret and then say "see ya" which is what Mark did really.’

But if Bell wouldn't have deserted Ride, he is still much happier in Hurricane #1, a band who have come together in a very different way than Ride who had grown up together. After hooking up with drummer Gareth Farmer, Bell set up vocal auditions. Bassist Will

CLASSICAL BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra

Glasgow: Tram .vay, Fri 25 Apr.

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Hurricane #1: get ready to be blown away

Pepper, formerly of garage rockers Thee Hypnotics, showed up to back the potential singers and Tayside

lad Alex Lowe was the obvious choice with his 'Rod

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Stewart massive-sounding voice.’

’It’s good having someone who can sing anything,’ enthuses Bell, ’because before I was restricted to writing songs that either me or Mark could sing. We had basically the same range and it wasn’t that big. Now I can write any melody, one I can’t sing myself. It’s like when you hear Burt Bacharach singing he’s awful. He can write them, but he can’t sing them.’

So that must be the cue to state - what the world needs now is Lowe. (Fiona Shepherd)

love it '

W'th fellow pertussionist DaVid Lyons on glockenspiel, Heather Corbett Will be out front on xylophone, With another five percussionists and a vast array of instruments at the back. 'One has bells, bells and more bells. Another has (rotales ‘.‘/liil pedal There’s triangle, olass chimes, shell (himes, Wind thimes, temple blotks, wood hiet ks and a thunder sheet And a fuet

a \.'.'hip’

With infet from and boundless enthusiasm, she poses puz/les such as ‘And do you know what an eoliphone is7 Or a geophone7' The first is fairly simply explained as a Wind machine whith (an do riale force and the second is ’a I‘.‘."()-f(?(‘l-\.'Jl(i(? sand machine \‘JIIII small pebbles and sand inside x-xhith makes a very effective whooshy sound of the shore.’ Lt)’l|‘ill’t<lH\/, it’s a thalleniie to even get the fli’flll stuff in the right plate at the Il(]lll time, but there are a lot of notes to be learned too As Heather Corbett says, 'You can guess how I spent my El ster holidays (Carol Main)

Sid Griffin

Glasgow: King Tut's. Mon 21.

Sid Griffin turned professional on 23 December 1984 and has been making fine music to ’a small but very faithful following’ ever since, with The Long Ryders and The Coal Porters. Only now is he releasing his first solo album, Little Victories. See album reviews.

How did you get into your second trade, journalism?

'I got a degree in it. Then the first four years I was in California I half-heartedly pursued it. I think you can write straight news when you're young, but I don’t think you can write terrific prose or fiction or songs until you have some experience under your belt, and I was so green . . .'

What's the last piece of music you heard that blew you away?

‘I thought Keb Mo’s album from about three years ago was amazing. I saw Ray Davies doing a solo show a few weeks ago and that was mind- boggling. I'll tell you another amazing band: BR-4S9.’

Have you ever written a song and been amazed by your own brilliance? ’Have I written anything as brilliant as "Waterloo Sunset” with Ray Davies singing it acoustically? No, I'd be the first to admit that. I have a song on the new album called "Jimmy Reed”, and I think that should Emrnylou Harris or someone sing that song I've got a smash, a proper int. And that is a good song from anybody? pen, be it Paul McCartney's or Merle Ilaggard’s or yours or mine or Lucmda WIIIIBFTISS’

Any scores you'd like to settle if you were given the power?

’Yes. I have two personal scores in the record industry, people that owe me money, speCifically owe The Long Ryders money. And that pisses me off royally, no pun intended. These guys’ attitude is "We defy you to make us pay you." That upsets me.’

(Alastair Mabbott)

Sid Griffin: looking for Little Victories