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Travel Club And Boy Soldier Fri 18/Sat 19 Apr. 7.15pm. £3. MacRobert Youth Theatre and BT National Connections 97 present this new play commissioned from Nobel Prize-winning Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka. The action finds a group ofchildren on a study trip caught up in a military coup.

Refuge Fri 25/Sat 26 Apr. 7.45pm. £6 (£3). See Touring.

Faust Tue 29/Wed 30 Apr. 7.45pm. £6 (£3). A fresh outing for Goethe's drama about a scholar who makes a pact with Satan. ATC‘s provocative new version catapults this medieval legend into the 1990s and an underworld of politics. drugs and sexual exploration.

Degrees Of Dance Thurs I May. 7.45pm. £2.50 (£1.50). See Central Dance.



Refuge Stellar Quines Mon 21 April, 7.30pm

A Dolls House

theatre babel Thu 8 May, 7.30pm

£2 concessions £6 full price

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This section lists all future dates in the central belt of shows that are on toun

The Complete Works Of William Shakespeare ()n the go since 1981. the bard-busters of The Reduced Shakespeare Company present what we're told is the last ever Scottish tour of their whistle-stop tour through the Bands canon. Laughter and abridgetnent a-go- go. Call venues for details.

Theatre Royal. Glasgow Tue 2‘) Apr-3 May. 7.15pm.

Royal Lyceum Theatre. lit/in/no'g/t Mon 2—7 Jun. 7.45pm.

Paisley A rts Centre 8 Jun. Rpm.

A Doll's House Renowned for deconstructing Shakespeare. Theatre Babel now turn their hand to lbsen's classic yarn of power and double-dealing which sees Nora. a bank clerk‘s wife. embezzle money from her hubby's work. with dire consequences for all. Call 0141 226 8806 for more details. See review. page 58.

Citizens" Theatre. (i/osgow Tue 22~~Sat 26 Apr. 7.30pm.

Paisley A rts Centre 8 May. 7.30pm.

A Greater Tomorrow In the year of the 60th anniversary of the battle of Jarama. Dundee Rep's touring company presents Hector McMillan‘s new play with music. which conveys the strength of feeling that drove so many Scottish men and women to play a heroic part in one of the bloodiest battles of recent history. Call 01382 227 684 for more details. See preview. page 55.

King 's Theatre. Glasgow Thurs 1—3 May. 7.30pm; Sat mat 2.30pm.

King 's Theatre. lz't/t'nlnojelz 7---10 May.

7.30 m; Thurs 8; Sat mat 2.30pm.

Mar '5 Gospel Sandy Neilson reprises his solo role as narrator of the story of Jesus's life in a brand new production by Patti Ambrose Wright for Edinburgh‘s Speirheid company. While telling the story in dow'n-to-earth language from W.1.. l.orimer‘s translation The New Testament In Scots. Neilson also show s himself to be a capable and creative craftsman. Call venues for more details. t‘y’et/zt'l'bon' Arts Centre. lit/in/noje/t Tue 22—Sat 26 Apr. 7.30pm. (711.1611)"T/lt’tlll't’, Glasgow" i‘t'i 2/Sal 3 May. 7.30pm.

Peepshow Benchtours present the Scottish premiere of this surreal and erotic exploration of sexual betrayal. hypocrisy and madness. as the ideal post- war home of a couple of young sweethearts is shattered to reveal the terrifying truth outside. Call 0131 555 3585 for more details.

Assembly Rooms. lit/in/nuje/i l‘ntil Sun 20 April. 7.30pm & 9.30pm: Sat mat 3pm.

Tramway. (ilttseoir Wed 30 April-2‘ May. 7.30pm & 9.30pm (not Wed ).

Refuge Gerda Stevenson directs Scottish company Stellar Quines in the world premiere of Janet Pttisley's disturbing but

defiantly humorous play about live

women and a teenage boy seeking physical and emotional refuge from domestic violence. Call (1131 552 390‘) for more details.

Troll Theatre, (i/(ls‘t'ow' l‘ntil Sat 1‘) Apr. 8pm; Sat mat 2pm.

l’ais/t'v .-irts ('t’ntrt’ Mon 21 Apr. 7.30pm. .Ilat‘Ro/n'rt girls ('t'ntrt', Stir/me liri 25/Sat 26 Apr. 7.45pm.

Sex, Chips And Ouzo Presented at last year's iidinburgh Festival fringe as

Communicado's revived production of Tales Of The Arabian N

ights, on tour

Komoki. Kathleen Rudtly’s farcical

3 comedy. presented by her Rubber liar

j Productions company. is set in the

wonderfully tacky (‘yprus of the 70s. The

play. which has been radically re-written for this production. follows the exploits

; of two good-time gals who encounter a couple of suitably sleazy pick-up

merchants on their holidays. (21111 01608 32‘) 41b for more details.

j 15w Kit/wi/tuim (‘t'ntrt' 1‘ri is/sat 1‘)

Apr. 8pm.

('nnzht'rnault/ 'l'ltt'atrt' Thurs 24/liri 25


: (irt't'not'k Arts ('t’nt/‘t' Sat 26 Apr. 7.30pm.

(’rthI-(‘I‘ 'II/It'tlll't‘. Glasgow 12 13 hilly. Rpm.

Tales Of The Arabian Nights l{dinburgh-based touring company (‘ommunicado revive their adaptation of the famous Middle-Eastern tales. in a performance geared to children anti adults alike. Sinbad finds himself washed up on the back of a whale; a doctor finds a teapot occupied by an evil genie. and

other equally colourful characters also 5 put in an appearance. (.‘all 0131 (>24 40-10

for more details. Traverse 'I'lit'otrt'. lit/inlnoje/t L'ntil Stilt

27 A n17 mi. Sun that 3 im. 1 l i

('um/tt'rnon/t/ 'l‘ltt'at/‘t' Tue 2‘)/\\'ed 30 .-\pr. 7.45pm.

(‘itiit'ns ' ’l'lteotrt', (i/aseow Tue 0 Sat 10 May. 7.30pm. Sat mat 2.30pm.

A Wholly Healthy Glasgow Dressing

Room Theatre Company. recently co- founded by playwright lain ileggie. aims to produce contemporary Scottish plays. kicking off with lleggie's own comedy set in a (ilasgow health club. Two old hands see their con scheme threatened

w hen a new kid arrives on the block - an

Brian () Frightl

Ni furasta a shamth cc" chomh deacatr agus a bhi se learscz’ul nua a chrutht’i in Etrmn san 1913 21015.

4 26 Albrean

Micleinn: suiochan ar bith oich * ar bith 5 (laban 'l‘icead: 0151 229 9697

- oyal yceum

\ theatre / ompany

Brian liricl


Creating a new map in l‘)th (Ientury lreland wasn't as easy as you think.

4 26 April

Sudents: any seat. any night £5

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