I 4th Dimension at Corners. ()pm--iiiidnight. Free. Andy Young plays ia/z. Brazilian. soul. fusion and funk. Drinks promos. Pie-club.

I Archaos at Archaos. llpiri -3am. £8 (£o). (‘hris Harris and A.J. rnis tip garage and house for a busy. moderately dressy crowd with Scott and (ieoff playing club classics in Betty’s Mayonnaise (part of At'c‘haos).

I The Arena £7. DJ Bhaskei' and Michael Peck with funky techno and hard house. Drinks piiiriiris.

I Bar 10 ()pm midnight. Free. Busy hard house pi'e-club with Nick Peacock. I Blackout at Tin Pan Alley.

llpm 3am. to If) Apr. Monaca (‘ru/ from Him Schall ((ieriiiany i. 26 Apr. DJ Pierre (the other one) from Brussels' Fuse club guesting.

I The Cathouse llpm 3am. £4 i £3.50). Two floors of rock with drinks promos. I Classic FM at Fury Mtirry's.

llpm 3.15am. £5 (£3). ('lub ('lassics iii the main room with DJs .liiii Downre and Sean Webster. Quality indie music from Twister upstairs.

I Cleopatra's ttpin 3am. Lt). Mainstream coiiiniercral \ ibe.

I Club 69 Rocksy's Basement.

lllpm 2.‘s()ain. £5. Martin and \Villy of Rub-A-Dub playing the best atid deepest from the underground.

I Club Cubana at The Bc‘dsit.

0.30pm 2am. £1 (£3 i. 2o Apr and fortnightly. DJ Tchico presents an extravaganza of the finest latin sounds at this popular l.atin night. Arrive early to ensure your place on the dancellooi'.

I Club Iris at Bennet's. Il..‘\()piii--3am. £6 (£4). DJ Sara w ith a good (laticey mix. Drinks promos. (lay.

I Club X llpm 3am. £o i£-li. (iay club with upfront dance tunes from D.) Suave (iav. Drinks promos.

I Cool Lemon at The Arches.

10.30pm 3.30am. U l. )0 Apr and monthly. (‘ool lemon iust gets better and

event tiirlaiyM


Ist Saturday .


mil Saturday ' '

o . l0" / I . \

Brit Saturday

70 THELIST If-i ; I t.‘ :.


better. with a top line-up of tried and tested guests. US guests Tyree Cooper (the super trooper) and Blake Baxter are joined by Diesel from Junior Boys Own plus the inimitable Cool Lemon residents Paterson and Price for hard house action all the way.

I Cream at The Tunnel. l().3()pm—5am. £l2. 26 Apr. Monthly. Continuing to prove it's not just a cheap marketing gimmick getting the Cream name in. the Liverpool superclub brings in top names to rock the house. Two of the Tunnel's favourite DJs guest. with the S Man Roger Sanchez. joined by Nick Warren and K Klass. See Hitlist and preview.

I Cul De Sac Ciil De Sac Bar. 9-! lpm. Free. Spin-back king Jim Hutchison from Wax Lyrical and Teknotis with hard house and techno. Drinks promos.

I Different Class at The Asylum (Caledonian University Student Union). lupin—3am. £3. DJ Jason with all your favourite Britpop and alternative tunes. I Disco-the-eque at The Apartment. llpiii-~3;iiii. £8. Big house anthems and funky big beats from Mr Man About Town. Alan Ronald. ‘lfntertainment not education‘.

I Divine at Glasgow School ()f Art (downstairs). |()piii~l:ite. £3.5()(£2.5() (ilasgow School ()fArt students). Andrew Divine and Hush Puppy with Northern soul. Hammond grooves. bubblegum pop. wah wah funk. moog power and chemical breakbeats.

I Dream Sequence at Rooftops (Secrets Lounge). lt).3()pm--3ain. £3 (£3.50). ’l‘raditional indie fare at one of Glasgow's longest running cliib nights. ‘Drink lots and dance badly" they say. and who are we to argue‘.’

I Easy Street at CCA Cafe Bar. ‘).3()pin-midnight. l-i'ee. DJ Gordon Allan with a house/dubby pre-club.

I Eclipse at The Darkroom (Strathclyde University Student Union). ltlpm -3am. £ l. DJ (‘raig Jenkins with happy bouncy house. Drinks promos.

I The Garage l()pin~3am. £4 (£3); £|

- o ' l

O 00'.

off before i lpm. An honest-iii-goodness top night out with charty dance sounds downstairs from Dave Ross and alternative sounds in the attic.

I Inside Out at The Arches. lO.30piii—3.3()ani. £ 1 2 )0 in advance). Glam housers TWA plus the finest Scottish contingent of Michael Kilkie. [amino and Simon Foy.

I Knucklehead at Glasgow School Of Art (upstairs). 10pm late. £3 (£2.50). Residents J’ilkes and Ha‘t'ch back with ‘underground’ house. techno and techno bass.

I Reds llpm—3am. £6 (£5). A packed night specialising in mainstream dance. firiik. rap and house. Intimate. smart and friendly.

I Relax at The l3th Note (basement ). Spin—midnight. Free. Hip hop and jungle with Romeo. Lazy B and Michael.

I Sizla at The Hive (Glasgow liniversity' Student Union). Input—2am. £3 Students and guests. Dave McIntyre returns. continuing to dazzle with a seamless mix ofchart dance sounds.

I Solar Funk at R.(i.'s. Spin -inidnight. Free. DJ Kev and monthly guests for spacev disco house. Pie-club.

I Sub Culture at Sub (‘Iub. lt).3()pni--5ain. £8. ()ne of the best club nights in town. now (finally) with a name to call itself. Nice ’n‘ groovy iiard hittin' funky house from Harri and Domenic. We love it dearly.

I Triumph at The Tunnel. l().3()pm—3ani. £6 (£4). A huge night of Italian and UK house at one of the country's best looking \eiiues. (‘olin Tevendale and Steven Mc(‘i'eei'y take on the main room \\ liile Key in McFarlane offers tip a different vibe with a wide mix of soul. funk and dance classics in Room Two. 26 Apr Cream. See separate listing.

I Velvet Rooms lllpm-late. £7 (£6): ltlol lpm. £4. DJ Skin] in Room Two with mild house. garage and club classics. .lolin l.yons i2.- Rooin ()ne playing mellow hip hop. sw ingbeat and classic soul.

I Wired at Strathclyde L'niver'sity' Student Union (Level 8). Itipin lan). £2 (£|.5()). Dance. indie and ()(ls. Drinks pi’ottios.

I Where It's At Ifsiti .‘s'oie. Spin-midnight. Free. 1‘) Apr. Fortnightly. DJ Patil Watt playing a selection of worldwide sounds: dancefloot'jan. rare grooves. soul classics and hot l.aiin lllllc‘s. I Wild at Lime. llpni~3am. £o (£4 students). Funky dance with DJ Ray. Drinks promos.


I 4th Dimension at The Baby (it'alitl. ()pin—niidnight. Free. Andy Young plays jazz. Brazilian. soul. fusion and funk. Drinks promos. Pre-club.

I Aquaplanet at Sub ("titty Itpin 3am. £5 (£3). A damn fine night of hard dance music and mixed-up genres with Mark Ryal. Twitch. and Paul Fegaii every week. 20 Apr Dave Angel. the l'K‘s number one techno bloke guests tonight. I Bubblelicious at Reds. I lpiii 3am. £5 (£3). (‘Iub classics and a touch of soul plus drinks promos.

I 3.0.P at Fury Murry-‘s. llpm 3am. £3 (£2). Music your mother would know from DJs l)esperate Dave and Weird Phil. Drinks promos.

I Club Mouth at The 13th .\'ote (ground floor). Spin—inidnight. Free. liidie with Mark. Pie-club.

I Club Zebra at Nice 'n' Slea/y (upstairs). Spin iiiidiirglit. l'ree ()i'biially Sneaker Pimpsy sort of night. i I Code 99 at The Brew eiy Tap

7.30pm -iiiidnight. Free. Dub techno pre- club from Andrew Taylor. Richard Nolan. Alan Atkins and Paul.

I Contact High at Nice ‘ii' Slea/y (upstairs). S3llpm midnight. l‘lc‘c'. 2)) Apr and fortnightly Northern soul. ska. garage and dub.

I Disco 2000 in The (iaiage

ll).3()pm 73am £2 i£li DJ (ii'aeme and lati with a \ai'ted l))l\ of club classics. now in the main room. Drinks promos

I Divine at Brel. S. 3t) I lpm. Andrew

and Alan Divine (Glasgow School Of

Art) play you the stuff they play for

themselves at home. Retro soul. Bobby

(ientry'. movie themes etc. Pie-club.

I Feel The Buzz at Bennet's.

ll.3t)pin-3am. £2.50 (£1.25). L'p-tempo

high energy. Drinks promos.

I Flashback at The fix ing Room.

()pm --midnight. Free. Hard house and

techno from JP. Andy attd guests. Can’t

see the DJs'.’ They're playing in the

kitchen. that's why. cookin' tip the tunes.

I Fuddrukkers at Cleopatra‘s.

ltl.3()pm 2.30am. £3 (£2 with ticket).

Disco. pop and ()()s party vibes.

I Funkadelica at The (‘athouse.

10.30pm -3am. £2 (£1 ). Classic funk.

new funk. ftiiik rock and rap. offering an

interesting altei'natiy e to (let Sorted at the

same venue on the same night. Drinks


I Get Sorted at The (.‘athouse.

lt),3rl[‘tti 3am. £2 t£l.5(); free before

ll.3()pni). Indie/alternative vibe in the

new (‘athouse with drinks promos.

I Ground Control at Bar it).

‘inu midnight. l-i‘ee. Heavy dub and

drum 'n' bass from the inimitable duo.

I Jack .ii (‘iii De site. a llpm. Free. 1).) '

Simon (‘oulson with w eekending l

underground dance. Drinks pi'oii‘ios‘. l

I Lube at The 13th :'\'o1e(basemetit). l

Spin midnight. l'l't‘t‘. The escellent Lube l

is back again with drum 'n' bass from and Manu.

I Shirley's Temple at .-\t'cliaos.

llpm 3am. £5 (£3). .-\ trippy mi.\ of

camp tlieatricals and hard house

soundtrack from the radiant Ms Alston :nd Bob. Drinks promos. 20 Apr. it's a ' hal special. with m~hoiise milliners forging the future iii headwear. You‘ve got to gct a hat to get ahead. art art.

I Sunday Skool ai R.(;.‘s.

Spin lllltll.l}1lll.l‘t‘c‘c‘. Kenny and Scott play ing acid funk. Munchy stuff menu (iprn-niidnight. Drinks promos. Pie-club. I Velvet Rooms t Ipin 5am. £5. Alan Ronald in Room Two with an open mis from classic house to soul and Martin llesketh in Room ( me playing :nellow hip hop. sw ingbeat and ci.-ssic soul. Drinks promos.

I Wax Lyrical at Tin Pan Alley.

llpm 3am. £3. Techno funk and beefy beats every Sunday with and Deiiipstei' now moved to this new venue i every week. 27 Apr. \Vas lyrical welcomes the l'nibomber's.

cuscow MONDAYS

I Betty's at Betty‘s Mayonnaise.

llpm 3am. l'ree. ('oiiimei'cial datice with DJ (iav. Drinks promos. I Cleopatra’s itistipiii 3am. £2 (ct i with ticket). (iary' l'nett and a mi.\ of 3 mainstream pop and dance up at (’latty Pat‘s. I Club X at (‘liib Xchange. i ll.3l)pm 3am. £2.5()(£l.5()). (iay. Hard 3 house and garage. Drinks promos. DJ

l'iasl litltlic‘.

I Salsa Dance Club at t’oi-ieis.

opm midnight. Highly popular salsa for beginners. .\'ew sessions commencing

opm and 7.45pm. .\'o partner required. Pie-club.

I Speedracer ai the (image.

It). 30pm 3am. £3 (£2). Steyen mises tip a few indie dance classics arid retro tunes for a busy. tip-for-it crowd in the main room. Drinks promos.


I Betty Woo at Betty ‘s Mayonnaise. llprii 3am. £2. House tiiglit with DJ \ance Drinks promos.

I Boudoir Present Jackpot at Yo Yo. Spin close. free. The Boudoir Boys return with another night of listening that is easy. iiiii/ time and cheap beer.

I Club Xchange ttpin 3am. £2.50

l .5“) (iay. Dance and chart sounds. Diiiiks promos. Pitched as the only gay night in town tonight.

I Eden at The Velvet Rooms.

llpm 3am. £3 (£2). Alan Ronald playing Bi‘itpop in Rooiii One and Scott Mckay with mellow house in Rooiii Two. Drinks l‘t'tittlris.