Exhibitions are listed by category. then alphabeticall by city and venue. Please sen details to our office at least ten days before publication. Art Listings compiled by

_ Helen Monaghan.



I(i4 Wotxllands Road. 332 0028. Mon-Fri l0atn- 5pm: Sat

l0am- I 2.30pm.

Paintings, Prints, Photographs Thurs l~24 May. Paintings. prints and photographs by Various artists. including a photography collection of over 500 \‘iews of old (filasgow. l’iirl (if'illttyj/t'xl.


l‘) I’arnie Street. 552 777‘). Mon—Sal llam-opm.

The Big Show L'ntil 28 Apr. Six mini shows featuring ligtiratiVe paintings by John Somery'ille. recent work from American artist/illustrator Teresa l“l;ty'iii. small landscapes by Teresa Kane. new etchings of Glasgow buildings by printmaker lan McNicol. paintings of remembered Glasgow childhood scenes by .lohn Monaghan and bright. bold liguratiye paintings by Joe Iiy’ans. Sculpture Until 28 Apr. New sculptures front Toni Allan.

Ceramics l7ntil 2S Apr. Recent ceramic work from Alison McIntyre. Chris (iorman and Dave Budd.

BAR 10

Mitchell l.ane. 22l S353. Mon—Sat

l lam -tnidnight; Stiti ()pnr-midnight. Flat Art Until 4 May. l-‘ormer 3- dimensional eyeryday objects such as boxes. cans. crisp packets found in bins or other people's pockets. have been flattened by the Iixidore artists.


I34 lilytliswootl Street. 332 4027.

.‘ylon-- I‘ri 9.30am—S.3()pm; Sat

Illain— l pm.

Atmospheric Pressure [Trial 2‘) Apr. Recent oils and gouaches of Shetland by (iail llary'ey.

Fiona Thompson Until 29 Apr. A large collection of sculptural ceramic pots decorated with painted slips. inspired by landscapes and seascapes.

CCA 350 Sauchiehall Street. . 32 752I.

Mon Sat llam- ()pm; Stiii noon—5pm. Cillt‘.

In The Course Of Time: A Worldwide Case Of Homesickness Until 2o Apr. A first solo show of recent work by Hannah Collins. featuring immense black and white photographs taken in Poland during the past four years. at a time ofgreal llpllc‘;l\';ll and change.

COLLINS GALLERY I.‘ni\'ersily of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400 ext 2682. Mon—Fri l0atn—5pm: Sat noon 4pm. [D].

The Magic World Of Pooltie And The Animal Shelf l‘mil 3 May. ()riginal artwork created during the l‘)40s and IUStls by internationally renowned artist and .ttlllltli‘ Ul- clltltli'en‘s books. l\'\' Wallace. ' COMPASS GALLERY I75 \VCsI Rt‘gt‘lll SII'L‘L‘I. 32l 0370. Mon Sat ltlam 5.30pm.

Robert Maclaurin t‘nul so Apt. New works on paper from Atistralia by artist Robert Maclaurin with many of the paintings made during his bicycle journey from Darwin to Broome.

15A CLEVEDEN ROAD ISA Cley'eden Road. 337 2354. Daily 10am—6pm. ' That Untravell'd World I'ntil 5 May. An extended run for the priyatc home show by Julie Brook. featuring paintings. drawings and film.

80 THE LIST l8 Apr—l May 1997


358 Bytes Road. 357 0774. (The photographs are being displayed iii the shop window).

Altered Images l'ntil Apr. l‘reelance photographer Stephen Messam's informal portraits of 80s bands such as the Art Of Noise. A Hock ()f Seagulls and the Icicle Works as they are today. together with their hopes. fears and creative output for the future.


Castlemilk Shopping Centre. (‘astlemilk Arcade. 634 2603. Mon—Sat 10am Spin. Views From Flat 15-5, Block 9 lintil it) May. Pinhole panoramas and other work by Michele Lalenby resulting from a project where the artist took oyer a derelict council flat at the :‘ylitcliellhill tower blocks in winter aiitl conyerted two of the rootns into pinhole cameras. producing two large-scale photographs. The exhibition also features work by local school children.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 22‘) 19%. Mon Sat l0ain~~5pm (closed Tue ): Sun Ham—5pm. Glasgow's new gallery. with four thematic floors based oil the elements: liarth. Air. l-‘ire and Water. Featured artists include llowson. Hockney. Campbell. Iiellany and Byrne as well as interactiye exhibits and a swish cafe decorated by Adrian Wis/mewski. The Lord Provost's Prize: Shortlist Of Artists Until 3| May. A display of recent work submitted by the shortlisted artists nominated for the Lord l’royost Prize. in order that yisitors can yote for their fay'ourite. The artists are l.esley Banks. John Cunningham. Norman Iidgar. Bruce McLean. Anda Peterson and ('raigie Aitcheson. See preyiew.


4 Parnie Street. 552 4585. Tue» Sat l0ain-—5pni; Stiti noon 4pm. LandlBook/Land Until 30 Apr. A mixed media exhibition of collaboratiy e work by Danish potter and sculptor |.otte (ilob and artist/author Marshall Anderson on the theme of books. The sculptural. ceramic ‘book-works' are inspired by the Scottish Highland landscape and combines a range of materials taken from the land.


Rouk‘en (ilen Road. (iiffnock. o20 0215. Mon—Sun I30 -5..3llpiii iclosetl 'I’tiei. Kirsty Wither trial 30 Apr. Recent

contemporary paintings by Rusty Wither.

A room with a view: one of Michele Lazenby

l I

Also. African Shona stone sculpture from Zimbabwe.


I48 West Regent Street. 22l 3095. Mon—Sat 9.30am—S30 in.

Familiar And Unfami iar Faces Sat 26 Apr—20 May. Drawings and paintings from Ronald Rae. and other works from the 70s to the present day.


Cafe Cosmo. I2 Rose Street. 332 S128. .\lon--Sat noon—9.30pm; Sun 5—930an Spirit Of Italy l‘ntil 30 Apr. To celebrate the forthcoming Italian Film I‘estiy'al. an exhibition of paintings by (‘arlo Rossi. His work has been dominated by a sympathy and feeling for Italy and the display is taken from different periods of his artistic career.

The Changing Face Of Scottish Literature Thurs l—3l May. A collection of caricatures of Scottish writers from the lSth century to present day by local artist l)ayid (iray. l’ur! n/ ,I/uif/t'tl.


22 King Street. 552 0704. Mon-Sat I0am» 5.30pm.

Jim Dine Until 19 Apr. (iraphic works by the legendary American artist .lim I)ine. notorious for his inyoly'einent with the Pop Art Moyemeiit. He has piotluced mu ()0!) editioned prints using eyery printmaking technique imaginable. Eveleen Wright l’ntil l‘) Apr. Beauaful etchings incorporating the gods and goddesses of ancient mythology. Blueprint Sat 26 Apr 24 May. A mixed media exhibition of new work by young artists from (ilasgow and London. I’tiri of .llui'lt'yl.

Norman Mathieson Sat 26 Apr ~34

.\lay. Vibrant and colourful screenprints from Norman Mathieson. GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART

l()7 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Mon —’l'litirs 9.30am b.30pm; l‘ri 9.30am v5.30pm; Sat I0am— noon. Calanais [hill 26 Apr. An exhibition which eyokes boili the ‘land issue' in the Highlands as well as celebrating the oy'erlap of (‘eltic and mainstream culture. 3rd Year Drawing And Painting Mail 27 Apr. New work from the third year students.

2nd Year Paintings l'ntil 0 May. Recent work from the second year students. How Do They Do That? 'l‘lnns l l7 May. An exhibition which originated from peoples desire to understand the design process. The buildings chosen

'5 photographs on show at the Fringe Ga

Hit List

The best exhibitions this fortnight.

The 1996 John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award From Bjdrk and Sean Bean to that photo of Ewan McGregor in Trainspotting, over 60 portraits are on 1 show the hottest of over 2750 entries

3 from the world’s photographers. An

{ interesting line-up of celebs and

everyday folk. Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh until Sun 7 Jun. l Changing Perceptions An interactive, i touch and feel show devised for sight- ! impaired visitors along with the fully- | Sighted. Silk smootl stoneworks from i Mary Bourne and a whiff and sniff installation from Clara Ursitti which i emits the smell of the artist’s scalp. City 5 Art Centre, Edinburgh until Sat 70 May. In The Course Of Time Like stills from a f black and white movie, Hannah Collins’s i large-scale photographs of Poland make you feel it’s possible to walk into the i empty desolate landscape. It’s a haunting experience. CCA, Glasgow ; until Sat 26 Apr.

o . was. 5‘

llery, Glasgow until 10 May