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Activities And Fun

Masters Of The Underworld Sat 3 May. l()am—-rioon. l’ollok Country Park. l’ollokshaws Road. 633 9299. Ages eight and over. Iiirid out what weird and wonderful creatures have adapted to life under the logs. leaves. stones and soil in the park.

Wild In The Country Sat 3 May.

l0. l5arri—iioon. (ileriil'fer Braes Country Park. (ilen Lodge. Gleiifield Road. Paisley. SS4 3794. l‘or' S- l3-year-olds. A discovery iiioi'riiiig into the ways of the countryside. as children dress tip in cariioullage. stalk and move quietly. and follow the iiiyster'y trial.

GO Orienteering Thurs S May. 6—8pm.

L" l. Ci'aigend Visitor Centre. Mugdock Country Park. Craigalion Road. Nr Milngavie. 95o (il00. Map and compass at the ready. for an evening of orienteering. Bring your wellies and water )roofs. Working Wood The Natural Way Sat

l0 Sun ll May. 10am 4pm. £l5 per day; £35 per weekend. Craigerid Visitor Centre. Mugdock Country Park. Cr‘aigalion Road. Ni“ Milrigavie. 95() (il()(). Come for a day or a weekend to learn ahout the ancient art of woodworking crafts. l.earn how to turn a log itito a spoon or stool or whatever you fancy. Bird Watching Expedition Sat H) May. I .ipiii. Coi'rialees Bridge Centre. Clyde .\liiirshiel Regional Park. ()l-I75 53 l—I58. Bird Watching is on the agenda this week or. at the Castle Seiiiple Centre. you can learn eyer'ytliirig there is to know ahout creepy craw lies.


Mayfest \‘arious venues and ticket prices. I-‘or tickets and further information contact 553 844-1. Tickets

can also he purchased from Ticket

Centre on 287 55l l. Over three weeks of

entertainment in Glasgow, with lots on offer for children. including theatre. music. magic and comedy. Here are some of the highlights on offer. See special preview for further details. Brand New Shorts Thurs t May. 7.30pm. £1 (50p). Castlemilk Youth Complex; Mon 12 May. 7.30pm. £3.50 (£l.5()). Pearce Institute: Wed l4 May. 7.30pm. £l (50p). Bishoploch Residents Hall. Ages eleven and over. The South Ayrshire Youth Theatre present scyett new pieces of work from Kilriiai‘nock's Shortless Writers Group.

Tales Of The Arabian Nights Tue (1 st May. 7.30pm; Sat matinee at 3.30pm. £7.50 (£5). Citizens' Theatre. (ior‘hals Street. 429 002:3. Ages seven and over. The award-winning Coiniiiunicado Theatre Company is celebrating some of the most extraordinary tales ey er told as we follow Sindhad's adventures. from camping on the hack of a whale and escaping the clutches of a huge hird to discovering the genie iii a tiny teapot. All round family entertainment in this magical feast ofsurprises. iriiisic. slapstick and adventure.

Big Gig In The Milk Fri 9 May. 7.50pm. £l (50p). Castlemilk Youth Complex. Ages eleven and over. A concert featuring young hands from Castlemilk and surrounding areas. which illustrates the range of musical styles and skills emerging from youth projects.

Peter Pan See photo caption.

The Even Better Crack Club Sat to May. l()arii—-riooir. El. I.ilIltIStIt)\\‘llL‘ Church Hall. 430 (it‘c‘itl \Vc‘slc‘t'lt Road. For more details call ()l 50(i S1179“.

More tallish tales. traditional and new for

all the fariiily.

Looking After Norman Sai l0 .\lay. llarri; Sat l7 May Ham .v 3pm; Sat 31 May llarri & 3pm. £3 t l.50i. l’artick Burgh Hall. 9 Burgh llall Street. 339 8386. This deliglitftrl play hy the acclaimed children's writer Stewart Brown. performed by 'l‘heatre \Voi'ks. tells the story of a young girl. (ieorgia. coming to terms w [III the loss or her .50- year-old friend Scottie. arid the responsibility she faces in looking after Scottie’s cat Norman

Magic Bob Sun ll .‘ylay. 3pm. L5 (family of four“ L'l l l. Cottiei‘ Theatre. llyridland Street. 357 .‘ssos. The aiirazing. dazzling comedy riiagiciari Magic Boh comes to Mayfest to conjure



Centre, 2 Market Street, 529 3993. Mon-Sat 10am—5pm. Hans Christian Anderson, the world famous and best-loved author wrote over 150 fairy stories including the popular favourites The Ugly Duckling, The Emperor’s New Clothes and The Little Mermaid. In the largest exhibition of its kind ever to be held in Britain, this is a wonderful collection of over 150 of Andersen's drawings and papercuts. Also on show are his home-made books, as well as information on the author’s life, and his visit to Edinburgh over 150 years ago. During the Scottish International Children's Festival (19—25 Ma ), there will be supporting activities for children,


including art and rama workshops, storytel

ng and a puppet show of

The Princess And The Pea by Clydebuilt Puppets. Watch this space!

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PETER PAN Fri 9 May, 7.30pm; Sat 10 May, 1.30 8: 7.30pm; Sun 11 May, 1.30 & 6pm, Wed 14—Thurs 15 May, 1.30p 8r 7.30pm; Fri 16 May, 7.30pm; Sat 17 May, 10.30am. Prices £8 (£3.50) with a special price of £7 (£2.50) on the opening night. Tramway, 25 Albert Drive, 287 5511. TAG Theatre Company are celebrating 30 years as Scotland's leading theatre company for young people with a new thrilling production about the boy who

row up Peter Pan. In this version, the action takes

place on a waste and where children once played, with the emphasis clearly on imagination. Follow Peter Pan's action-packed adventures, full of magic, music and dance as he tries to defeat the dastardly Captain Hook. True to the spirit of J. M. Barrie’s classic tale, it will enchant adults

and children alike.

tip more tricks. riiagrc. circus skills. lots of laughs and audience participation. Snowshow .‘ylori l3 May. Spin; Tire l.’s is \\'ed l-l \lay. Spin; Hi In May. 8pm; Sat l7 .‘ylay .3 iv «Spin. Various ticket prices apply. ls'irig's Theatre. 379 Bath Street. 337 55 I I. .-\gcs It‘ll and river. The hit of the I996 lidirihiirgh I'L‘sll\':tl comes to May fest w itli the amazing .Srrrniii/iuii the spectacle of Russian Clown. Slava. l'srrig wacky props. a host ofother characters and an astonishing finale. it shouldn’t he missed.

Film Saturday Kids Club Illarii l3.3llpiii.

‘4 | .50, Virgin Cinema. The l'oi'ge. l’ai'khead. 55o ~I3S3. I‘lIlII\ for the forthcoming weeks include The Hunchback 0f Notre Dame it'ioii Sat \ May and Jingle All The Way rl’(ii oit Sat Ill \lay


Rainbow Magic Sal i.\lay. 3 t\' i illprlt. L5 tL'3i. Scottish .\lask is l’iippet Centre. is lit Balcai‘i'es .-\\L‘lltlL'. 339 (ilS’5. I~or

3 7-yeai-olds Sylyia 'l'i'ooii's ls'erispcckle l’iippets tell of the story ol Cri'iridle as he seeks the Sim .leyy el to say e himself from the Storm Brothers. Lots of colourful puppets. music. song and audience participation.

Wizard William's Lost Property Shop Sat l0 May. 3 iv 3.30pm. £3 tL3i. Scottish .\lask iv l’iippet Centre. .\ ltl Balcar‘i'es .-\\eriiie. .339 lilS5. for 3 " year-olds. Clydehiiilt l’irppet 'l‘lieati'e's story of \\ i/aid \Villiaiii and his friends I‘i‘ed the l’aiiot. Boa Coiistr'ictoi and .i hahy Dragon ()rie day. they fiiid .i iriysteiioiis hag hidden iii \\'i/;iid William‘s sliop. hot what does it contain illltI \\ ltti does It I‘c‘ltillg III.)

Activities And Fun Quickies For Kids Royal .\ltiseiiiri of

Scotland. 3 Cliaiiihei's Street. 335 753-1 I'IL‘L‘ ten minute talks for children held eyei'y Saturday .it 3.l5piii Tigers is the siihiect on Sat §.\lay. w lIIl The Anaconda ori sai to May. Special kitts' toiiis ol the Birds and '\Illlll;ll\ take place e\eiy Sunday at ipiii

Exhibition Hans Christian Andersen See photo caplttitt.


Edinburgh Dolls' House And Miniature Teddybear And Doll Fair Sun 4 May. lllaiii ~1piii.L'3tLl.35t. .lariies \Vatt Conference Centre. IIL‘I'IHI- Watt l‘nivei‘sity. Riccar'ton. to. further details contact Syly ia \Vood (Il304

539930. The fourth year of this hiannual collectors fair. where dolls‘ houses. riiiniatirres. traditional and old teddy hears and dolls are all for sale.


Activities And Fun

Mini Olympics Sun I I May. 2.30pm. l)eair Castle County Park. l)eari Road. ls'ilrirarnock. 0l5li3 535334. :\ ftiii day for all the sporting family. with a prize of free cinema tickets on offer".


~ Tales Of The Arabian Nights l't'l 2 Sai

.i May. 7.30pm. £6.40 (L'Ji; l-aiiiily

Ticket Uh. Adam Smith ‘l‘heatre.

Beiiiiochy Road. Kir‘kc‘;iltly'. 01593 -1l3939 See .\layfest listing.

Cheeko The Clown Sat 3 May. I lam. £4 (£3i. Belslirll Cultural Centre. .loliri Street. Belsliill. 0lli9rS 3(i75 l5 Ages three and oyei‘. l‘iin. laughs and organised Cllatts \y lllt (‘IIL‘L'lsU 'Iillt' Clown. Rumplestiltskin And The Puppet Cabaret Sat ll) .\lay. 3.30prii. Ilowdeii l’ai'k Centre. Livingston. (H.500 433034. £3.50 (family Ticket 5.8.50). The classic

(ii‘imm fairytale of the roguisli elf-like

Rurriplestiltskin is hroirght to life hy l’i'esto l’uppet 'l‘lieati‘e. In this new interpretation. l’i'esto l’iippets rise the ancient Japanese art train of lrrr/ir‘rrkrr.

w hich coiiihines the ftrll iiioyeiiient of iiiar'ioiiettes w itli the positiye action of rod puppets.

Puppet Cabaret A variety stiow- of puppet ftiir w itli a Iiost of half life-sr/ed ti ick iiiarionettes. The cahar‘et also deiiioiistr‘ates the skill of puppet iiiariiptilattori and iriaritilactiii'e and is a good introduction to live theatre

The Happy Gang ln Hyperspace Sai in May. 3.50pm. L-I iUi; l-ariirly 'l icket

f l 3. l'alkrr'k Town Hall. Carrileoii Road. livillhllls.lll.§3‘1SlNIHSl)..’\gC\lIII4L'L'iIII(I o\ er. follow the interstellar adyenttii'es of the Happy (iang iii Hyperspace as they meet aliens and \ isit lost planets

The International Purves Puppets Biggai' |.rttle 'l‘heatie. Broughton Road. l)lS99 33(l(iil. £31.40 adiilts'. £5.30 children (reductions for parties over Illifl‘wo fiirr shows on offer over the coming fortnight are as follows.

Peter Pan Sat .‘y May is Mon 5 May. 3pm; kit 9 May. l0.30arii; Sun li .\lay. 3pm; Wed l~l Thurs l5 .\lay.lpiii. Another yei‘siori of Peter Pan. this time withth high puppets.

Pips And Panda ln Circusland Sun 4 May. 3pm; Wed 7 Slay. |050aiii; Sat it) May. 3pm; Mon l3- Tue l5 May. l0..‘s0ain. Siiitahle for seven years and under. More fun and adventure for l’ips and I’anda as they end up I” Circusland arid Clotidland. meeting lots of colourful characters along the way.