I V I saw you No 4.1 lms. LYN/97. lollow ed me down Hiy'ee Road. ('uriie Yoti in hlaek with long hlaek hair ;\Ie turquoise polo shirt. Jeans and goatee heard. The person I was \isitmg was out. so I went to the \Yeayers. I-aney It‘lltlllg' iiie nest time" Hos .\'o LBW/X.

V I saw you we miss you Kini'.’ The original ‘I’hoto I~iiiislr hahe. where hay e you gone'.’ \Yeegies are gone. (‘oine hack. Btu No PLUM/l).

V I saw you .-\Itsl;tit‘ at Sublime. I‘ri I.\'tli :\pl'll Yoti gorgeous smile. me (remember

V I saw you Glasgow (ii‘eeii. Saturday 12/4/97. You: skinhead lad. trendy yellow shiit. hlue deninis. I)Ms. wrestling with male. Yoti lostl Me: skinhead jogger. blue Kappa traek'stitt lyottonis. white 'I'-shii‘t, Submit to ltle'.’ litiy No Il/‘IIH/l.

that ehat we ne\ er had as l lel‘t early. Time to talk.’ Hos .\'o I'HIl-I/lll.

hand and a smile on your laee. ls'aren. Roll on the weekend lot' more loye and my. Yotiis IUI'L‘H‘I’ II. Ho\ NU I'/,‘\Il~I/l l.

V I saw you Sabrina. iii print.

Yoti saw tiie in a print and read

a hit more. Thanks for the card. ll'you‘re serious. drop me a line iii .si\ months time. John. Hos

V I saw you with a gun tlI your

No [7304/1

5 DIY mad?

V I saw you Marino iii l’o-i\'a- Na. Yoti beautiful girl. Aberdeen I.‘iiiyei‘sity'. We talked. w e danced. we kissed. I got your telephone number w tong. l.oy e to see you again. .\'iek. l3ti\ NU L/Ml-l/K

V I saw you .\looiieha-eha Kudos, ll)/~I/‘)7 Yott't't‘ gorgeous. I loy e you and miss you. Thinking til you always. Hope you feel the same. 8. Ho\ \ti [73(14/4.

V I saw you iii the I't‘t'll House at Hotaiiies. Yoti tied 'I‘-sliii't.

the brunette eall .Ioli Waiting for

orjust mad with DIY?

; TV researchers seek enthusiastic but not necessarily skilled people

about to embark on DIY projects

of any size, shape or quality.

From more information about this fresh new Channel 4 series please call Louise, Emma or Paul on 0171 831 7331 now!

recognised you alter yott were past. Remember the stall party at Hopetoun House and then lorria‘s I‘lat‘.’ How about another ehance. Hos :\'o li/RIH/IS.

V I saw you and Name. Howe Street. 3 l/J/‘I7. Me: at bus stop.

You walked right by me. I only i

V I saw you first looking

through your window. I saw my l'tittii'e. l ney'er imagined I could

he as happy :is I am with you. Thanks for the ~toh at the | swimming pool. I’edro, Box No I"'.’tti-I/Itt, i V I saw you (Kile Kudos. Mon 3| -\Pl'il You lair hair. blue '

tuniper and green army trousers.

.\le slittt'l slt‘eyt‘tl green slitt'l. I‘d like [U see \\ littlis I‘L‘IIIIIII Iltt‘ eaiiiotillage. l-ianey' a drink .’ Box No I'tlflll-I/l']. V I saw you sleepy In Seattle. thinking Southern (‘oiiil'ort iii Planet Hollywood. Want to do it again sometime'.’ Box No

7/}ti-I/ I h‘

leather iaeketi ptit poetry into my IIIIII. l swooned Yoti hay e to see the final mot ie tl need an eseuse). IIIW NHL/30.15.

V I saw you ("ate Iguana. l-ittlay lthi You asked me met. I tell lor your Il ish charm and hlonde spiral hair. I got ditiiik atid lel't. let‘s do it sohei'. l3o\ NU I'/.3Il~I/l

V I saw you Madge. Zs/A/«ii Route (to. Head still spinning. blow my iiiitid. lliing youi ease and let's see what dey elops. (ittess who. l3ti\ .\'o L/RllJ/l i. V I saw you buy iiig 'I‘esas. (‘oda. Saturday l‘Ith .-\pril. noonisli. You: tall. lylonde. .\le: tall. dark. Would loy e to queue nest to your 501 stripe some more? Hos No l'/.‘\tl~I/I-I.

V I saw you .se.\y. loyer l’liilipp in liditihurgli and Hasle When I‘m back I'll neyei leay e you again. Hope you don't mind. I lo\ e you. and I miss you so had ll htn'ts. Ho\ No t‘/3n4/o.

V I saw you Hltie .\Ioon (Kile. .\'oyeiiil\er no tl-riday night i. Me with glamorous blonde tl’atsy I. \VL‘ t‘\elt;tllgt‘tl glanees. She asked w eie you going to ('.('.'s Yoti did. We snogged. .\lastair. (iet III iotieh' Ho\ \o Ii/Fll-I/T

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V I saw you in ('oyeiit (iardeii. High Street Ken. l’oitoltello Road and Hainpstead. How about tneettiig again sol ean euie yotii .-\phallotosis'.’ ll' you're game then call me and we ean get to grips with gy'iiotikttlniassophia and perhaps some ei'ototiiastia il- yoti‘ie Itieky' Hos .\'o

I '/ KIIJ/ i l).

V I saw you may l'l'Itl.I_\ night working at the (ilasgow School ol~ :\it. with your gorgeous hlonde locks and your l'tinky trousers thtittlessi .\Ie. tall. long ied haii. glittery eyes. Yoti ean lt‘t'tl my horse any day' Ho\ NH t'x’Rot/lti.

V I saw you at the .\lai‘di (iias. l)tllltlt‘t‘. \VL‘ It;l\L‘ \lttl‘t‘tl .tI eaelt other .tet'oss the tlatteelltiot' on three separate occasions. lthi '\[‘l'll. you were wearing a blue shirt. I‘hli .'\[‘I‘Il. you were

w eating a red eheeketl shirt. You think \otlka and Ieiiionadet I and always hay e a hand where your hell htiekle \\ttllltl IK‘ \VCI'L‘ Illttst‘ slllllt‘s lttl ine'.’ Ho\ \o I'/.‘\()J/2l.

V I saw you .loiiatliaii. day alter day. playing Dungeons and lhagons in Queen Margaret (‘ollege‘s I’l’ eentre. Why not My doing sotiiething slightly less I'm sure I could think ol Hm No

sad something _. l'/\(l-I/23.

V I saw you ski hlt (ileneoe. Yoti'tl done it ltelot'e. but it was my lill'\l time. .\le slioit atid spotty. You utterly hunipy'. let's share more candy pebbles. Box No L/Nl-«I/ZI


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V I saw you irresistibly sesy ‘good guy/bad guy". week alter week. gripping your clipboard outside Taste. I'll see you again next week. but il‘ you can't wait until then . . . Box Noll/3010.4.

V I saw you You. penchant for khaki. keen. couldn‘t get enough we had a fling last year. . . reiiieniher Atiieriea‘.’ I 1 do. loye 39th. Box No ll/Rtl-I/ZS.

V I saw you HM. in the elassrootii but not for six years now. A hriel‘ meeting near Christmas. hrottglit it all hack. The odd letter isn't enough. Did you like the tape.) (i. Hos No Ii/MIJ/Zo.

V I saw you wearing the coolest ear coat in the west. We met on the underground then eyeryw here and almost every day. Why haven‘t I seen you since the sttii appeai'ed‘.’ I dream ol'ertislied wet look vinyl. Roll on winter. I‘lo\ No [7304/27.

V I saw you at the Brewhouse. 5/4/07. Big George gig. You: dark hair. leather jacket. We ehatted. my spoilsport pals made me leaer Let’s talk diseo daiieiiig again‘.’ Ho\ .\'o I'/‘sfl-I/2P<.

V I saw you my sex goddess and see you now and again. Do you know I love the time we spend together.’ l'iitil we meet again. think of me. Box No

I HIM/2‘).

V I saw you (how With Joe

tail. and want to see more (it

you. Thank erunehie it will sooii he I‘riday‘. I.o\e Ironi your ttl‘t‘tllt‘lll pttp. Box No IVAN-UN). I

V I saw you Siaiia II. in a boring elieinistry leelure. I lel’t a message on your pad. I was

w itli .\lti/ arid (jay l)oo.‘s meet and talk about the northern

Spanish wines. Box No i


V I saw you l.\‘/-1’l)7. III the (ilasgow l'iiiyeisity library on the 5th floor. Yoti talking with a l'i‘eneli aeeent. w eating glasses. law hooks around you. (“etatt le coup de l‘otidre. Hos No [7/304/32.

V I see you every Wednesday. working between the sheets in Habitat Glasgow. You tall. thin with short hair. He longing for next \V’ediiesday. Hos No U/3()3/l.

V I saw you ls't-tth llottse. l‘)‘)5. Yoti tall. black curly hair. great ligttre. Not known you for long loy ed you for years, Anything to keep you. Y\\'I3. l3o\ .\o l7/ifl‘y/h'.

V I saw you (‘.(‘. Bloom‘s. l/J/‘)7. You lasliioii plate with looks to kill lot: He old dog wanting to learn new tricks. I will learn sign language. Let's have dinner. Ho\ No [7103/2 V I saw you (ilasgow Museum of Religion. early .\lai'eh I looking l'oi' Tam. you pi'epaitng test Huddliie low is possible’ like to be your tutor. Ho\ .\'o [7/3t13/3.

V I saw your nioney' hut not yoti. Sauchiehall Street. Sat 39th .\lai'eh. 'l‘hanks tor a great night. Box No [73(13/«1.

V I saw you t-Latly .1\ you hree/ed into my me. 'I’he times we hate spent hay e been the best. and hey. l'or tis. the last shout ain‘t ey er o\ er (‘heeis sweetie. l.o\ e l’alsy. Ho\ No Will‘s/5.

V I see you l’eekhaiiis. Hi‘tintslield. lunehtttiies. Yoti gorgeous. stoeky‘. dark haired god. .\le. IIaiiie-haiietl bohemian l’lease he my sandwich l'iller. I know you

w ant Il. Box No Hull/(i.

V I saw you I)t‘\llll_\ .-\ngel. oii l'i'itlay I-Ith .lantiaiy iii the (‘otinting House. (ilasgow. (‘aptain Seailet has lost his heart to a .\lystei'oti lady7 'l'hunderlnrds are go? Ho\ .\'o [7303/7

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