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T A N G O Competi ion Voucher

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Competi ion Voucher

(Entry valid only when accompanied with relevant voucher.)

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seekers' \‘J‘ll'lQ Lemon Tang-r: rs derided as an. . the vacquound, there's old rtrbber-frerrereo Nap that's not the orrornal Orange Tango reap. lurker: 'r ‘7"-:‘- l:

I supply of Orange Tango to rrrye to (we a Who are the Winners of the general electron 'ea? Ife

j Answers on a postcard by Mon 19 inlay Mark then: ORANGATANGO COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

assoc ration ‘.

When The Cat's Away

When the cat's away the rnrce wrll AMMMW we all know what happens don't we7 This g or s. r (#13: Cédrrc Klaprsch film was a smash lrrt at the 1996 Berlrn Frlm Festival and rs now bernzr released on sell-through by Artrfrtral i‘ye

Chloe is attractive but lonely. She’s fed up wrth her make-up JOb and the stuck-up models who work there So she ups sticks and heads off for an uplrftrnr; break in the country Unfortunately, her day flatrnate has Just Splrt wrth hrs lover, taken a brt of a tteam puff and refused to look after her pet pussy whrle she's takrng in the scenery. Chloe leaves her cat wrth doddery old Mme Renee who promptly loses the fur bag Zut a/ors et Mon Dreu galoreH Oue/le catastrophe/ Chloe returns and rnstrgates a search of every nook and cranny of the nerghbourhood wrth side-splittrng re5ults, As warm-hearted as rt is funny, When The Cat’s Away rs a top notch example of the best rn French comedy \r\r’e’*.'e not frye copies of the vrdeo to give away to the people who can answer thrs

What's French for cat7

r Answers on a postcard by Fri 16 May Mark them MOG COMP, The List, 14 High Street,

Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

Anyone who's spent more than a

couple of hours in front of the box ove-r the last couple of weeks can't I farl to have notrced the next-r Tanoo ads Based on an electron spoof they've been urorng Viewers to tote ' Orame Tango and forsake the Apple 3 and Blackcurrant Tantra flavours on the grounds that they are 'madgoty s'-:=a.r'e—l:arrs' and 'fetrshrst (glamour- :‘.lear‘.'.-,«hrlt‘-, r;rann:es explode rn Te t'r Jan; and about and l)l(‘r‘.‘. me if

at -.":r ound

What can rt all mean7 Buggered rf term, t

:\‘\A‘\' ... I” “I; r) tOI.

:rrrtes to no to r'trrrrrer'.‘.«tr;: To get the goodies answer thrs

Ministry OfSound/

Marlboro @ mun Q The Ministry Of Sound are ernbarkrnlt; o".

a mare" 11"...“ of UK under‘rrrou'rtl (tubs '.:th l.":arlboro and they're r":r‘~.r":: .:t ill" r: The Ar; l‘es Ci’trstt'm‘.

efe \nir, .l;r:l:re Jules, Hf?:l‘.t"r‘,

Saturday 10 May The DJ lrne-up features Rosier Sanchez, Graeme Park and t«.tars“a?! Jeffersnn as as a he PA from Serial Una As rf that WOuIdn't trckle your pleasure

Glands e":>t.-:il‘, the tour cerncrdes ‘.'.'rth the reiease cf the Dance Kat/on 3 album a 29-t'a;lk release mixed by Pete Tenn and Judge Jules and featurrng a global

Fancy It“ Mad for r17 6399‘”le Answer t't's and you're rn wth a :‘urnce : f \'.'ttt‘.r'TQ one 0‘ three parrs :r.‘ tztkets fer the nroht and a copy of the alburn

't\"at s the na me o‘ Pete Tongs shot:

e" Radio, One

Get your answers rn on a postcard by r Thursday 8 May Include daytime

se'ia' Diva te‘ephene number so we can tell you T that you've won rn time for the nrght Mark them MlNlSTRY/MARLBORO COMP,

y The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 HE. 112 THELIST 2—15 May l997

tastes rnrrrhty tine We've pot a year s

,Edrnburgh Unryersity Theatre Company are

BEDLAM THEATRE offering five pairs of free tickets to see their

performance of Terry TERRY PRATCHETl’s

Pratchett's Mort rn the

Pleasance Courtyard, 60 The Pleasance, on Tuesday 6 May at

7 30pm. Take this copy of The List along to the box office on the night. The box office opens

___from 6.30pm


'f. ,\~., -—‘ 5“ x7

‘- . /'< '/ MARGI CLARKE L '\ /‘/.\ _ < \f 5/f R'Yhes llall, {rierrrothes rs : /" ‘t 'lltl t‘ I, trt'xetst tr the I t" e ‘rfr t< see 'S‘en, sex, sex, anal.) -n ' sexmtl‘ '_‘_" lrrtr C'Wrr'xe' .rt Farm on _... 'l " 'ia, 8 '."ay lo beok your i— t:. H'I‘: : for: this rep; of The [1st "‘ arnnZ, Zflt'Iirx/tlili(‘l0l592 :7 {I'M} ir':"-tr\ 2‘“


Big Big Country rs offering twc» for the prrce of one to see Dale Watson, explrcrtiy hardcore Texas poor-boy honky-tonk scon at The Old Frurtmarket, Glasgow on Sat 3i May. Avarlahle for the first ten people who take this copy of The List to the Trcket Centre at Candlerrrrgs, Glasoow.


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