Although not much is known about the mysterious 'Man In The Mask'. there is no secret about his favourite tipple. Metz It's an icy cold schnapps-based drink with a hint of Citrus so it's no surprise that he drinks so much of the stuff from his snow-filled outpost.

Some of you may think the ‘Man In The Mask is weird to live in an icy cold and snowy environment where there are more logs than peOple. but to others this is paradise. where travelling headlong down an icy glacier at 65mph With frozen nostrils is not considered a form of torture but a fun Winter sport.

So. to mark another appearance of this elusive character, and keep the winter sports enthusiasts among you happy. Metz have teamed up with Crystal Holidays to give away a cool package of prizes, especially handpicked by the Met: 'Man In The Mask' himself.

The first name drawn will be the lucky Winner of an amazing Crystal snowboarding holiday for two in the Austrian resort of Kaprun before the end of April 1998.

The holiday comes complete with flights, accommodation, free equipment hire and full insurance cover lust in case you lose an ‘ollie' or misiudge a ‘nose bonk'. And for the beginners, the package also includes a three-day tuition course to teach you how to snowboard.

However, if you miss out on Winning this fantastic Crystal snowboarding holiday. don't despair. We're also giVing away a case of Metz to five lucky second prize Winners. so that you can pretend to snowboard while relaxing in the comfort of your own home, with a bottle of this 5.4 per cent vol schnapps-based drink.

To ‘.".’lll one of these fz'ii'itastic prizes, simply answer this easy question about snowboarding:

Which of the following is a top British snowboarder?

A] Martin Bell Bl Jamie Philp C] Rolf Harris

All entrants must be over eighteen years of age. For full details of Crystal Holidays, contact 0181 399 Sl/l/l. /\ns\.2'ers on a postcard by Wed Pl May. Mark tlieni'

TOP NOTCH METZ HOLIDAY COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

O l'o‘tli."l’..‘~ $4! “(‘93 I


Zt'//-lm .S‘f!’

$7 [tn/mm!