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Hacienda‘s Andy Cleeton. Part of dance Hanging Stars Thurs 8—Sat It) May. ' ' 7.30pm. fl. (Precedes performances of IISU n95 Flex/i) Self-Drive Diva (aka. Cora Bissett. singer of Swelling Meg) presents Drama is listed by city, then a 30-minute performance about a start alphabetically by venue. Touring, who has stopped shining. This ‘show shows are listed alphabetically y about moving on’ is presented from the title at the end of the drama section. back of a transit van iii the loaditig bay Dance is listed after drama. by city, next to the main theatre space. Part of then alphabetically by venue. Shows Mayjesi. g _ will be listed, provrded that details The lntemew Wed 7—-Suii l I May. ; reach our offices at least ten days 7pm. £6 (£4). After last year‘s hit at the before publication. Drama 8: Dance Edinburgh Fringe. Sosoonie Productions listings compiled by Claire Prentice. return with this bleak. disturbing comedy about a writer on the edge. Purl of I DISABLED ACCESS KEY May/"est. V \ - Access: P = Parking Facilities. PP» = Speed-The-Plow Tue l3—Sat 24 May Parking to be Pre-Arranged. l. = Level (not Mon 19). 8pm. £6 (£4). Acerbic Access. R = Ratnped Access. ST = Steps American playwright David Mamet is on a to negotiate. form. with gags a-plenty and sparkling Facilities: WC : Adapted Toiletts). WS dialogue. iti this hugely entertaining ; '* = Wheelchair Spaces. AS = Adjacent show about a couple of would-be movie- . . . . . . Seats. H = Induction loop System. C = makers. See Mayl'est preview. page 2 l. P“ M despa'r' Mum" cadma" '" My me“ Of Fo'e'gn Sky at the Arm“ Theatre (iuide Dogs Allowed. R 2 Restaurant Purl of'Mttv/t'st. Accessible. (‘ = (‘atei'ing Accessible. T = Saudade Tue l3fSttii l8 May. 7pm. to two young lovebirds have a spanner translation or the slioitest (iospel, See Adlapted lelephone. (£4). A collaboration between 40 HNC I thrown iii the works ol their l'uttii'e plans. t rey tew_ pagig ()0. I’m-I a] limit .\I_ lie p: A : Assistance Available. AA = Performing Arts students from See Mavl’est preview. page 22. I’m! it/ Tales Of T e Arabian Nights 'l'ue o Sat Advise Venue in Advance. Coatbridge College and their Portuguese 3 .W(l\_'/(’.\l. lt) May. 7._‘\()pni; Sat inat 2..‘~tlpin. £750 TICKET lleK I I counterparts. this innovative piece with CCA 354) Saueliieliall Street. 332 7521, (fit. l-inal poit ot' eall l‘oi' (‘oniintinieado's Tickets for inaior venues tit Glasgow are music is a cross-cultural meditation on [Access: PPA. l.. S'l‘. l-‘aeilitiev \\'(‘. \\'S. lively touring version ol‘ the popiilai available from the Ticket Centre. national identity and folk culture. Part of 1 ll. (i. C] Middle liastern legends. See my text. page Candleriggs. Mott-Sat l().3()ani until May/est. People Show 103 iii ‘l/Sat It) May oo. l’tirt o/ liar/est. b.3(lpm in person or until 9pm by phone My Piece Of Foreign Sky Tue l3-Suti y 8pm. £5 t£2). l'sing dey ised material. Acting Up lit 2 Sat It) May inot on OH] 227 SSl 1. Sunday opening is 18 May. 8. ISpm. £6 (£4). Set iii a mining 9 live. improy ised _ia/x and iiiade-onalie ‘Stiii/Mon i. Spin. £750 tcotics l’ii nooii--5pm. Any Ticket l.ink box office community in Ayrshire. this touching tale day video footage. {our stories are edited 2 Wed 7 May L250» .\latti'eeti lieattie can sell tickets lor other venues. examines the reality of redundancy as ; on the spot to create a narrative about i'ettii its to Scotland to bring real lile liberty and iiiiprisonttiettt Ill what character (‘liailotte ('liai'ke to lile, 'l‘lie MAYFEST EVENTS : protiiises to he ati anarchic \oyage ol yeai is I755. and III a rim dow ll l.oiidoii i ititagination. Sec .\lay lest preview. page hovel. a oiice-celebrated actress l\ Mayfest runs Until Saturday l I’tll'l U,’ .i/(lT/tiyi'. tlt'\[\‘l'tllt‘ lit llllt‘l't‘Sl \l‘t‘t.‘lll.tlt\l\ lll lllt‘ hiltlltllid Sll'c‘c'l. 221 9736. [ACCCSSZ l.. Shows beginnin after this fortnight —-- ~ - - c‘ttl‘}l‘l;_’.lll ttl llt‘l' l;llt'\l L‘Y‘t'allttlt. See l‘thlllllc‘SI W'C. WS. C. (i. Hc‘lpi A. AA]. be coy/ere in our next issue. .\l;t_\ lesl [‘I't‘\'tt‘\\. page 3:. I’d/I it! Flesh Tue o Sun ll May. 8.30pm. £6 pubhshed ()9 Thursday 15 May. l ; (iorbals. 42‘) ()tt22. |.'\i.'L‘t'\\L l.. R. .\Itivrett (t4). l‘l‘illlilc‘ Assembly return alter sell- i : l‘aciltltcs: \\'(‘. \\'S. ll. (i. (T Help: »\A} Whisky Galore The l % Sat 1“ May out success at last year‘s Edinburgh Tickets for most Mayfest events are i (‘lttxc‘tll Sun/Mon. . Spin. £75” it'25tti. l‘lll_\ years al'tei the l‘l‘lllgc‘ in their show combining theatre. available from i Mark 5 Gospel l'l'l 2/Sat 1 May 7. illi‘llt. launch ot Sandy .\laels'endiiek‘s lainoiis dance atid personal revelationas tour The Ticket Centre. Cand|eriggsl 3 £7.50 tL'25ttt. l-inal dates t‘oi this short l’iliii. .\lllllyilill'fltllt‘ pieseiit this elassie pc‘l‘lttl'llic‘l'Sittllt‘l' their bodies lor your 0141 287 5511; or 1 tour troiii new cotiipany Speiiiieid. ill comedy ot the llehridean island ot enjoyment in an orgy ol flesh. The carnal The Mayfest Ticket Hofline | which Sandy .\Jeilson rey iyes the solo 'l‘odday. in the style ot a -lll\ lilit‘ Radio thrills are set to a spec‘tally comttiissioned 0141 287 5000 y role ol narrator lll Paul Aiiihrose Wright's production. See May lest pre‘. iew. page soundtrack b)’ IOP l)ls including The l staging til \\'.I .. l.oiiiiiei”s Scots 22. I’m; it! .er‘./t'\t'. I Friday 2 Saturday 3 Sunday 4 Monday 5 Tuesday 6 Wednesday 7 Thursday 8 - r ' Bruce's Big Night Hesli l lcdtfl'li.‘ liiteryiuw 'leslv'l its lill\‘l\l.".\ . Q . l l -—..-—‘h-m - i ‘~ 7— i.“ h ’7 - - n i ”_ i . . . A T V "H I V Mark sGospel 3 Mark sGospcl - \i'abian .\iglits Aiihian Nights Ai..btaii \igiits Acling Up Acting l'p \. {1.11) l gt \e 'iii_.:| p 's ' Pave Andcmm Al Home in“: AndC'Vm Al Home 5 Ilaye "\".\lt‘i\-‘l‘. -\l Home Ilave '\ll(lt'!\till .\t Home Have ."\|'.il'.’l \t‘l. .\t Home Shakers Re-Stii'red Sltakeis Re-Stiited \ it : t' . vs ::.- '\ ll. uh: t‘:. Klng S ! AGreaterTomomiw I AGreaterTomormw i - lialoi ltalni try»; The Famous Five The lithium l‘iye laugh \\ eh I .‘y l \\ lil' l .'\. l \\ -:.':l t. l -. ‘-‘. .‘ .I mum-n- A _ - l -- f '\\llL‘\ Anti Sand Ashcs .\nd Santf -\~l‘.c‘\ -\:‘.d San! .-\sl m l '\ :ttd William Shakespeaie William Shakeslwaie ( 'j~:\\,‘ ‘I; i ,.._.. Tramway t Pcepshow y papa... l.:t\'tK‘llhlil-S l.;i\t>cilklll-fl laymlikiti h l ~.l‘.i.;i‘ l No.13. \ l .3 i :1 l r. Secret Rapture L Secret Rapture “my [Mum Church Hill . ! ..__._-_ . . . . . . . Festlvai Theatre ; -- See CluSSlL‘ul & ()[X‘I'il . l’iisotiei ('ell Block it rims; (bl! liloek ll l’:ist a.» rest titaet ll . ' - _ _._ .... _. g a n ' . .. .--.. _. ..__ . . . On“. A (“lmulk \ t it.’.:'.." l -:2 . t at. ‘s (l ..i l .' 5 Steel Magnolias Steel Magnolias i ltyl izi item-an layeitt . Riveidatit'e t Riyeitlanee ls'iyezdaiae.‘ ls’:‘.e'd..'t.. ls’.'..' tips... ls“. z 1’ T "’_'”' -—“‘"' U" ' —‘ --—- ---—~-—-——-*---‘-»O- -~» - »- o . rat;h1ai_dfiy_s_ttiiiem_l “the statues stone ; lhe Maiden Stone The Maiden Slottc the Maiden Sloitt‘ l'lte stat-ii smite ThHYyorkshop .. I: I T 2.-.-.-" - ,. .. .. . _ ; Border Crossing _ y 2 Language Roulette I l angtiage Roulette Language Roulette

68 THE lIST 2—15 May 1997