A Funny Thing Happened tiiiiit Salt to May. ('ANC'IilIIil).

Dave Anderson At Home I'ntil Sal It) May (not Sun/Mon). 8pm. £7.50 (£2.50). \y'ildcat‘s artistic director Dave Anderson (ot~ (’i'rr lie/try tame) Iias apparently heen writing songs since l‘)57. Now he's inviting yotl round to hear the ones he can recall. as well as indulging in a hit of storytelling. I’rll'l (If .Ilrn'fr'yi'.

COTTIER THEATRE 035 llyndlaiid Street. 357 3868. Booking also: 'I‘ick'cl Centre. ('andlet'iggs. see 'I‘tckel l.in details ahoy’e.

Shakers Re-Stirred I‘ntil Sat 3 May. l~'i-i 8pm; Sat 6piii/()pm. £6(£-1). Wee Slice 'I'liealre ('oiiipany present an updated \eision of John (iodher‘s~ wickedly i'unny glimpse iiilo the world ol'cocktail \ygttlt‘L‘SsL‘s. l’rll‘l HI .I/rl\'/t'\l.

Sex, Chips And Ouzo Mon 12 Still IS May. .S'pm. £6 (£4). l‘inal dates for the i‘ey iyal ol' Kathleen Rtiddy's touring comedy. l’resenled hy her own Ruhher liar l’i‘oduclions company. the show is set iii the wonderfully tacky (‘yprus ol' the 70s. w here two good-time gals encounter a couple ol' suitath slea/.y pick-up iiiei‘chants. Sec i'ey iew. page 67. I’m) rI/ .l/rrrlr'yl.

GREENOCK ARTS GUILD THEATRE ('aiiiphell Street. 0|475 723038.

Annie Get Your Gun Wed 7~Sal It) May. 7.30pm. £6 (concs' Wed only £5). The laughing Stock 'l‘lieatre (‘onipany piesent this tllllL‘Il-Itiyc‘tl musical. l'ull oT w ell-known numhei's.


Hath Street. I’lioiie hookings. 'l‘icket (’enlre. ('andleiiggs. see Ticket I.ink’ details ahoye. [Accessi I’I’A. l.. I'actlittcs: \\‘(‘. \\'S. H. (i. ('. Help: A. AA]

A Greater Tomorrow t‘iiiil Sat 3 May. 7. ‘y0pm; Sal mat 2.30pm. £2.50 £l2.50 (£2.50 £7.50). See Touring. I’rrr'r u/ .I/rl\'/r’\l.

Balor'l'ue 6 Sat It) May .S’pm'. Sal tiiat 2. illpm. £5 £I5 (£2.50 £7.50). Macnas hay e dug deep into ancient mythology to iiioy e Irish tlieatie forward with this

powerful tour de force of treachery. violence. on‘e. death and revenge. See li‘i'oiitlines. page 2. l’rrrr u/ Mar/mi. Snowshow Mon l2--Sat l7 May (not Wedfl‘hurs). 8pm; Sat inat 3pm. £5 --£l5 (concs ay'ailahle Mon). See Touring. l’rirl rif'.I/(I\'Ir'.y'l.


New Street. Paisley. 887 I0l0. [Access I’I’A. l.. R. Facilities: WC. \\'S. H. (i. (I Help: A. AA]

Dazzled Until Sat 3 May. 7pm. £5 (£2.50). l’.A.C.l-Z. Theatre Company unite professional actors and youth theatre memhers for this promenade performance. an underworld esploi'ation of drug culture. which is sure to he hard- liittiiig. einotiye and unashamedly iii-yer- lace.

A Doll's House Thurs H May. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). Theatre Bahel‘s conl'idently handled production of lhsen's social drama. in which Nora. repressed wile of a hank manager. is exposed as haying eiiiheuled money to holster his career. with dire consequences l'or all.

A Wholly Healthy Glasgow t-‘i-i ‘)/Sat It) May. 7.30pm. £6 (£2). See Touring. 0.G.A.D.S. Thurs l5/l‘i'i l6 May. 7.30pm. £3.50. The ()ld (iraiiimarians Amateur Dramatic Society present a full-length comedy.

PAVILION THEATRE I2I Renl‘ield Sll'L‘L‘I. 352 I340. IAL‘L‘L‘ssI ST. I’acililies: \\'S. (i. Help: AA]

The Famous Five l'ntil Sat 3 May. 7pm: Sat iiial 2pm. £7 £0 (cones ayailahle). liollow' the to e on linid Blylon‘s Iitlllltitls aiid enduring adyentures.

Laugh Laugh Laugh With Lex Mon

5 Sat I0 .May. 7. ‘i0pm; Wed/Sat mat 2pm. £6.50/£.S.50 (cones ay'ailahle). Billy .Iel'l'i'ey returns to the l’ay'ilioii will) a traditional variety show in the style ol‘ the late. great l.es McLean. which comhines songs. music. comedy and dance.

The lock Stein Story Wed )4 Sat 34 :May. 8pm; \‘s'ed/Sal mat 2pm.

£6.50 £9.50 (cones ayatlahle). Raymond Ross's new play ahout the lite ol' the (‘eltlc loothaIl cltih legend


H40 (ioy'an Road (opposite (io\ an I‘nderground). 445 I‘M l. [Accessz l’. ST. l‘acilities: \\'('. \\'S. ll. (i. llelp: AA]

A Day In The Life Of Tue (i/yy'ed 7 .May. 7.30pm. £1 (50p). Big lluhha 'l‘lieati'e ('onipany present a tragic and Iiilaiiotis hlack comedy ahotit a young man teetering on the hrink ot'catastrophel’rrrr (If .llrlrlr'yl.

Do You Wanna . . .Talk About It? 'l‘lim-s S/I'Tl ‘) .May. 7.30pm. £3.50 ( £1.50). See Touring.

Brand New Shorts Mon t3 May 7.30pm. £3.50 l .50). See 'I'ouring. Red Road Goes To Hollywood Mon )2 May 2pm. £.‘~.5()(£l.50). See 'l'ouring. The Dark Fantastic Tue )3 May. 7.30pm. £3.50 ( £ l .50). I‘aust has a Iiahit w Inch takes the edge ol'l‘ his day. Mt‘PIttslttpllL‘Ies ()I-I'ets the world (in a plate htil there‘s a price. I’ure l-ictioii ol‘l'ei‘s a new look at llie litre/l (l/ l/rylu/‘rt' ()l [hie/or /'llll\ll!\

Gillian’s Travels well (.1 Sat I7 May. 7.10pm.£3.50(£|.50).l’enny (ieggies Youth Theatre esploie issues ol intolerance in this fantasy adyeiiture

w ritlen hy I-rank Miller w ith music hy (iiles |.amh


30 Mcl’hater Street. 35‘s 0220.

Happy Deathday/None The Wiser/ Bang You're Dead Well I.) .sai l7 May. 7.30pm. £5/£6. West lind 'l'healre present a triple-hill ol'oiie-act plays.


US Ingram Street. 552 HS‘), Bookings also Ticket (‘eiitie (‘.iii(lleiiggs. see 'I‘lt‘kt‘l I.lllk (It‘lttlls tlI‘()\ e. [Acct‘ssi SI: I‘llL‘lIIIlL‘SL \\'('. \VS. (i. Ilelp: AA] Ashes And Sand Mon 5 Sat Ill May 7.30pm. £5 (£2.50). Set iii a seaside resort alongside the Ton paity conl'eienee. .ludy l‘ptou's awaid w inning play l'oenses on the hleak world (it a girl gang. creating a pow ei'lul. distui'hing and l'riglitemiigly topical piece. l’tii‘l n/ .IIrl\'/(’\I.

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drama & dance THEATRE

“Hit List

The best stage shows this fortnight. as.


Mayfest: Peepshow Edinburgh-based Benchtours come up trumps With their best show to date, a collaboration With writer/director Pete Brooks that uses the agonies of puberty in the 50s to examine sexual roles since then. See review, page 66. Glasgow; Tramway. Mayfest: Tales Of The Arabian Nights Communicado are also riding high in Gerard Mulgrew’s funny, ingenious and siiiuously performed adaptation for literally all ages of the Middle Eastern lahles See revrew, page 66. Glasgow: Cr'ti'xeris' Theatre.

Mayfest dance: Fuenteovejuna Cririipariia Antonio Gades return after last year's triumphant Carmen with a flamenco dance play based on a true

story of (IVII insurrection. Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Language Roulette Powerful drama from Belfast, in which old friends meet up during the tRA's shaky ceasefire, but are unable to keep the skeletons in their

wardrobes Edinburgh. Traverse Theatre.

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

I ,|\i-\III\III 5 I Mitchkttt 5

I’iisottei (.L.” Iilsk‘k II I’iisi-Itel (it‘ll Iilikk II

\ ( hails: Iniizuiioyy ‘\ ( ii.'.it.'i Iniiioiiow

'MIILL’lII' I.UIIltk\lI .I\iKIlI.III 5

I..l\\\IIIsIII 5

~12th Stiy‘et

\1('\\l‘\\ ('ily Iiallcl

I-intl Me I ind \Ie

RI\\'I\I.III\\' I\‘I\t‘l\I.IIIk\i

I'he Maiden Stone 'I he Maiden Stone

I\'I\ \'I\I.III\ \.

'I lie Maiden Stone

Stockton" Stiskaiee'

Aimando lannueci

~1:Iltl \ltt'c‘l

'I he Maiden Stone

I..l\i\III.l!l 5 .l‘-~s 0.x!” 5 .t‘.

Iwo Way Miiioi

I'l. Il.'.;‘ Iil'i.’ \.'.i II..' Iluv"


llie \Iaitlen Stone

\trskaie'c' \‘uskazt'U

Friday 9 Saturday 10 Sunday 11 Monday 12 Tuesday 13 A Wednesday 14' Thursday 15 '

’(iii/Bil}rill r.~......nif.?i..i... ; Hahn—i... l " gag) (i ii... ..s-...,.i.;....i.\r,. (4...; a. gt; ' " Mags " .C.'?;{ii’§.'.2;§I?" """"“ " " " ' " " ' ' " "EEK ,.\iaiu..n.\'.g.-iiis .'\t;lI3ialtngIllS Mm lls‘e'ls')‘ Citizens

\umgl p Mm; t p mush (1.)! is “huh mt “Mi (lair-Iv Citizens Circle

Itaye Anderson At IIUIIIsi I).i\e Anderson At Home: ' 5 ' ' " ALI-i...“ (all... sglg-igi. ' (ms \ . ( Coffiénhégfig lialni i ABJVIi‘l in i u _ Siiowsliow . “5' Snow show i - \omc \IIt"-\ Sol-w show A 5

tin-ii \Vlli‘ i .s I.ttl;'Il w air I \‘\ ' \x 2r: S" l- s i~ \va 51m Pavilion \aig. And s...~..i was Ana Sand rs.- Scarlet lute: Ramshorn s...»(-i...;...a.\ a... Theatre Royal

ix-i... I’.in l’etei I’an Peter Pan tum tam lam tun Tramway

-~ < _ Tron


_VitrifiiI:“t_T-f‘ii .. "-*" ..\“"_“i_“_-‘.”.‘ ._._-_K1'19_§_. Netherbow g

Rueidanc.‘ ls’iyeitlaiit.‘ Is'iyeitlaiit.‘ g =

The Maiden Stone

Bedlam _ Church _ Festival Theatre

Royal Lyceum

Th WorkShop Traverse 1

Traverse 2

it) May 199/ THE LIST 69