Channel Hopping

Sarnt or sinner? Savrour or demon7 Just what rs lack Kevorkran7 In 'Appomtment Wrth Dr Death,’ the Witness team retrar‘ed the story of how, from 1990, the lvlrr hroan pathologist had assrsted rn the surrrdes of terminally r|| patrents after recordrno their consent on tamrorder, Kevorkran and hrs vrctrms saw nothrno but a dark vale of fear and sufferrno, relreved only by the knowledge therr deaths would put euthanasra on the polrtr< a| agenda

Not everyone vrewed the deaths rn such a way The fundarnentalrst rrght wrng and state proserutors forred Kevorkran to seek out the spunkrly (orksure lawyer Geoffrey Freoer to whom these obret tors are 'stormtr‘oopers' and ’rer'ks '

So far, so Yankee Doodle Dandy Step

forward, one Llubrsa Draryovrr', the (oroner responsible for openrnn

up most of Kevorkran's patients On exarnrnatron of one vrttrm, the good doctor detetted no ewdenr'e of the multrple st‘lerosrs V.’ltl(l‘r had been diagnosed by two rnedrrs \Vhrle the benefrt of the doubt probably strl! rests wrth Kevor'kran, thrs revelatron and the sometrmes (ltHrrsy exet'utrons ot hrs patrents, left set>rrrethrno of a nasty taste on the tongue

One dot whose sarnthood rs hardly rn duestron rs Brlly Graham, head of the strangely apt Bllly Graham Evangelistre Assorratron and perhaps the only man to perform rnrrarles at Parkhead rn recent years Everyman trreo' rts damnedest to do nothrno about besmrrchrnr; hrs ('har'arter, grvrnr; hrs brush and brrstle-sellrno tethnroues as much space as hrs lrnks to eron and Wateroate or hrs barely-hidden antr- Commumsrn Abortion and the death penalty7 Foroet rt

Yet there rs no denyrnr; the man's charisma and oratory powers In the early days, when he looked lrke an ecclesrastrcal Eraserhead, hrs confrdenr'e and pr'esenre led to rnterest from \Vrllram Randolph Hearst who put hrrn on the front panes, the ABC network whrth broadcast hrs Saturday Night ”'

wusades and now there rs a btrrttetmrho trl'n Industry and satellite operatron lt's all t omzn'; to an

This Life: just too bloody handsome.

end for Krnr; Billy and he may some. he handrng over hrs empire due to the onset of Parkrnson’s [Trsease Somehow, I don't thrnk he'll be orvrnr; lark a (all.

Back on (all rs Bramwell wrth lemma Redgrave rn a show usually dest'rrbed as 'superror perrod dr'arna' The new serres's openrno frve mrnutes rs frlled wrth so many referenres to heat and alrohol that you half (‘XDt‘tl the (troll but krhdly elder Bramwell rDa‘urd Calder) to turn to Lamera ar‘d exp'am that somethrrvi lmrrrbie rs al (rut to happen (enterninr; heat ,htl He doesn't of :ourse, but l:lr,=\.'.' me, If

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before you (an s 2', (77-f'-'»~ir"!{)tir~'l (harnes', he rs r'ralae': .: ‘.‘.r;'.h .'.'.. ES up aoarnst the ratfly on ‘x'alrrrrn

(abrnet There rs lots '

Cm:- (loc whose Sgtlr‘tih'uii hardly in question is Billy vZEr‘af'ram, head of '” v- apt Billy Graham fitment-"lwe

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loyalty, betrayal, health. and '1’

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The trouble With "‘-e‘_ .‘ The

Beeb's best nen-soa; as, This Life they are Just tor, bl: an"; “.ar‘ There may be less bare rn serres tux/o, but fl‘e ;t;::e'. overflowing rn less more 'f rnsufferable Eon z'zorrrwl that l‘t‘. rafe rolleanue has the hi ts for then ht proposes a Juxtaposrtron break when the r harrre far at ,wrtritrer; : Srottrsh topper rlr‘(::;t>~:-'l tiex‘. thrnos to be rlroppel are his pants as he spends the rtrrtln herrv: rooered by a mum



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(Brian Donardsenr

Dancing For Dollars Channel 4, 11 May, 9pm.

It is a long way from the frontlines of war in former Yugoslavia to the front row of the stalls at the Bolshoi Ballet, but with Dancing For Dollars, award-winning documentary maker Angus Macqueen has made just that leap. Best known for the highly memorable Death Of Yugoslavia series, Macqueen has now turned his astute eye from politics to art in this two-part documentary on the crisis facing the world-famous Bolshoi and Kirov ballet companies.

According to Macqueen, the art- form that fared so well under Stalinism is doing the business equivalent of the dying swan under the new capitalist regime. Uncle Joe was all in favour of ballet’s fairy—tale storylines, but now the free market has returned to Russia, the ballet companies’ direct line to the party has fallen silent and funds have all but dried up.

It could have been a dull history lesson, but it ain't. Choice footage from the archives is spliced together in fast edit with contemporary performance and peppered with prize anecdotes from former and present stars, staff and a critic who remembers the time when happy endings were compulsory. Best of all though, is the fly-on-the-wall stuff which sweeps the soft focus veneer from the business of ballet for evermore.

In The Bolshoi In Vegas, the first film in the series, this element

Scene By Scene With Sean Connery 980, Sat 7'3 lxiay, 8. flint“.

mans tr: ..rr'. ar. extrusrte .e exist It ' Lt"‘.lt'..' ‘./l’.'l )(?<:’. t_:,r'.':-'.'.' it) t. (i surpvs 7‘; ‘.'.'.‘='.‘l: . 1' “wet l .-:t‘ r.'~xl-.'l,_ ix" vi..'.‘( . .li l-fi'll Hi ~.':e [rt-"r or ll» r, K's." w o /’..l‘,' s it: t v r r r! ..‘ ' ll ' :'-':,:r:~..orts .31 ,;r.,.:‘; ’,r ,, {'2'}, .(I\ ,(in /‘ I r, ' l, :r' 1 "’l‘..rr*frrrt"r i‘ "A ' r'. l/‘) l .’ 'r J " . r' .l( l .‘c . rlrl’l ""’ l‘li r: i ' ' / i i )(r’ ‘bi' f: ' " .. '.'_ o '7‘ r j r ') i y" i’ if) i

Sofa so good: Sean Connery takes it Scene By Scene


' ' if \z ' Dancing For Dollars: behind the velvet curtain

comes into its own when we zoom in extra close on the Bolshoi entourage as it heads for Vegas in a bid to dance for the dollars of the title. Needless to say, three hours of Swan Lake goes down like a no- armed bandit in the city of quick thrills, and the American promoter Ed Martin, an ex-Methodist minister converted to the tutu leaves Las Vegas down on his luck by 1.8 million dollars. 'If it were nude ballet we couldn’t find a big enough house,’ says Martin’s tour manager Scott Henderson, putting The Bolshoi In Vegas in a nutshell.

You get the feeling that a fly-on- the-wall documentary on the exploits of a Methodist minister turned impressario in Vegas is not what the makers of The Bolshoi In Vegas set out to achieve. But it is what they end up with - and it sure makes great television. (Ellie Carr)

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